July 16 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
July 16 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

What sign is July 16? People born on this day are Cancers. They are born in the third decan of Cancer.

Cancers born on this day are deeply in touch with their emotional and spiritual selves. They are creative, inspiring, and loving.

The Moon rules Cancer, and the third decan has Neptune as its subruler. Third decan Cancers tend to be more spiritual compared to others.

Cancers born on July 16 are guided by their emotions and intuition. They feel a deep, spiritual connection to the world around them. They try to listen to their hearts whenever they need guidance.

These Cancers can also guide and inspire others. They often have to accept their limits and come to terms with the dark side of life, though. They may become depressed when things don’t go their way otherwise.

July 16 Info
DateJuly 16
SignCancer ♋︎
StrengthsCreative, Loving, Inspiring
WeaknessesMoody, Disappointment, Easily stressed
Opposite signCapricorn ♑︎
Best matchScorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsPangolin, Elephant, Penguin


The July 16 horoscope is filled with emotion and the potential to inspire. These Cancers sometimes have a long road ahead of them, but they can change the world when they reach their full potential.

Cancers born on this day are in touch with their spiritual side. They are intuitive and try to listen to that intuition at all times.

If they need to choose between two paths, they will typically listen to their hearts before their heads.

These Cancers are loving and supportive. They care about the people around them, their communities, and the world. They believe that the world can be a better place.

These Cancers can become moody or stressed when the world isn’t a nice place. If their intuition leads them astray, they may become distraught.

If things aren’t working out, they will have difficulty getting themselves out of a challenging situation.


A July 16 Cancer’s purpose is to get in touch with their logical side just as much as their emotional and spiritual sides. When logic and emotion work together, these Cancers can go farther in life.

It is challenging for these Cancers not to let their emotions guide them. Sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to listen to your intuition! Other times, you need to stop and think things through, though.

These Cancers can inspire others and create change in the world. They often excel at working with children or in creative fields.

Cancers born on this day will go far in life when they can learn how to handle disappointment. If something goes wrong, it’s not necessarily because they were wrong. Sometimes, that is just how things are.

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Positive Traits

The July 16 personality is compassionate, loving, and expressive. These Cancers are deeply emotional, and are not afraid to express those emotions.

Cancers born on this day quickly draw others to them. Their cheerful demeanor and caring nature make others feel comfortable and at ease.

When these Cancers are at their best, they can inspire others. They can show them that it’s okay to follow your heart. Once they learn how to let their minds and hearts work together, they can go far in life too.

These Cancers are in touch with their spiritual side. They can use that to lift the spirits of others and guide everyone through situations where logic alone isn’t working.

Negative Traits

The Cancer personality is prone to moodiness and depression when things aren’t going right in their lives. These Cancers try to remain positive, but that can be difficult sometimes.

These Cancers must come to terms with the fact that intuition isn’t always correct. Even if they feel something will go right, that doesn’t mean it will.

Cancers born on this day are also prone to taking on too much at once. They over-work and stress themselves out because they don’t know how to say no.

They need to learn that saying no is okay sometimes. They can love the people around them while still taking time to care for themselves.


The best match for Cancers born on this day is Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that knows how to blend logic and emotion. They can bring Cancer back down to earth when they are too idealistic.

If Cancer is feeling moody or angry, Scorpio can deal with that. They can provide support and love. They can also remind Cancer that telling people no is perfectly acceptable.

Pisces and other Cancers are also excellent matches for Cancer. These Cancers need a lot of reassurance and support, especially when things go wrong. Other water signs can give them that.

The worst match for Cancer is Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. Aries people are also prone to overworking and might not help Cancer when they overwork themselves.

Aquarius and Sagittarius are not always the best at offering emotional support.


Cancer’s communication style is often focused on listening. Cancers enjoy engaging in conversations but would rather speak too little than too much.

These Cancers communicate in a way that makes others feel comfortable. They are great listeners, and they are good at respecting boundaries. If you ask them to drop the subject, they will do it without issue.

Cancers born on this day are attentive when speaking to others. You can trust that they are listening and considering what you’re saying.

If they disagree with someone they are talking to, they will disagree respectfully and kindly.


These Cancers are attracted to compassion more than almost anything else. They care about what is in someone’s heart more than how they look or how successful they are.

Cancers born on this day want to see the best in people. That fact can sometimes cloud their intuition and judgment. They catch deception sometimes, but seemingly genuine kindness can fool them.

These Cancers may find that they become more attracted to people with a calm, logical demeanor. They still want emotional maturity and compassion but will be attracted to the traits they sometimes lack.


Cancers generally don’t prefer casual dating. When they date, they are trying to find someone to settle down with.

These Cancers don’t always date even when they are looking for someone, though. They sometimes trust that the right person will just come along.

These Cancers prefer intimate settings and good conversation when they go on dates. They might also enjoy something that allows them to express their creative side, like a painting night or a poetry reading.

These Cancers don’t like to let people down, so it’s sometimes difficult to say no to a second or third date with someone they aren’t connecting with.


Cancer’s love language is typically quality time. Cancers love to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones!

Third decan Cancers may also express love with acts of service. They want to help others in need and won’t be able to ignore it when a loved one is stressed and needs assistance with something.

These Cancers want to be around their loved ones all the time. It can disappoint them when people don’t have time for them. They usually need to learn that if someone is busy, that doesn’t mean they love Cancer any less.

It’s common for these Cancers to overextend themselves to the people they love. They will run themselves into the ground taking care of them.


A relationship with Cancer won’t always be exciting, but it can be deeply satisfying. Cancer wants a relationship based on intimate emotional connection and mutual support.

You can trust that your Cancer partner will remain faithful and loyal to you. Cancers born on this day are incredibly loving partners who will do anything to make their partners happy.

These Cancers need a lot of reassurance when things go wrong in their lives. They will become moody and depressed, so they need a partner who can handle that.

Just remember that these Cancers will always offer the same support they receive. They will be there for you when you need reassurance as well.


Marriage is something Cancers take seriously. They want a life partner and want their marriage to last no matter what.

These Cancers will devote themselves to their marriage. They always make time for their spouse even if they are busy with other responsibilities.

Cancers born on this day sometimes have to learn that marriage isn’t a perfect fairytale, though.

They might be overly stressed or disappointed whenever they disagree with their spouse. They need to understand that a healthy relationship can still have a little conflict.


Sex is not just a physical act for Cancers. It can be a profoundly emotional and spiritual experience. This is one of the reasons why Cancers don’t typically enjoy casual sex or one-night stands.

These Cancers prefer to be in love with their sexual partners. They want to feel an intimate connection with them and might not be able to find that with a casual fling.

Cancers born on this day want gentle, tender sex. They might become disappointed if they don’t feel the connection with their partner that they are looking for.

It’s essential to take things slow and focus on the connection more than the physical side of sex.

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