10 Ways to Hurt a Leo Man

Updated August 12, 2023

Hurting a Leo man is easy if you understand his personality. Underneath the bold exterior image he presents to the world, Leo man are quite sensitive.

The best way to hurt a Leo man is to insult his identity or personality.

If you really want to hurt a Leo man, it’s easy to do. A Leo man’s silent anger may result and you may lose all opportunity you ever had to get on his good side.

Yet if it is worth it, there are some clear ways to hurt a Leo man. One of the most common and sure fire ways to hurt him is to insult his pride or ego.

When you hurt a Leo man’s pride, you can shatter his sense of self-esteem. Leo men are proud of their strengths and individual gifts. Undermining these can devastate him.

1. Make Him Jealous

make him jealous

If you are wondering how to make a Leo man regret losing you, you’ve got to show him that you are stronger and more successful than he gave you credit for. When a Leo man is interested in you, any form of betrayal can crush him.

Even if you use innocent flirting to make him jealous. He won’t easily forgive you if you show any interest at all in another guy. A Leo man who cares about you will be deeply hurt if you show interest in another guy.

If you are flirty or outright pursue another guy or even if you compliment another guy in front of your Leo man, you’ll wound his ego. He’ll feel personally betrayed by you. If you want to passive-aggressively hurt a Leo man, this is a way to do it and still save face.

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2. Give Him Competition

give him competition

When a Leo man is done with you, there may be no turning back. When you want to hurt a Leo man and you don’t care about the outcome, one way to hurt him is to compete with him. You can do this either by trying to “one-up” him in career or other areas of his life.

You can also give him a run for his money by making him think he has competition for your attention. When you make a Leo man feel self-conscious and insinuate that you are interested in another guy, he may chase you to try to prove himself to you.

He may also disappear for good. Making a Leo man feel like he has competition is a dicey game to play. It can seriously hurt a Leo man’s ego. Even if you trigger his sense of competition by trying to outdo him in work or outperform him when it comes to special talents, he may feel personally slighted.

3. Betray His Trust

betray his trust

Leo men are sensitive to betrayal. It’s bad enough he may interpret somewhat innocent moves as acts of betrayal. If you actually and intentionally betray a Leo man, you’ll crush him.

Leo men take trust issues very seriously. He has integrity and expects others to be as loyal and faithful as he is. When you intentionally betray him, it can be an unforgivable act.

A Leo man who feels you have betrayed him can carry a grudge for the rest of his life. He may resent you permanently and he won’t easily forgive this kind of wound. It’s best to not use this tactic if you ever want a chance of getting him back again.

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4. Deceive Him

deceive him

Leo men are highly conscious of image and appearance. Often, the worst part about being deceived, for a Leo man, is the idea that you were able to outmaneuver him. This wounds his sense of pride in his talents.

He sees himself as intelligent and a good judge of character. If you are able to deceive a Leo man, you instantly challenge this self-perception. A Leo man who has been deceived may be slow to forgive because you made him look or feel weak, not only because you outsmarted him.

If you really want to hurt a Leo man in a way that will haunt him for a long time, deceiving him will do the trick. It is best to only reserve this tactic for when you are finished with the relationship for good as he is not likely to come back once deceived.

5. Be Disloyal

be disloyal

If you want to make a Leo man feel guilty for hurting you, being disloyal will definitely do the trick. This tactic may work so well, however, that you may never get the chance to get him back.

If you are disloyal to a Leo man he will never forgive you. The fact that he holds a grudge is a direct testament to just how deeply he is hurt by this kind of gesture.

Loyalty is a huge issue for a Leo man. When he expects you to remain faithful and trustworthy and you don’t, he will be shattered. You don’t have to resort to infidelity in a sexual encounter. Leo men view loyalty as a matter of keeping promises and secrets as well.

If you betray your role as friend, partner and confidant with a Leo man, you need to be prepared for major fallout. He will be hurt and his defenses will be triggered. He may never speak to you again.

When a Leo man is done with you, chances are good that his decision had something to do with seeing you as disloyal and no longer trustworthy. A Leo man won’t tolerate such acts of betrayal.

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6. Insult His Appearance

insult his appearance

Giving a Leo man space may be enough to get him to forgive less serious infractions. If you hurt a Leo man by insulting his appearance, he may eventually forgive you. Yet this will still leave a mark.

Leo men are vain. There is no denying it. They are proud of their individuality and they are very judgmental of appearances, including their own appearance. If you lightly criticize his haircut or new outfit, he’ll be hurt but he may not leave you.

Yet if you are constantly criticizing his appearance, a Leo man will be devastated. He may become deeply insecure about his self-image as well. You can really get under his skin by being critical of his appearance.

7. Never Show Gratitude

never show gratitude

If you are perpetually ungrateful and seemingly impossible to please, a Leo man will be hurt. This may not lead him to feel resentful and angry so if you are trying to keep the relationship alive but just want to get even, this is a better strategy.

If you don’t show gratitude, it will hurt a Leo man because he will feel unappreciated. He will take your lack of happiness personally, as if it reflects a failing on his part.

When a Leo man loves you, he wants to think he can make you happy. If he feels constantly unable to please you no matter how hard he tries, a Leo man will question his own abilities. He may be deeply hurt and take responsibility for your unhappiness.

In the short term, this will keep him in the relationship as he tries in vain to please you. In the long term, if you are constantly unhappy, it could cost you the relationship as a Leo man will be hurt but will also move on to a relationship where he feels more effective as a provider.

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8. Be Demanding

be demanding

How does a Leo man test a woman? One of the things he will look for is whether or not you are appreciative of his time, energy and talents. If you are constantly making demands on him, it will make him resentful because deep inside it actually wounds his ego.

It hurts a Leo man to feel like your high expectations are not met. At first he may see it as a challenge and he may be encouraged to try harder to meet your demands. Yet over time he’ll be left feeling diminished.

He will take it personally because he takes everything to heart. If you are too demanding, a Leo man will see it as a signal that he has failed in his mission to please you. He will also be hurt that you aren’t satisfied with his efforts to help you.

9. Make Him Feel Unimportant

make him feel unimportant

For a Leo man, a fate worse than death is being ignored. If you don’t pay attention to him, he will feel insignificant. This actually hurts him deeply. Leo men thrive off of the attention of others.

If you don’t make him feel like the most important person in the room, it will hurt his feelings. Ignoring a Leo man sends a clear signal that he’s not a priority to you. He may find this devastating.

Using this tactic can get his attention. It may encourage him to chase you at first. But be forewarned, he won’t chase forever if he is getting nothing in return. If he doesn’t see you as having any interest in him, he’ll just give up and walk away to lick his wounds privately.

Will a Leo come back? He may, but only if you eventually put some effort into making him feel important. A Leo man silent treatment can give him space to figure out that he wants to chase you, but if you don’t reciprocate, he’ll be hurt and move on.

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10. Manipulate His Feelings

manipulate his feelings

An angry Leo man will be hurt if he discovers you’ve been manipulating his feelings. If a Leo man has lost interest, playing with his emotions won’t get him to come back.

If you want to hurt a Leo man who is into you, one of the easiest ways to do this is to manipulate his emotions. He will be devastated when he discovers you were only playing with his feelings.

This is not a tactic to be used lightly. When a Leo man is manipulated, he will feel hurt and vulnerable. When he realized how easily you intruded on his defenses, he won’t forgive this wound.

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