10 Ways to Impress a Cancer Man

10 Ways to Impress a Cancer Man

If you want to impress a Cancer man, you’ve got to understand his personality. He’s not drawn to looks but to personality and empathy.

You’ve also got to show your ambition and connection to home and family.

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. There are a few ways to impress a Cancer man.

Make him think you’re exactly the kind of woman he’s dreamed of. He is less impressed with your body or appearance if your heart isn’t kind.

You can also impress a Cancer man by being more attentive to his needs than anyone else he knows. This will make you stand out to him as a keeper.

1. Be Resourceful

If you want to know what to wear to attract a Cancer man, the answer may surprise you. He loves soft colors and fabrics and loose flowing outfits. Yet he is also frugal and traditional.

If you wear an outfit you found at a vintage or second-hand store, you’ll catch his eye. He loves that you’re resourceful. Also, if you wear jewelry that was made from repurposed bottle caps or other recycled material, he’ll be impressed.

He’ll love that you aren’t wasteful and that you’re creative enough to wear your values of conservation. He’s more impressed by your ability to find a purpose for everything than he is in a new designer name brand outfit.

Cancer men love to see that you can stretch your money and being resourceful rather than wasteful and excessive is a great way to prove this to him. Plus, your frugal measures can create a unique conversation starter.

2. Show Off Your Culinary Skills

When you see the signs a Cancer man likes you, you can start to get more personal. Invite him to your house and cook dinner for him. One of the best ways to impress a Cancer man is to show off your cooking skills.

He’ll fall in love when he tastes your version of his favorite dish. Be open to comparing notes. Most Cancer men love to cook as well, but he will be impressed with your variation of a recipe he likes. Tell him about the twists you added to a traditional recipe.

Also, while he’s with you, show him you mean business in the kitchen. Give him a tour and point out the collection of herbs, spices and sauces as well as the gadgets you use to create restaurant-quality meals.

3. Be a Caretaker

If you’re wondering how to make a Cancer man want you, the key is to show him you are a nurturing person who knows how to take care of others. Being a caretaker for kids, a dog, your elderly parents, all will impress a Cancer man.

He loves it when you step up to the plate and honor your responsibilities to your family. He can be a nurturer as well and will feel a deep empathy with your calling to care for others. Whether it is through your job or role in the family.

A Cancer man will be impressed by your lack of selfishness and consideration for others. He loves to see that you are willing to put others’ needs first and will anticipate a nurturing, caring relationship with you.

4. Empathize with Him

If you want to know how to attract a Cancer man and keep him, the key is your ability to empathize with him. Cancer men are highly emotional and sensitive. He needs to know that you are patient and able to validate his feelings.

If you try to tell him his fears are all in his head or he is overreacting to something, he’ll be turned off. He won’t feel connected to you and may even be disappointed. Especially if he was really counting on you to be different from other women.

The best way to stand out as an ideal partner and really get his attention has less to do with what you say and more to do with how well you listen. The more you can empathize with him and really hear his concerns and feelings, the better.

5. Appreciate His Intuition

When you understand what a Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll see that one of the ways to impress him is to show appreciation for his sixth sense. Cancer men are insightful but not always logical.

They are guided by an intuition that is uncanny and sets them apart from others. Also, they are used to being judged, criticized and dismissed at first by those who don’t accept their intuitive hunches.

Don’t fall into this category. Instead of second guessing a Cancer man when he tells you something instinctive but hard to believe, give him the benefit of the doubt. He is following a higher wisdom that may not make sense in the moment.

Give it time, though, and the hunch your Cancer man had is likely to be fully realized. A Cancer man can have premonitions that trigger his anxiety. Appreciating his insight and validating his emotions can go hand in hand.

6. Be an Idealist

Women often wonder how to text a Cancer man to impress him. It’s not hard to get his attention this way because Cancer men love that you care enough to text him in the first place. Especially when you text to ask about his dreams.

If you can show a Cancer man that you’re an idealist who believes that things are getting better, he will be impressed by you. He loves to dream as well but also has a steady stream of anxiety and insecurities that can cloud his vision.

When you show him your optimistic, idealistic side and encourage him to share his dreams with you, you’ll build a strong bond with a Cancer man. He will want to spend more time with you because you help him come out of his low moods.

He’ll also start to believe in miracles and become more hopeful about the future when you paint a positive picture for him. He can be impressionable and sometimes he just needs a partner to help him focus on the possibilities.

7. Have a Clean Home

If you want to know how to flirt with a Cancer man, it’s best to keep things friendly, nurturing and clean. This is also how a Cancer man likes his home to feel. Anything that reminds him of being home will appeal to him.

If talking to you makes him feel at home, a Cancer man will be eager to settle down with you. He’ll want to remain connected to you for as long as possible. When he’s comfortable with you, he may want to visit your place.

Make sure you keep a clean and comfortable home. If the walls are completely sterile white and the furniture all sharp edges, with on cushions in sight, this may be a little too clean and not comfortable enough for a Cancer man.

He prefers to be in an atmosphere that is well maintained and clean but also cozy. If your home is too much like a hospital room it will turn him off. But so will a mess or too much noise or clutter.

When a Cancer man sees that you value your home and keep it in good condition but also make it comfortable and inviting, he’ll be impressed. He will admire your ability to stay on top of the demands of having a home. He’ll also admire your decorating skills.

8. Call Your Grandmother

If you really want to earn extra points in a Cancer man’s book, stay in touch with extended family and elders in your family. Call your grandmother and visit on a regular basis if you can. Spend time with family even if it takes time away from him.

He’ll be impressed by your close connection to your grandparents or to other elders in your family. If you visit family on a regular basis, he’ll find it endearing as well. He loves to see that you still make time for your family.

A Cancer man who sees that you make your elders a priority will fall in love with you. He’ll recognize your patience and tenderness as you take the time to interact with your grandparents and other elders. He’ll see you as an exceptional woman.

9. Have Good Credit

If you’re wondering what body type does a Cancer man like, you’re actually focusing on the wrong things. He will be impressed by your personality and priorities more than your body type.

He falls in love with your heart first and the rest is just decoration. In addition to having a warm heart, though, a Cancer man will be impressed if you have good financial habits. The credit score is one measure of this but not the only one.

If you have good credit, a Cancer man will assume things about your personality and priorities. He’ll assume you’re financially responsible. He’ll also assume you take money matters seriously.

Further, he’ll assume that when you’re married to him in the future, the two of you will have a solid financial foundation on which to begin building. He will be relieved that finances will not be a barrier.

10. Show Interest in Business

If you want to know how to keep a Cancer man hooked, take an interest in business. If you start or run your own business, that is one reason he’ll be impressed with you.

Cancer men admire people who succeed in business. Yet they also admire those who try, even if they never become world famous millionaires. The fact that you’re willing to take a chance on your dream is impressive to a Cancer man.

He’ll feel proud of you for creating something new and bringing your gifts and talents to the world through your business. If you don’t run a business, show interest in local business communities near you.

Read business news and show that you are in touch with matters of importance to business owners. This shows him that you care about business issues even if they don’t directly impact you. He’ll be just as impressed.

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