How You Can Attract an Aquarius Man at Work

Are you thinking about trying to attract an Aquarius man at work? Have you found someone who shows the perfect combination of intelligence and humor? If you’re going for it, you should know that it takes a bit of skill. You see, an Aquarius man has the charming combination of cool and calm, as well […]

Flirt With an Aquarius Man by Making Eye Contact

One of the best ways to entice an Aquarius man is eye contact based flirting. That is the sure shot way of getting things started. Eye contact is one thing that can be effective if you know what you’re doing. Being one of the quirkiest zodiac signs, Aquarius men can be one of the most […]

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Respond to Your Text

Are you constantly waiting around for that Aquarius man’s text response not knowing how to get at least some sort of response from him? Not sure what type of texts you can send him in order to get his attention? You’re not alone. The whole ordeal with Aquarius text messages can get very confusing and […]

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Being a Pisces woman, what better way is there for you to know if that Aquarius is your kind of guy than through knowing about the Aquarius man and Pisces woman compatibility? Are Aquarius men and Pisces women soul mates? It is important to think about all the important facts about what an Aquarius man […]

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Are you wondering about Aquarius man Virgo woman compatibility level? Aquarius and Virgo, being air and earth signs, have both positive and negative aspects when in a relationship. It is a strange mixture of her logical and his impulsive nature. The Aquarius man is clever and intelligent and has excellent reasoning skills; whereas the Virgo […]

How to Seduce an Aquarius Man in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to seduce an Aquarius man, be mysterious! An Aquarius man loves to understand the complexities of a person. Driven by intellectual curiosity, he will be more interested in developing physical intimacy with those who are different. You just have to remember one thing: dump run-of-the-mill traditional approaches to sex and try new […]

Aquarius Man & Leo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Aquarius man and Leo woman compatibility means a relationship full of experiments. A connection between an air and fire element is definitely an interesting combination. Each sign has its own quirks and traits that make their relationship a compatible one. However, an Aquarius man and Leo woman’s relationship is also proof of the fact that […]

Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

One might wonder whether an Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman compatibility blossoms into a successful relationship. Any sort of connection that emerges between the air and fire signs is bound to be one full of excitement, fun, and often unpredictable. However, a relationship between an Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman is not always an enduring […]

Aquarius Man & Capricorn Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The Aquarius man Capricorn woman compatibility doesn’t seem to be an easy one at first glance. The Aquarius man is inventive, independent, and non-traditional kind of guy. In contrast, the Capricorn woman is a traditionalist and a more down-to-earth individual. Aquarius and Capricorn have contrasting traits, and the union between them seems unlikely to work […]

Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

The Aquarius man and Taurus woman compatibility is not ideal because people belonging to both the star signs are known to have dominant and stubborn personalities. Not to mention, both of them also have different, and often contrasting, personality traits. Ruled by Venus – the Goddess of love in Roman mythology – the Taurus woman […]