10 Ways to Impress a Virgo Man

Updated August 13, 2022
10 Ways to Impress a Virgo Man

If you really want to impress a Virgo man, you have to appeal to his intellectual nature. A Virgo man’s ideal woman is his intellectual peer.

You need to understand what a virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you need to be meticulous. A Virgo man is attracted to you when you’re as methodical as he is.

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will evaluate you to see if you’re his ideal match. He’s a perfectionist. He wants to see that you have high standards.

There is are some precise steps you need to follow if you want to make a good impression on a Virgo man. You’ll see the signs a Virgo man is falling for you.

1. Notice Details Even He Overlooked

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, you’ve got to be patient and observant. A Virgo man is detail oriented. If you want to impress him, you’ve got to show you’re as observant as he is.

Notice every detail from his favorite pizza toppings to the music he listens to while he’s cooking. Notice the type of aftershave he uses, his favorite tea and all the other details that make him unique.

He’ll be impressed to know that you are careful enough to pay attention to these details of his life and interests. He’ll also take notice because you are one of the few people who takes the time to get to know these details of his life.

If you really want to stand out to a Virgo man, become more observant than he is. When you go out to dinner, notice the name of the server who waits on you. Notice the songs being played by the venue’s sound system.

He’ll be impressed that you have super sleuth-like skills when it comes to paying attention to your surroundings. Be subtle about dropping hints regarding your observations.

This simple secret about Virgo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

2. Study His Favorite Topics

If you’re wondering how to make a Virgo man miss you, show him that you care about his interests. He’ll miss talking to you about his hobbies and favorite movies. This may take some studying on your part.

A Virgo man’s interests and hobbies may seem tedious to other people. Yet if you research to learn as much as possible about gardening, cooking, first aid, sustainability, technology and his other interests, it will pay off.

He’ll be impressed that you care enough to learn about his hobbies. You may be the first person in his life to go to any measures to get into his world. This will make him feel deeply connected to you. He doesn’t like shallow people.

Show him you really care by taking an authentic interest in his favorite things. You need to join him in his interests and hobbies as if they are fascinating to you. This may take some studying to try to take interest in his hobbies at first.

3. Read His Favorite Books and Authors

In addition to learning about his favorite past times, you’ll also impress a Virgo man if you take the time to follow his intellectual interests. Research his favorite authors and read the books he talks about and recommends.

A Virgo man will be impressed when you show that you’ve read his top favorite books. He’ll be excited because he can now have intellectual conversations with you about his favorite stories and subjects.

He’ll also be pleased to see that you share his interest in reading. A Virgo man will love sharing ideas with you and will be happy to feel like he’s teaching you something new by introducing you to new topics.

This simple secret about Virgo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

4. Show Him Your Analytical Side

You can impress a Virgo man by showing him that you’re analytical and intellectual. He’s like a human computer. He’ll love to see that you also have a sharp mind and love of information.

If you’re wondering how to attract a Virgo man on social media, you can quote interesting scientific quotes. You can also join intellectual groups on social media. Sharing memes and posts that provoke analysis and thoughtfulness will catch his attention.

This is an opportunity to show him that you are his intellectual peer. You will want to be careful to not compete with him, however. A Virgo man won’t appreciate being one-upped. Instead he wants to feel like you are teachable and have something to teach him.

5. Detach from Your Emotions

You may have an emotional nature, yet if you want to attract a Virgo man, you need to distance yourself from your emotions. A Virgo man has great intellectual capacity, but he’s not great at showing feelings.

Also, he is not going to easily hold space for your feelings. It’s best to learn to ground yourself and detach from intense emotions. When he sees that you can manage emotions without becoming overwhelming, he’ll be impressed.

A Virgo man will also be impressed when he sees that you are able to lean more heavily on rationality and intellect than on emotion and passions. He’ll feel like you are an ideal match for him.

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6. Wow Him With Your Maturity

When you see typical Virgo man crush signs, such as his willingness to routinely schedule you into his week, you may feel reassured. Yet if you’re expecting a Virgo man to become passionate, he may disappoint you.

He moves slowly in relationships. Don’t try to manipulate or push him. The best way to impress a Virgo man is with your maturity and ability to handle differences and disappointments.

The more you act indifferent and mature, even business like, the more he will be attracted to you. A Virgo man values composure and stability above all else.

One of the physical signs a Virgo man likes you is when he starts to show more interest in helping you. Show him that you are capable of sophistication and reasoning and not subject to your passions and emotions.

7. Volunteer to Help Those in Need

One way to stand out and capture the heart of a Virgo man is to show him your friendliness and helpfulness to others. If you volunteer or take opportunities to help those in need, he’ll be impressed.

The best way to captivate a Virgo man is to show him you are willing to be of service to others. This is especially true in situations where you have nothing to gain personally.

He has a soft spot in his heart for those who have a sense of social responsibility. He’s friendly and helpful and wants to see that you will also be mindful of ways you can take care of complete strangers in need.

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8. Show Him Your Perfectionist Side

A Virgo man has very high standards. He can be hard to please. This is because he wants to make sure any commitment that he makes is ideal. He will look for signs of perfectionism in you.

This doesn’t mean you can never make a mistake. Rather it means he will look at your standards and expectations. If you have high standards and strive to always do your best, he will be charmed.

If you are sloppy in appearance, work ethic or any aspect of your life, a Virgo man will be turned off. He needs to see that you try to live up to your highest potential.

9. Have Intellectual Conversations with Him

Virgo men have no tolerance for small talk. The best way to impress him is to show off your wit and intellect. Try to focus on conversations that are deep but also pertain to the real world. He’s not much for abstract thought or philosophy.

Health, science, the environment, sustainability, research all appeal to him. Show him that you have an interest in environmental conservation and renewable energy. Share your ideas about urban homesteading or new breakthroughs in science or medicine.

A Virgo man will be impressed if you, as a layperson, read professional journals or study topics on the level of a professional just for fun. If you study like a pro when it’s your hobby, he’ll be impressed.

Talk to him about ideas and interests that are researchable. Show up with data and facts to back up your opinions and ideas. Show a Virgo man that you are capable of analyzing information and not just parroting what others say.

This magic will make your Virgo man want a relationship with you.

10. Learn to Repair Your Car or Home

Another way to impress a Virgo man is to take matters into your own hands when it comes to repairs and improvements. If you learn to change the oil in your car, fix a flat tire or make your own home remedies, he’ll be impressed.

If you learn how to fix plumbing or electrical issues in your home, or repair your computer, he’ll definitely take notice. He loves to see that you are interested in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

A Virgo man can be drawn to DIY projects. Even if you aren’t, it’s worth learning a few tricks. Not only will this impress him, it will save you money and give you the chance to take control of repairs without calling a professional.

Practical skills definitely make a powerful impression on a Virgo man. Be sure to show him you are resourceful and know how to fix and improve things in your car or home. Making your own foods from scratch also appeals to him.

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