What to Expect When a Scorpio Man is Heartbroken

Updated February 22, 2023
What to Expect When a Scorpio Man is Heartbroken

A heartbroken Scorpio man is going to be more intense than he normally is. This is really saying something, as he’s always intense.

He’ll try to hide it but he may be angry, depressed, or broken up inside after a breakup.

He’ll act differently depending on the reason for the breakup. If it was a messy breakup, he’s going to be intense. He’ll be angry. He might cut his ex off and pretend she never existed.

The breakup might have been mutual. He and his ex might remain on good terms. In this case, even if he’s sad, he’s not going to cut his ex out of his life or feel vengeful.

If Scorpio still loves his ex, he will have trouble letting go of her. It will take him a while to get over the breakup.

One Foot Out the Door

Walking away from a scorpio man is difficult because he is almost always the one to walk away first.

He’ll be able to tell if your feelings for him are changing. If you two have been fighting a lot and aren’t able to fix things, he might just decide to end things for both your sake.

He’ll leave you before you get the chance to leave him. Even if you are the one to break up with him, he probably knew it was coming and was already emotionally preparing himself.

If your Scorpio partner suddenly seems more distant, he might be preparing for a breakup. He won’t just prepare emotionally either.

If he keeps things at your apartment, like extra clothes, he’ll start to take them home. He’ll stop making long-term plans with you.

No matter how prepared he is, he’ll still feel emotionally vulnerable and upset after a breakup anyway.

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Reasons for the Breakup

People break up for a variety of different reasons. The intensity of Scorpio’s feelings will depend on why he and his ex are no longer together. It will also depend on how strongly he still feels for her.

If Scorpio and his ex just grew apart and became incompatible over time, he probably had a lot of time to prepare for a breakup.

He might already be “out of love” with her. He’ll need time to grieve the relationship but the heartbreak won’t be overwhelming.

If his ex cheated, he’s going to be angry. That is one of the deepest betrayals in a relationship for a Scorpio. He’ll likely dump his ex as soon as he finds out.

His feelings will be extremely temperamental and intense after this.

If his ex broke up with him and he wasn’t prepared for it, he’s going to be confused and depressed. He usually sees these things coming so he’ll feel blindsided.

If he didn’t want to break up in the first place, he’ll have trouble letting go.

He’ll Act Tough

No matter how torn up Scorpio is over a breakup, he’s going to act tough. He’ll put on a brave face and continue with his life as if nothing happened.

If there’s a chance he’ll run into his ex, he’ll make sure he always looks good. He doesn’t want her thinking he’s let himself go or that the breakup affected him negatively.

He might refuse to talk to anyone about how he feels. He’ll try to handle everything himself. He prides himself on being independent.

You might see a Scorpio friend of yours flirting and having a good time at a party shortly after a breakup. He may brush off any attempts to talk about the breakup.

The tough-guy act is often just that: an act.

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He’ll Hide His Feelings

Scorpio hides his feelings normally. He’s a water sign, so he’s just as emotional as Cancer and Pisces, he’s just better at hiding how he feels (or at least he thinks he is).

You aren’t going to see your Scorpio ex cry after you break up with him. If he does get emotional, it’s not going to be in front of you.

He hides his feelings in a variety of ways. Some Scorpios prefer to be angry instead of being sad. Some put on a mask of total nonchalance. Others will go out partying and act as if they are totally happy and carefree.

You won’t see him posting about the breakup on social media. He’ll tell people privately. If he does need to vent to somebody, it’s going to be to somebody he knows won’t spill a word of what he says to you.

He’ll Cut You Off

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he’s really done.

He does go back to his exes sometimes but when that happens, he usually stays friends with them after the breakup. If a Scorpio man stops communicating with you following a breakup, you’re probably not going to hear from him again.

If you cheated on him or did something else to betray his trust, he’ll cut you off without a second thought. He’ll block you on social media, delete your number, and act like you never existed in the first place.

Even if you didn’t do anything bad, he might still cut you off. Sometimes, this is the easiest way for a Scorpio to process a breakup. Staying friends might be too painful and he doesn’t want to put himself through that.

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If you cheat on a Scorpio, he might cheat on you right back as a form of revenge. If he’s heartbroken, he wants to make sure you feel just as hurt as he does.

Before a breakup happens, he might do things to his soon-to-be-ex to get even for any slights or betrayals.

If he doesn’t think the relationship is salvageable and he has no intention of forgiving his partner, he’s going to make her life hell before he breaks up with her.

He’ll get revenge after a breakup too. If he and his ex have mutual friends, he’ll tell them all what she did. He’ll try to turn them against her. If you break up with a Scorpio, be prepared to lose some friends as well.

Emotionally Vulnerable

No matter how much he hides it, Scorpio is going to be emotionally vulnerable after a breakup.

It’s hard for him to commit to a relationship in the first place. He feels all his emotions intensely and love is no exception. He likely planned on being with his partner for as long as possible.

He’ll try to keep any displays of emotion private but he’s going to have them. He might break down at home right after the breakup happens.

If you dumped him, it’s going to sting. He’ll be depressed. He’ll be angry. He might be confused too, especially if he wasn’t expecting the breakup to happen.

This is a time where Scorpio needs people who care about him. He’ll probably shut them out and try to act like he can handle everything himself but that’s far from the truth.

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Do Scorpios miss their ex? He often does, or at least he misses the idea of them.

If you want to know if a Scorpio man misses you after a breakup, pay attention to what he does on social media.

Scorpio’s stalking behavior on social media is similar to Taurus’. He’ll keep up with what you’re doing. If you still have him added or your profiles are public, you can bet he knows what you’ve been up to since the breakup.

He Won’t Let it Go

A Scorpio letting go of love is going to have a difficult time with it. Even if he’s cut you off completely, he might still be thinking about you.

Does a Scorpio man always come back after a breakup? Not at all. Sometimes he does and that’s often because he is finding it impossible to let go of the relationship.

If you have anything belonging to him, he’ll pester you until he gets it back. If he doesn’t want to talk to you, he’ll have his friends do it.

Good luck getting your things back from him, though. He might have burnt them in a fit of anger. He might want to keep souvenirs. He might even keep things just to be petty because he knows it will bother you.

If you have a Scorpio friend who has recently gone through a breakup and he decides he wants to talk to you about it, be prepared to hear about it for a while. He’ll rant and rave about everything that went wrong in the relationship.

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Scorpio might still feel angry about a breakup long after he’s “gotten over” it.

It’s hard for Scorpio to forgive and even harder for him to forget. You might reach out years after a bad breakup only to find that he still wants nothing to do with you.

He’s going to be angry for a while. Sometimes, that’s the last thing to go. After the heartbreak and sadness fade away, he might still feel a spark of anger when he thinks about his ex.

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