July 15 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

Updated December 26, 2022
July 15 Zodiac (Cancer) Horoscope & Info

What sign is July 15? People born on this day are Cancers. They are born in the third decan of Cancer.

These Cancers tend to be expressive and creative. They often make good teachers and are great at sharing their talents with the world.

The Moon rules Cancer, and the third decan has Neptune as its subruler. The influence of dreamy Neptune is one reason these Cancers tend to be more creative and in touch with the fantasy world.

These Cancers are great at communicating and connecting with other people. They are excellent listeners and are empathetic and compassionate toward others.

Cancers born on July 15 often have low self-esteem, unfortunately. They don’t always value themselves and may feel inadequate compared to others. They must learn how to respect themselves as much as they respect others.

July 15 Info
DateJuly 15
SignCancer ♋︎
StrengthsCommunication, Connections, Compassion
WeaknessesLow self-esteem, Feeling inadequate, Moody
Opposite signCapricorn ♑︎
Best matchScorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Emperor, Death, The Fool
Angel number22
Spirit animalsOtter, Cuttlefish, Pangolin


The July 15 horoscope can sometimes be a bit off balance. These Cancers often take care of others at the expense of themselves. They do not know how to balance their needs with those of the people around them.

Cancers born on this day are compassionate and capable of forming intense bonds with other people. Like their fellow water sign, Pisces, they can become pushovers if they aren’t careful.

These Cancers are creative, expressive, and have a lot of innate talent. They don’t always recognize that, though. They tend to only see their faults, not their talents and the positive aspects of their personalities.

These Cancers often make great teachers. They are patient and can give students the one-on-one time they need to learn whatever subject Cancer is teaching them.


A July 15 Cancer’s purpose is to learn how to care for themselves. They are always caring for others and seeing to their needs, but they must ensure their needs are met first.

These Cancers often think that it is selfish to think of themselves first. It isn’t! You cannot pour from an empty cup. These Cancers must learn that they can help others much more if they are well-rested and their needs are met.

Cancers born on this day are also meant to teach others. Even if they don’t end up in a teaching career, they still have a lot of knowledge they can impart to others.

They can help the people around them become more compassionate and emotionally aware.

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Positive Traits

The July 15 personality is incredibly compassionate. These Cancers are great listeners and some of the best people to go to when you need love and support.

These Cancers genuinely care about the people around them. They don’t offer support because they want anything in return. These Cancers will listen to someone without expecting them to listen to them in return.

Cancers born on this day have a lot to offer. They can help others be more caring and in touch with their emotions. If they are knowledgeable about a specific subject, they can teach others everything they know.

Forming connections with other people is something that comes easy to these Cancers. They don’t necessarily need to try that hard to bond with others.

Negative Traits

The Cancer personality can become moody and depressed when these Cancers aren’t meeting their needs or seeking out support when needed.

These Cancers are happy to support others and give them anything they might need. They are terrible at asking for support in return, though.

Cancers born on this day can sometimes be pushovers, especially around the people they care about most. If someone they love is taking advantage of them, they typically won’t stand up for themselves.

These Cancers also have low self-esteem. They do not see how great they are and will have a hard time believing compliments from others.


The best match for Cancers born on this day is Scorpio. Scorpio is assertive and confident. Cancer can teach Scorpio to be a bit more soft and gentle. Scorpio can teach Cancer to stand up for themselves.

Scorpios can be a bit rough around the edges, but they are capable of being just as compassionate and supportive as Cancer is. They are loyal, loving partners who will do anything to make their partner happy.

Other Cancers and Pisces are also excellent matches for Cancer. Another Cancer will understand these Cancers in ways others don’t. Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, also tends to understand Cancers born on this day easily.

The worst match for Cancer is Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. These Cancers can too easily be controlled by the strong personalities of Sagittarius and Aries. Aquarius tends to be too emotionally distant for Cancer.


Cancer’s communication style is compassionate and focused on finding the balance between talking and listening. Cancers like to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in a conversation and will not dominate a discussion.

These Cancers will allow others to dominate a conversation, though. They won’t always speak up and often go quiet if someone interrupts them or ignores them in favor of listening to someone else.

Cancers born on this day tend to speak gently. If they are explaining something, they will try to make it as easy to understand as possible. They are polite and always try to speak kindly to others as well.


It’s common for these Cancers to be drawn to people who aren’t necessarily good for them.

They might be attracted to confidence in someone, only to realize that confidence is really an unchecked ego.

These Cancers might be attracted to people who have traits they lack, only to discover those traits aren’t even ones they want!

Cancers born on this day can sometimes be shy, so they aren’t likely to immediately act on their attraction to others. They don’t always take the initiative.

If you are attracted to one of these Cancers, you will likely need to be the one to reach out first.


While these Cancers love to communicate with others and are good at forming connections, they don’t always date a lot.

These Cancers may avoid dating if they feel inadequate or their low self-esteem has gotten the best of them. They might not feel they are good enough for the people they are interested in.

When they do go on dates, they prefer intimate settings. Going to a quiet cafe or walking around a secluded park are excellent date ideas. These Cancers aren’t interested in loud bars or huge crowds.


Cancer’s love language tends to be quality time. These Cancers show they care about being there to offer support whenever their loved ones need it.

These Cancers are also good about showing love in the way their loved ones prefer. If you prefer physical touch, they will be physically affectionate. They will give you gifts in return if you show love with gift-giving.

Cancers born on this day want to make their loved ones feel comfortable. They are often extremely generous in the way they show love and won’t always ask for the same level of generosity in return.

It can sometimes be difficult for these Cancers to accept that they are loved by others just as much as they love them. They may need a lot of reassurance.


A relationship with Cancer can be very fulfilling. They are compassionate lovers who want what is best for the people they love.

These Cancers must be careful not to become doormats in a relationship. They need to learn how to be more assertive, and they must recognize their worth.

Cancers born on this day thrive in relationships when they have a partner who supports them, reassures them of their love, and tries to maintain equality.

They might stay with someone who takes advantage of them or never offers support, but the relationship will eventually end when Cancer realizes they can do better.


It’s common for Cancers to dream of getting married eventually. They often want to settle down and have a family with the person they love most in the world.

These Cancers need to learn how to love themselves before getting married, or they may end up in a marriage doomed to fail.

When these Cancers know how to take care of their needs and recognize their talents, they will be happier in any relationship. They will be able to find someone who is right for them and who will love them the way they deserve to be loved.


These Cancers can sometimes be shy in the bedroom. They won’t always open up right away and may wait to have sex until they are entirely comfortable with their partner.

In bed, these Cancers tend to be people-pleasers. They are too focused on pleasing their partner and won’t always ask their partner for what they want.

These Cancers will have a better time during sex if they have partners who will ensure their needs are met. A selfish partner who will take without giving anything in return will leave Cancer feeling unloved and undesired.

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