July 17 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 8, 2023
July 17 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

July 17 birthday falls under the third decan of Cancer. The planet Neptune influences people born on July 17.

They stand out as unusually intuitively gifted. July 17 Cancers are empathetic.

July 17 Cancers have vivid imaginations. They often use creativity and instincts to guide their unconventional careers.

Cancers born on July 17 are family-centered. They are natural caretakers and attract wounded and misunderstood people.

They can be strong advocates and encouraging friends. Cancers born on July 17 help others find security and stability.

July 17 Info
DateJuly 17
SignCancer ♋︎
StrengthsNurturing, Loyal, Sensitive
WeaknessesLabile, Manipulative, Insecure
Opposite signCapricorn ♑︎
Best matchScorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number6
Spirit animalsSpider, Crab, Cuttlefish


People born on July 17 are sentimental and can be influenced by their emotions. They sense how other people feel and can confuse their feelings with the energy of the people around them.

They can be anxious at times because their senses are easily overwhelmed. Cancers born on the July 17 zodiac know how to soothe others’ anxieties but often absorb their feelings.

They can be psychic and are interested in tarot, astrology, and trancework. They make excellent spiritual mediums. Those born under the Cancer horoscope look for meaning in their hardships and struggles.

They are determined to protect their loved ones and can be more assertive on behalf of others. Regarding their needs, July 17 zodiac sign personality is often accommodating and passive.

Cancer people born on July 17 are charming and generous. They love feeding people and enjoy hosting guests in their homes. The July 17 birthday horoscope is optimistic.


July 17 Cancers are here on a spiritual mission. They are healers and caretakers who nurture others’ growth and evolution. They often sacrifice their desires to ensure others succeed.

Yet they are humble and avoid the spotlight. July 17 Cancers find ways to uplift and inspire others, encouraging them to find purpose and empowerment in their wounds and past traumas.

Cancer people born on July 17 can be spiritual guides and healers who help others find their center. They help others feel at home and treat other people as family.

People born on July 17 can be loving and often help people connect with those who contribute to their healing and growth. They are natural facilitators.

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Positive Traits

July 17 Cancers have many admirable traits. They are generous, compassionate, and gentle. People born on this date can be docile and avoid conflict.

Yet they are great advocates for others. They often stand up for other people who have been alienated or marginalized. July 17 Cancers are homebodies who create loving, peaceful atmospheres for others.

They can be great listeners. When you share secrets with a July 17 Cancer, you can rest assured they keep your confidence. They are discreet.

A July 17 Moon sign associated with the fire element brings confidence and passion, enhancing their strengths. People born on July 17 have several gifts to share in relationships.

Negative Traits

July 17 Cancers seem like perfect friends and loved ones, yet they have some challenging personality traits they must overcome. They can unintentionally smother their loved ones.

They are dependent and needy in relationships. People born on July 17 can be emotionally manipulative because they are adept at anticipating your desires and needs.

July 17 Cancer people can be emotionally labile when they aren’t grounded. Their intense feelings can make relationships rocky and unpredictable.

The July 17 Sun and Moon signs together determine whether an individual can keep their emotions balanced. An earth or air Moon sign can harmonize their intense personality.


July 17 zodiac compatibility is best with other water signs. They are attracted to Pisces, Scorpio, and other Cancers. They need the emotional validation and connection water signs give.

July 17 Cancers are a perfect match for mystical and dreamy Pisces. They share a connection to the spiritual, deeply emotional planet Neptune; they help each other navigate many emotional ups and downs.

Both need serenity and romance in their home to feel satisfied. They work to make their home and family life fulfilling. For those born on July 17, meaning and purpose are essential Pisces share this priority.

Cancers born on July 17 are also a good romantic match for Scorpios. They are attentive and put Scorpio’s suspicious mind at ease. They nurture each other and attend to each other’s deep desires.

July 17 Cancers are also great partners for others born under their sign. They appreciate the importance of home and family. They help Cancer partners translate overwhelming emotions.

July 17 partners help other Cancers channel their creativity and diffuse emotional baggage. They bring healing and understanding to their relationships.

