January 8 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated March 23, 2023
January 8 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

January 8 has great significance. People born on this date are Capricorns. More specifically, they are born on the second decan of Capricorn.

The horoscope for someone born on January 8 is unique. They stand out from the average Capricorn.

People born on January 8 have a specific path because of astrological and numerological factors. Someone born on this date has a unique set of characteristics.

A zodiac sign’s dates have specific meanings. Those born in January have different attributes than those born in December. The exact birth date gives added depth to a horoscope.

If you were born on January 8, you have a unique set of challenges and responsibilities. You were born for a special mission. Knowing your horoscope gives insight into your personality.

January 8 Info
DateJanuary 8
SignCapricorn ♑︎
SymbolSea goat
StrengthsProsperous, Conscientious, Charming
WeaknessesStubbornness, Aloof attitude, Emotionally distant
Opposite signCancer ♋︎
Best matchCancer, Taurus, Virgo
Worst matchGemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsFalcon, Ox, Spider


Each of the zodiac signs is divided into three decans associated with specific traits and destinies. Those born under the January 8 zodiac are in the second decan of Capricorn.

Among the fun facts about January 8 is this day’s association with Venus. Those born on this date have an easy time attracting love and money. For a January 8 Capricorn, suffering is minimized.

Other Capricorns have a life of toil and responsibility. But those born on January 8 have great blessings. They work harder than others, but also receive a great payoff.

A Capricorn zodiac sign’s meanings are unique depending on the exact birthdate. January 8 Capricorns are luckier than others born under this sign.

As an earth sign, Capricorn people are hardworking, wise beyond their years, and serious about security and finances. Those born on January 8 are also charming.

Their relationships and people skills help them climb the ladder in careers. They may run a business with the help of a partner. They may also come into money through marriage.

January 8 Capricorns know how to manifest their dreams by creating rules, order, and structure. Blended with creativity and vision, they can set a solid foundation that helps them thrive in life.

Though Capricorn is a sign of hardships and discipline, those born on January 8 seem to have a safety net. They always land on their feet, and challenges lead to great prosperity.

Though January 8 famous deaths may cast this date in a negative light, those born on this day are blessed with the power to succeed and lead others. They are blessed with great potential.

Though not a holiday, January 8 has significance. It is associated with love in numerology. Even if you weren’t born on this date, you can align with the energies to attract an ideal partner who helps you succeed.


If you were born on January 8, your purpose involves breaking down barriers for others. As much as you are likely to reach great personal success, you are more importantly concerned with the future of those you may never meet.

You go out of your way to follow your strict moral compass. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and believe in creating justice and order for others.

Philosophy and healing factor into your purpose as well. You may serve others as a judge, lawyer, doctor, or advocate. You can see the bigger picture, and feel responsible to safeguard your community for generations to come.

Those with 8 January birthdays are conscientious. They look for the impact of actions taken in the present on generations that have not yet been born. Their purpose is to help preserve tradition while also making the most of resources.

Those born on Saturday, January 8 have added strength. The power of Saturday is named for Saturn, which is also the planetary ruler of Capricorn. This added energy strengthens the endurance of those born on this date.

Famous January 8 birthdays include Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and Kim Jong Un. As you can tell, this date gives people the potential to be influential and powerful.

The most successful 8 January Moon signs are Cancer and Taurus. A January 8 birthday with the Moon in Cancer gives you great business sense and intuition. With Moon in Taurus, the January 8 Capricorn is prosperous and financially savvy.

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Positive Traits

If you were born on January 8, you have an old soul, and those much older than you can easily talk to you, feeling you are their intellectual peer. You easily win over people who are instrumental to your success.

January 8 zodiac sign’s personality is charming and traditional. They value marriage, home, and family. They are also great historians as they know it is essential to learn from the past.

They have powerful energy. January 8 Capricorns have a strong sense of responsibility as if destined for greatness, yet are also patient and take their time reaching success.

Those with a January 8 birthday never disregard a connection. Whether friends, romantic interests, or business partners, they know all people can help them succeed sooner or later.

Negative Traits

Like all people, even those gifted individuals born on this date have some challenging qualities. They can be patient but have high standards for others. They don’t always tune in to others’ feelings.

They can be a workaholic, especially when devoted to their mission. They don’t easily understand why others aren’t as driven and can be judgmental.

Those born on this date can be materialistic. They may have to learn that there is more to life than work and career. They can also fall for the trap of making money too high a priority.


People born on this date can be charming and friendly toward everyone, but they have their top matches and most challenging connections.

