What to Expect When a Libra Man is Heartbroken

Published March 26, 2022
What to Expect When a Libra Man is Heartbroken

A heartbroken Libra man won’t always reach out to other people. He might emotionally detach and take some time for himself instead.

Libra men try to remain logical, even when heartbroken. They often won’t know how to deal with their emotions.

A Libra man’s exact reaction to heartbreak will depend on the reason for it. In most cases, though, he’ll emotionally detach and distance himself from the people around him.

Your Libra man might avoid you if you’re the reason for his heartbreak. He likely won’t reach out to others for support, especially mutual friends. He will put on a brave face and might not even seem heartbroken.

After a heartbreak, a Libra man will need a lot of self-care. He’ll take time to focus on himself and sort through his feelings.

Reason For Heartbreak

A Libra man might act differently depending on the reason for his heartbreak. For example, his reaction to a mutual breakup will differ from his reaction to a breakup caused by infidelity.

Things that might leave other men heartbroken also might not bother a Libra man at all. The end of a relationship isn’t necessarily going to cause him heartbreak every time it happens.

Breaking up with a Libra man won’t always break his heart. If he knew it was coming, he probably prepared himself beforehand. He might not feel heartbroken if he’s already accepted the relationship is over.

A Libra man will be heartbroken if he’s still in love with you or if he wasn’t expecting the breakup at all.

He’ll be more likely to feel betrayed and heartbroken over a breakup if you blindside him. The heartbreak will be more intense as well.

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He’ll Emotionally Detach

A Libra man after a breakup will likely emotionally detach. He won’t necessarily want to deal with his feelings, at least not right away.

Are Libra men emotional people? Most of them are not outwardly emotional. They prefer to seem pleasant and happy most of the time. Even if he’s upset, a Libra man won’t always show that.

A Libra man won’t just detach from the person who broke his heart. He will likely avoid them, but he will withdraw from friends and family as well.

Libra men don’t want other people to know that they are heartbroken. They hate being vulnerable, especially publicly.

You won’t hear about a Libra man’s heartbreak on social media, at least not any with his name attached to it.

Even the most heartbroken Libra man might seem perfectly fine. This is because he’s good at suppressing his emotions and ignoring them.

Won’t Know How To Feel

After a heartbreak, a Libra man might not know how to feel exactly. Libra men aren’t the most emotional people, so a Libra man may have trouble understanding his emotions.

Libra men do not like to display “negative” emotions like sadness or anger. They prefer it when people see them as happy and pleasant.

A Libra man will likely battle with his emotions after a breakup. He will be heartbroken but not know how to express that.

When a Libra man is heartbroken, he might try to suppress any sadness or anger he feels. He’ll likely have trouble dealing with those emotions and not want to acknowledge them.

If a Libra man’s ex betrayed him, he might not know how he feels about it. He might be torn between being sad and angry. He may even feel relieved after a breakup and not know how to handle that.

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Reflects On What Happened

A Libra man with a broken heart will likely reflect on what happened. If he’s heartbroken over a breakup, he’ll think about why the breakup occurred.

Libra men often like to think things through. Even something as emotional as heartbreak can be examined rationally.

If a Libra man is heartbroken because his ex cheated on him, he’ll think about why that might have happened. Were there signs she was unhappy? Was there something he could have done to prevent her from being unfaithful?

Libra men often want an explanation for why they feel the way they feel. A Libra man will reflect so that he can explain his feelings to himself.

Heartbreak isn’t always rational, though, so he won’t necessarily be able to find the explanation he wants.

Might Avoid You

Will a Libra man get over a breakup? He will get over it eventually. He’ll have an easier time doing that if his ex isn’t always around.

A Libra man does not want his ex to know how heartbroken he is following a breakup. He wants to appear content and unphased most of the time.

If a Libra man is having trouble controlling his emotions, he’ll completely avoid his ex so that she doesn’t see how broken up he is over her.

A heartbroken Libra man might also avoid you if you’re his friend. He won’t just avoid you, though.

Even if you’re not the one who caused his heartbreak, he may not reach out or want to spend time with you. He will likely avoid most people in his life if he’s feeling terrible.

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Won’t Always Ask For Support

When a Libra man is upset, he won’t always reach out to others for support. He may want to deal with his feelings by himself instead.

If a Libra man has a group of friends he can go to for support, he might reach out to them. This will often happen later after he’s had some time to deal with his emotions on his own.

Libra men don’t always like to be vulnerable with other people if they don’t have to. A Libra man might think he can deal with his heartbreak on his own, so he won’t ask for support from his friends or family.

Puts On A Brave Face

Do Libras get over breakups quickly? They often seem to get over them faster than they actually do. Libra men tend to put on a brave face when they are heartbroken.

You might see your Libra ex out at a party days after you broke his heart. He may seem perfectly fine. Don’t be fooled, though. He might still be torn up inside.

A Libra man will also put on a brave face to his friends. If they are also dealing with things in their lives, he won’t want to make them feel worse by pushing his problems onto them.

Even if a Libra man looks happy after his heart has been broken, that doesn’t mean he is. He’s just good at hiding his heartbreak.

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Needs Self-Care

When a Libra man is heartbroken, he will likely take some time for self-care. He won’t always reach out for support, so this is how he makes himself feel better.

Libra men love the finer things in life. Many of them enjoy a bit of luxury in their lives. It will make a Libra man feel better when he pampers himself following a heartbreak.

A Libra man might take himself to the spa following a heartbreak. Getting a massage will cheer him up and make him feel better both mentally and physically.

Libra men might go shopping when they are heartbroken as well. Getting a whole new wardrobe or other material things he wants might not fix everything, but it will at least make him feel good temporarily.

Taking time to relax is another way a Libra man will get self-care. He might forgo parties and other social events for a few days to be alone.

Tries To Remain Logical

Even when a Libra man is heartbroken, he’ll try to remain logical. He will not want to become overly emotional or let his feelings control him too much.

A Libra man isn’t the type of person who will send emotional messages to his ex begging her to take him back. Even if he does want to go back to his ex, he’ll be much more logical in how he tries to do that.

When a Libra man is heartbroken, he’ll tell himself that it’s not that big of a deal. He may dive into work or hobbies instead of dealing with his emotions.

If a Libra man does talk to somebody about his heartbreak, he’ll talk about it in a detached, emotionless way. He doesn’t want anyone to see him as irrational or overly sensitive.

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Focuses On Himself

How do Libra men deal with heartbreak? The best way for a Libra man to get over heartbreak is to focus on himself. He needs to take care of himself, have time to focus on his hobbies, and work on himself.

Focusing on himself is how a Libra man makes himself feel better. He won’t always look for support or even have people he can go to for it. He can take time to develop himself and do things he loves.

A Libra man might take up a new hobby after a heartbreak. If he thinks he played a part in why his relationship ended, he might work on himself to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen in the future.

Some Libra men will rebound when heartbroken or engage in casual sex. They will only do this as a way of having fun, though. They likely aren’t looking for another relationship any time soon.

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