July 17 zodiac sign compatibility is weakest in relationships with Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries. People born under these three signs leave Cancer feeling abandoned and unsatisfied.

Aquarius sees Cancer as clingy and needy. The sign of the water-bearer is too independent and erratic for their Cancer partner. Cancer needs consistency, yet they can’t rely on unpredictable Aquarius.

Cancers born on July 17 can be a problematic romantic match for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is carefree and spontaneous. They love to travel, while Cancer needs to spend time at home.

July 17 Cancers are likely to repel Aries. They have no common ground. Assertive Aries can be too dominating for Cancer. Cancer needs emotional validation, and Aries is instinctual but not emotional.


Cancers born on July 17 can be difficult communicators. They sense what others need but expect people to read their minds. They are often too overwhelmed with feelings to make their point clear.

They can be dramatic and intense, alienating others with their dynamic tone and hyperbolic communication. Cancers can also be reactive, responding to texts with too much emotion and not thinking their message through.

July 17 Cancers are impulsive and may become stifled by feelings or blurt out the first thing on their minds without being strategic. They must work on communication skills to become assertive.

A July 17 zodiac rising sign in the air element can strengthen their communication skills. They can become more focused and direct with practice.


July 17 Cancers are considered attractive by others because of their mystical and otherworldly eyes. They have a gift for enchanting others with their charming appearance.

Yet they pay little attention to your appearance and care more about your personality. July 17 Cancers are attracted to sentimental, romantic, compassionate, and kind people.

Show them you are helpful, loyal, and empathetic, and they pay attention to you. Cancers born on July 17 are attracted to family-centered people.

You can often meet them near their homes or at parties. They also spend time around children, animals, and the elderly. Cancers born on July 17 can be found at metaphysical shops as well.


Ideal Cancer zodiac dates for July 17 involve plenty of privacy and space for affection and romantic conversation. They enjoy getting to know you and want to stare into your eyes and talk for hours.

They can be traditional and prefer quiet, peaceful venues for dates. Cancers born on July 17 are also happy to meet you at home for a meal you cook together.

They enjoy dates near the water. You can impress a July 17 Cancer with a romantic boat ride or historic tour of their hometown. They also enjoy dates with a spiritual focus, such as psychic fairs or trance workshops.


July 17 Cancers fall in love quickly and may become infatuated before they truly know you. They often fall in love with their idea of who you are and later adapt this to reality.

People born on July 17 spend years pursuing a love interest if things don’t work out immediately. They are determined in love and believe they are destined to be with their soulmate.

They believe in the spiritual aspects of love and often look for past life connections when they love you. They do anything they can to please you and can be affectionate and creative lovers.


Once a July 17 Cancer is in a relationship with you, they will never look for love anywhere else. They only have eyes for you and devote themselves to making you happy.

They want to move in with you as soon as possible and often rush into relationships. They put you on a pedestal and ignore any red flags when they care about you.

July 17 Cancers will want you to meet their family and elders early in a relationship. Family approval is crucial to them. Never criticize their family, especially their mother.


July 17 Cancers see marriage as the ideal endgame in their relationships. They prepare for marriage on the first date and see it as the logical next step when they are in love.

People born on July 17 are loyal in marriage. They accommodate your needs and often want to start a family immediately. They enjoy romantic evenings with you in the comfort of your home.

They can be lowkey spouses who never make demands. They are peacemakers and avoid confrontation and conflict. They can be imaginative and bring joy and affection to the relationship.

July 17 Cancers are not as skilled at tedious tasks in the marriage. They can be financially savvy but often break the budget when they want to pamper you or their children.


Sex is a low priority for July 17 Cancers. They are often preoccupied with nurturing their loved ones but overlook their sexual instincts.

Yet if they are in a relationship with a passionate partner, they become more sexually expressive. They can be creative and responsive in bed. Cancers born on July 17 are traditional when it comes to sexuality.

You can encourage them to push boundaries and experiment in the bedroom. Cancers born on July 17 are not likely to be sexually adventurous without the inspiration of their partner.

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