Their zodiac sign compatibility is best with specific signs. Their best match is a person born under the sign of Cancer, Taurus, or Virgo. This date gives people a down-to-earth nature that meshes well with other earth signs.

Venus rules Taurus and is also the sub-ruler of those born on January 8. In addition, Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs. Taurus people can teach Capricorn about the importance of pleasure.

Capricorn gives Taurus a stable foundation and helps them let their guard down. The compatibility between Capricorn and Virgo is similarly strong.

Virgo people are detail-oriented and meticulous. Their nature works well for Capricorns. These Capricorn people have high standards and not everyone can meet their needs the way Virgo can.

Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer, is also a good match. They balance Capricorn’s workaholic nature with an emphasis on compassion, affection, home, and family.

Those born on January 8 will find a few relationships particularly frustrating. Their worst matches are Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. Though Capricorn is independent, those born under Aquarius and Sagittarius are too freewheeling.

Capricorn needs control, order, and security. They won’t find this in relationship to passionate Sagittarius or quirky Aquarius. They also will find Gemini to be too scattered for their liking.

Capricorn can tolerate a friendship with people born under these three signs, but romance is bound to end in disaster. They can’t count on people born under these temperamental and fickle signs.


Capricorn people born on January 8 need a few words to make their point. They prefer text because it is efficient. They don’t go on and on for paragraphs. They’ll communicate in a few words, a few sentences at most.

When Capricorn people have something on their minds, they unburden themselves directly, which turns some people off. They don’t sugarcoat their messages. They can seem abrupt.

You can trust a January 8 Capricorn to tell the truth. You may not like how they express themselves, but they will not manipulate you.


If you want to attract a January 8 Capricorn, it’s best to keep busy. You’re likely to run into a Capricorn at work, in a museum, or at a historical event.

Someone born on January 8 is likely to find love easily compared to others of this sign. They easily attract both partners and money. But their attraction is not automatic.

They put in the work to find what they seek. You’ll never meet a January 8 Capricorn if you spend all your time at home. Those born under this sign are industrious.


Planning the perfect date for a January 8 Capricorn can be a challenge. They spend all their time at work. Getting them to step away from work for a date requires the right motivation.

The best way to lure a January 8 Capricorn out for an evening of romance is to plan a productive date. A date that involves a fundraiser for a local historic site, for example.

Dates involving traditional settings, enjoyable meals, and entertainment by film, theater, or concert are perfect for January 8 Capricorns. They love to blend art, beauty, and practicality.

Take them on a date someplace elegant and upscale, but avoid drawing unnecessary attention. People born on this date are modest and don’t want to appear gaudy.


When a Capricorn born on January 8 is in love, they won’t show it in overt ways. They give gifts and do practical things to make you feel pampered and special.

Don’t expect a verbal declaration of love early on. January 8 Capricorns need time to show their feelings for you. People born on this day are famous for concealing their feelings.

They fall in love slowly and are even slower to tell you. They can be withdrawn in love but will occasionally show affection. Be patient, and you’ll eventually see their signals.


People born on January 8 are responsible and dutiful. In relationships, they see it as their obligation to provide for their partner. They can be romantic but are also anxious in love.

They try to make everything perfect. January 8 Capricorns won’t commit until they are in a position to provide for the people they love. They will never let you down and only make promises they can keep.

When they commit, they intend to be with you forever. They don’t like casual dating and prefer to look for a partner for life. Never manipulate or lie to them; these transgressions are unforgivable.


January 8 Capricorns long for marriage. They don’t see the point in dating if marriage is not the endgame. Though they take a long time to define a relationship, they plan for a future with a prospective partner.

They don’t want to date casually. January 8 Capricorns don’t want to waste time with a partner who doesn’t seem to be their ideal marriage material.

They look for a partner who will be an ideal spouse for the long run. They are ambitious. They are married to a career before any commitment to a partner, but they long for a family.

They expect their spouse to tend to family and children while they make their legacy through their careers. Regardless of gender, January 8 Capricorn people feel responsible for providing for their marriage partners.


Capricorns are sexually reserved, but those born on January 8 are more adventurous in the bedroom. They have a sensual and lusty nature that other Capricorns lack.

Keep things simple and traditional with people born under this sign regarding sexuality. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel. January 8 Capricorn people are not focused on sex as a priority.

More often than not, they enjoy affection and pleasure in small doses. They avoid public displays of affection and are easily embarrassed by open references to sexuality.

They never kiss and tell, so be sure to be discreet regarding sexual relationships with people born on this date. If you are too focused on sex, they will be offended.

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