Should You Ignore Virgo Man to Make Him Chase You?

Updated February 22, 2023
Should You Ignore Virgo Man to Make Him Chase You?

If you ignore a Virgo man, you may expect him to show more interest. After all, that is the best way to trigger most men’s chasing instinct.

Yet Virgo men are different. Ignoring him can work, but only in certain circumstances.

If you’re wondering how does a Virgo man test you, know that usually he doesn’t. His playing hard to get isn’t a game. He’s cautious by nature.

If you really want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you’ve got to take the time to really get to know his personality. He isn’t like other men.

What happens when you ignore a Virgo man can vary depending on the situation. Sometimes he doesn’t notice. Sometimes he reacts by chasing you. You’ve got to be strategic.

He Has a High Tolerance for Being Ignored

If you’ve ever wondered “Does a Virgo man miss me when I ignore him for a while?” the answer may surprise you. He has a high tolerance for being ignored. Put another way, he’s so introverted and independent, he may not have noticed.

This may be hard to understand. He doesn’t get caught up in his emotions the way others do. Even a Virgo man in love can be satisfied spending lots of time alone. When a Virgo man says he misses you, he really means it.

When he misses you, it means he’s had a chance to notice your absence from his routine connection with you. If you don’t text him for two days in the middle of the week, but you usually get together on Friday, he may not notice.

Yet if you don’t show up on Friday for your usual date, a Virgo man will miss you. He’s a creature of habit and his routine was just disrupted by your absence. If you want to make him chase you, be slightly less predictable.

Don’t overuse this technique, though. If he feels like you’re too difficult to consistently engage with, he’ll get frustrated. He may give up altogether. He looks for consistency but will notice your absence more if you aren’t where he expects you to be.

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He Prefers Being Ignored Sometimes

A Virgo man, suddenly distant, may just be consumed by a project or working extra hours. When he’s busy he may seem like he’s ignoring you. He’s not doing this to hurt you.

You may feel it’s your job to remind him to step away from his work and enjoy his time with you. This will backfire. When he’s busy he prefers it if you don’t bother him. Ignoring him when he’s busy won’t work as a strategy.

He won’t start to chase you because he won’t notice you’re ignoring him. So if he’s building something, gardening, repairing the house or doing other tasks, he’ll be so caught up in his work he won’t notice he’s being ignored.

If you’re hoping that not reaching out for a while will trigger his interest, it won’t work in these cases because his mind is completely on his work. Instead, he will come around and call you.

He’ll do it on his own timing when he’s done with his projects, not because you ignored him. A Virgo man always comes back if he’s just been busy. He doesn’t take it personally that you didn’t call. In fact, he appreciates it.

He Doesn’t Take Hints at First

A Virgo man, when hurt, will try to point out the reason. He may be subtle at first and then become more direct. When a Virgo man wants you back, he’ll usually tell you clearly.

He prefers to not leave anything to chance. Though he can be subtle at times, he prefers direct communication. This is because he is not good at taking hints. If you feel he hasn’t been investing in the relationship, step back.

But don’t expect a chase. It will take him longer than it takes the average guy to notice that something is different. He can be so observant and analytical and yet still miss the big picture when it’s right in front of him.

He won’t get the hint at first so you have to wait him out. For ignoring him to really result in pursuit, you have to be patient. Take whatever time you would expect him to respond and add a few extra days to that number.

First, he’ll think you are just busy. Then he’ll rationalize your silence with all the logical explanations he can think of. Then, when he can’t come up with any more reasons for your disappearance, he’ll start to realize maybe he needs to just reach out.

All of this will take some time for a Virgo man. Give him a chance to come to the conclusion that he needs to follow up with you. In the mean time he may just expect you to respond if you typically initiate communication.

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He Won’t Chase You, but He May Become More Interested

If you’re wondering how to know if a Virgo man is pushing you away, it will be clear. He won’t respond. Even with excess time. Usually he’ll also make some clear statements about being unhappy in the relationship.

When a Virgo man acts uninterested, don’t chase him. Instead, draw his attention to you by subtly showing signs that you are intelligent, interesting, independent, friendly and compassionate.

Don’t be too direct with him at first. Give him space to pursue you. This can include ignoring him slightly. Respond, but take your time responding. The irony is, if he thinks you’re indifferent he’ll show more interest.

Yet “chase” isn’t exactly the appropriate word to use with a Virgo man. Like all earth signs, he tends toward the stoic side. He isn’t inclined to chase passionately. He keeps his feelings at bay.

Instead of an avid chase, a Virgo man is more likely to show interest. He’ll check in with you more. He’ll offer to help you with things. He’ll give you advice. These are all good signs. Though low key, they are indicators of his interest.

He’ll Assume You’re Busy, and That’s Good

If you’ve been quiet, slow to respond or if you give brief, direct answers, he’ll be intrigued. When a Virgo man is interested, or when a Virgo man wants you back after a break up, he will be consistent.

He’ll steadily contact you to engage with you. He won’t be offended if you don’t answer right away. He’ll assume you’re busy. This works to your advantage. The more you seem busy, the more he’ll admire you.

He’ll think you’re involved in important work and this will reinforce his idea that you are independent and productive. He’ll want to be closer to you because of this. A Virgo man will show more interest when he sees that your time is valuable.

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Don’t Ignore His Advice

One thing you should never ignore with regards to a Virgo man is his advice. He doesn’t take it personally if you don’t text back right away and can even forgive being ignored directly.

Yet he prides himself on being helpful. If he gives you suggestions and advice and you disregard his intelligence or offers to help, he’ll be upset. He will feel like you don’t respect him at all.

Being personally ignored isn’t going to hurt him. It can, sometimes, make him respond to you. Yet if his advice or guidance is ignored, he will feel personally insulted. He may shut down and assume you are not teachable.

This is the biggest deal breaker for a Virgo man. Since he is intelligent and openly helpful, he’s used to people sometimes taking his word and other times not. When his advice is ignored, he stores these memories away.

This is a particular pet peeve for a Virgo man. He never forgets someone who disregards his guidance or advice.

Minimal Communication Doesn’t Bother Him

If you feel ignored or pushed aside when a man doesn’t text you frequently, or when he only texts minimal responses, know that this is normal for a Virgo man. He’s a minimalist. He won’t see this as ignoring you.

Likewise, he won’t perceive that you are ignoring him if you try this tactic to make him chase you. He’ll appreciate that you can communicate in succinct ways. He won’t even register that you’re doing it on purpose to get a response.

In some ways, you’ve got to work hard to ignore a Virgo man in a way that he will even perceive it correctly. So much of what many people perceive as being ignored is just normal to him or a sign of being busy.

If you want to trigger his response to pursue you, you’ve got to make your absence seem unusual and out of the ordinary. You’ve also got to be patient so it really sets in.

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You Can Ignore Him but Don’t Ignore What He Does for You

In addition to never ignoring his advice, you also want to be careful not to ignore what he does for you. Nothing good will come of being ungrateful or inappreciative of a Virgo man.

He goes out of his way to be helpful. At least that’s how he perceives it. A Virgo man will need to see that you recognize and appreciate what he does to help you.

While there are many ways you can play hard to get to get him to pursue you, always be sure to acknowledge his efforts to help you. If you don’t he’ll conclude you’re not the kind of person he wants to pursue.

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