January 27 Zodiac (Aquarius) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
January 27 Zodiac (Aquarius) Horoscope & Info

Of all the zodiac dates for Aquarius, people born on January 27 have the most intense energy.

This date falls in the first decan of Aquarius, associated with the most dramatic traits of the sign.

January 27 is an auspicious birthday. People born on this date are visionaries. They have tremendous mental energy and can seem nervous if they don’t have outlets for their creativity.

People born on January 27 are inspiring. They help others think outside the box and are great problem solvers. They love to be on the cutting edge of new trends.

Aquarius people born on this date are leaders, not followers. But they are also so individualistic; they follow their instincts, not caring if others agree with their opinions.

January 27 Info
DateJanuary 27
SignAquarius ♒︎
StrengthsInnovative, Futuristic, Resourceful
WeaknessesEmotionally Unavailable, Shocking, Awkward
Opposite signLeo ♌︎
Best matchLeo, Gemini, Sagittarius
Worst matchPisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsRooster, Honey Badger, Crocodile


If your birthday is January 27, you have an abundance of creative energy. Not only is this a date associated with the intuition and innovative vision of Aquarius, but numerologically, this date corresponds to number one.

People born on this date are the ones to break ground on new projects and endeavors. They can be impulsive, but following their instincts lead to unexpected wins.

Often trendsetters, people may laugh at first when a January 27 Aquarius has an idea. But laughter quickly turns to awe and admiration, as people born on this date have a prophetic sense of what lies on the horizon.

What seems impossible to most people is simply an untried opportunity for someone born on this date. They never shy away from chances to break with tradition.

People born on this date are humanitarians and think of what is best for society rather than what specific people may want. They never tell you what you want to hear, but you can count on them to tell the truth.

They love to blend science and spirituality and can be fascinated with occult studies and conspiracy theories. People born on this date are imaginative and love to experiment.


Everything about January 27 Aquarius is unique, including their destiny. They have a purpose involving challenging authority and showing people what is possible with creativity and insight.

They are innovators and problem solvers. People born on this date end up working in careers related to science, research, technology, entrepreneurship, the humanities, and politics.

You can find them directing charities and traveling the world as medics or teachers for non-profit agencies. They love to expand their horizons, and learning about new cultures and lifestyles helps satisfy this desire.

Since their purpose is to bring innovation and dramatic change, it is part of their personality to be argumentative and disruptive. Aquarius people always point out things that seem hypocritical or unfair.

They refuse to go along with tradition if it doesn’t make sense to do so. People born on this date have a mission to improve society by challenging the status quo.

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Positive Traits

Aquarius people born on January 27 are friendly, kind, and honest. They can make friends with people from all walks of life. They prefer to have an eclectic group of friends and are inclusive and not elitist at all.

They don’t judge others, but they do say what is on their minds. They can be honest to a fault. They are also intense and passionate about their beliefs.

Yet they are not inflexible. People born on this date are open to learning new things. They aren’t afraid to change their mind. They may even change their beliefs entirely if you prove them wrong during a debate.

Negative Traits

Though there are many positive Aquarius characteristics, people born on this date have a few lessons they must learn. They can exhibit negative traits while they master their intense energy.

They can be impatient and restless, especially when change doesn’t happen fast enough. They can also abruptly give up on relationships out of fear of vulnerability.

They struggle to show emotion, and this is an impediment to their relationships. People born on this date are intellectual and prefer rationality to show empathy. They are sensitive but try to hide it and can be defensive.

The January 27 Aquarius personality can be intense, and not everyone is ready for their futuristic thinking. But those who understand people born on this date have a unique and insightful friend or lover.


The best Aquarius compatibility for people born on January 27 is with specific signs. Though they can be friends with any sign of the zodiac, their best matches for romance are Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Aquarius compatibility with Leo is based on opposites attracting. People born on January 27 are intellectual and are proud of their nerdy interests. Leos, on the other hand, are passionate and active.

Put these two together, and you have the best blend of hearts and minds. January 27 Aquarius inspires Leo’s creativity. Leo won’t let Aquarius give up on their interests, encouraging them to delve deeper into their passions.

Even though Aquarius is intense, they often drop the ball when bored with a project or hobby. Leo gives them the motivation to see things through to the end. Both appreciate each other’s confidence and independence.

The lowest on the Aquarius compatibility chart are the water signs. A January 27 Aquarius’s compatibility with Scorpio is poor. These two will trigger each other’s insecurities.

Scorpio is intensive and obsessive, and people born on January 27 need their space. They see Scorpio as too intrusive. Scorpio resents their emotional detachment. They try to change each other and eventually give up.

Aquarius compatibility with Cancer is also problematic. People born on January 27 are erratic and unpredictable. Cancer becomes clingy and emotionally manipulative, trying to make them open up.

Aquarius rebels against Cancers’ need for commitment. These two may like each other but end up at odds because they are too incompatible.

A January 27 Aquarius’s least compatibility is with the sign of Pisces. Though the January zodiac is a neighbor to Pisces on the astrological wheel, these two have nothing in common. Worse, they push each other’s buttons.

Pisces craves emotional connection, and Aquarius fears vulnerability. Aquarius needs freedom, and Pisces wants intimacy. Aquarius’s honesty hurts Pisces’s sensitive feelings.


Aquarius people born on January 27 have no filter when saying what they think. They often blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind. People either find their communication endearing or off-putting.

They can be intense and exaggerate when they speak. Yet Aquarius people born on this date always tell the truth as they see it. They text enough to get their point across, but they don’t like long conversations through text.

One sign an Aquarius born on January 27 is losing patience with you is if they send a lengthy text filled with criticism. Usually, they text only enough to keep the conversation flowing.

They prefer to communicate through text at first because they can be shy face to face in relationships. But after they get to know you, they prefer to have conversations in person.


People born on this date are attracted to others who have a quirky sense of humor. You can count on attracting a January 27 Aquarius if you are unique, honest, and socially conscious.

People born on January 27 go to extremes. You’ll find them in crowded parties and community events, or you will find them online, interacting with others from a safe distance.

Their love for technology makes them want to take full advantage of opportunities to meet people on dating websites and virtual communities. Sometimes they are more active online than in real life.

You can attract someone born on January 27 by showing your eccentric side. They are bored with people who appeal to mainstream trends for approval. They pay attention to bold people who take risks.


Aquarius people born on January 27 love dating. They often date several people casually for months at a time. They see no need to rush into a serious relationship if they can enjoy variety by dating.

Getting to know different people is part of the pleasure of dating for them. They also have unusual habits. Sometimes they “date” online only by having intimate text conversations but avoid meeting in person.

This may seem like a red flag, but it’s a matter of convenience for many Aquarius people. They may also act like their interest is friendship and then act hurt when you don’t realize they thought you were dating.

They aren’t good at defining relationships, so you must take the initiative to make it clear when you are dating or just friends. You can impress someone born on this date by taking them out for a night filled with surprises.

Dinner or drinks is only the beginning. They’ll enjoy a retro date at a rollerskating rink or Trivia Night at a local pub. They love to show off their intellect with an evening of games that require intelligence and strategy.

You can also thrill an Aquarius born on January 27 by taking them to an unusual event like a Kirtan performance or occult workshop. They are well read. An author event or class related to literature is fun for them.


When an Aquarius born on January 27 is in love with you, they become anxious. They do the opposite of what you would expect. When they first fall in love, they panic and become distant.

You have to be patient with someone born on this date. They don’t easily express love. They overthink things and panic, assuming love will intrude on their freedom. They are notorious for sabotaging relationships.

First, they ghost you. You may not hear a word for weeks, and then out of the blue, they contact you again as if nothing happened. Keep your sense of humor, and don’t ask them for explanations.

When an Aquarius person born on this date falls in love, they go through hot and cold phases. But once they see you aren’t going to make demands on their time and attention, they start to act like they’re in love.

They give you gifts and want to spend their time with you. They surprise you by showing up at your home or work. They make grandiose promises about the future.


Aquarius people born on January 27 are excellent friends, yet when it comes to romantic relationships, they are all over the map. They chase you one day but act distant the next.

They go silent for apparently no reason, yet their reason is that they fear commitment. They waver and avoid defining the relationship at first. You may be about to give up when they suddenly resurface.

Once someone born on this date feels comfortable with you, they commit. But they need to see that you respect their independence and freedom. They won’t get into a relationship with you if they can’t have space.

When they are serious about you, they vacillate between obsessive affection and aloof silence. This is part of their nature and not a reason to panic.


Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is the most difficult to get to settle down in marriage. They never really settle down in the conventional sense. When they finally do get married, they maintain an active lifestyle.

They may travel or live part of the year in a different area from their spouse. They need plenty of freedom even in marriage. You’ll never get an Aquarius born on this date to walk down the aisle if you expect them to be homebodies.

But if you respect their independence and don’t try to fence them in, they eventually become open to marriage. This milestone isn’t important. They are rulebreakers by nature.

Yet you can convince them to marry if it seems like their idea. Never pressure them. A person born under this sign needs to feel like this is the right move, usually for practical and not sentimental reasons.


January 27 Aquarius people have a low sex drive. When they are in the mood, they love to experiment. They have a kinky side that emerges at times. But they aren’t sexually motivated.

They may go months without showing interest in sex only to suddenly go through a lusty phase. Never criticize them for their low sex drive. They are known to ghost people for judging them.

You can turn on an Aquarius born on January 27 by appealing to their intellect and imagination. Sexting and pillow talk goes a long way with people born on this date.

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