What to Expect When a Leo Man is Heartbroken

Published March 9, 2023
What to Expect When a Leo Man is Heartbroken

A heartbroken Leo man might try to put on a brave face, but he won’t be able to hide how miserable he truly is.

A Leo man will need a lot of support to get over his heartbreak. He’ll try to distract himself in many ways, too!

Your Leo man will miss you if you break up with him and he still loves you. He will be incredibly unhappy about the breakup. However, he likely won’t want to remain friends. That will hurt too much.

A Leo man will try to pretend like everything is okay, but it will be obvious he’s heartbroken. He’ll need support from friends and other loved ones. He’s likely to become reckless without the proper support.

Your Leo ex might party a lot and even rebound when he’s heartbroken. That doesn’t mean he’s over you, though!

He’ll Miss You

A heartbroken Leo will probably miss you after your breakup, whether he wants to or not.

A Leo man will miss you after a breakup, even if the split was for the best. If he genuinely loves you, that won’t stop just because your relationship ended!

A heartbroken Leo man will miss the affection he used to get from you. He’ll feel lonely when he realizes that he has to sleep alone or can’t reach out to get a hug when he needs some comfort.

Your Leo man will miss everything you used to do for him. If he ever took you for granted, he’ll realize that! That will increase his heartbreak, too.

You’ll likely see many signs a Leo man misses you if you break his heart. He’ll be more gloomy than usual. He might try to run into you on “accident” or reach out even if you two decided to keep your distance.

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He’ll Need A Lot Of Support

When a Leo man is heartbroken, he’ll need a lot of support. If you were his primary source of support before you broke up, he might have difficulty finding the support he needs.

Hopefully, a Leo man will have a good support network he can rely on after a breakup. His friends and family will need to be there for him!

A Leo man likely won’t deal with heartbreak well on his own. He will need a lot of emotional support. Having a friend who will listen to him can help him overcome his heartbreak and keep him from engaging in risky behaviors.

A heartbroken Leo man who doesn’t get the support he needs might act out. He may do things that put him in danger just because he’s trying to distract himself and make himself feel better.

A Leo man with a good support network will get over a heartbreak faster. One who doesn’t may take a long time to get over his ex.

He’ll Party Frequently

How does a Leo man deal with heartbreak? He might start to party even more frequently than he did before!

A heartbroken Leo man might want a few distractions to keep him from focusing on his heartbreak. Going to parties and other events is one way he distracts himself from his feelings.

A Leo man with good friends and a strong support network might party when he’s heartbroken, but he’ll be safe about it. He’ll have people to keep him from going too overboard!

A heartbroken Leo man can easily start partying too much or doing risky things while partying. He’ll need friends to look out for his safety!

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He Might Put On A Brave Face

A Leo man, after a breakup, might try to put on a brave face. He may not want everyone, including his ex, to know how heartbroken he is.

Breaking up with a Leo man will be a massive blow to his ego. Even if he isn’t that heartbroken, he’ll be upset that he was dumped. If he still loves you, he’ll be incredibly depressed, but he’ll likely try to hide that!

Leo men often aren’t able to hide their genuine emotions, though. A Leo man might try to put on a brave face when heartbroken, but his feelings will be evident to everyone around him.

If your Leo friend insists he’s fine after a breakup, don’t believe him. Pay attention to how he’s acting. He might be trying to act like everything is okay, but it likely isn’t!

He Might Be Reckless

One of the signs a Leo man is heartbroken after a breakup is that he will start behaving recklessly. Even if he was impulsive before, he will be noticeably more reckless!

A heartbroken Leo man won’t always care about the consequences of his actions. He’ll do anything to distract himself from his feelings, and he might get into trouble!

A Leo man might be reckless about who he rebounds with when heartbroken. He may not have any issue hitting on his ex’s friends or hooking up with someone that his ex didn’t get along with.

A Leo man might also engage in dangerous behaviors when he feels heartbroken. He might stop caring about his safety temporarily. If something feels good at the moment, he’ll do it. He won’t care if it might hurt him.

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He Might Want You Back

Your Leo man might want you back if he’s feeling heartbroken after a breakup. Even if you did something to hurt him, he may still hold out hope that things could work out between you.

A heartbroken Leo man might not always think rationally. Even if you two broke up for a good reason, he might convince himself that you should try to make things work.

Your Leo man might try to convince you to give him a second chance when you first break up with him. If he’s still feeling heartbroken weeks or months later, he might reach out and try to win you back.

Even if you have a no-contact rule with a Leo man, don’t be surprised if he reaches out. He might outright say he wants you back if he feels desperate enough. He may also “casually” reach out to see how you’re doing.

He’ll Rebound

It’s common for Leo men to rebound after a breakup. Whether or not a Leo man is still heartbroken or in love with you, he’ll probably hook up with someone new.

A Leo man likely won’t get into a serious relationship right after a breakup. If he does, it will fail if he still has feelings for his ex!

Flirting with other women, hooking up with people he meets at bars or parties, or hanging around on dating apps might help a heartbroken Leo man feel better.

It won’t be the same as when he was with his previous partner, but romantic attention can help get a Leo man’s mind off his ex. If he misses having someone to kiss or have sex with, a casual rebound is likely.

A rebound likely won’t cure a Leo man’s heartbreak, though. Even if he tries to have a new relationship, it will never truly go anywhere until after he’s genuinely over his ex.

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He’ll Be Incredibly Unhappy

What happens when a Leo man is heartbroken? He’ll be miserable no matter how much he tries to put on a brave face and hide it. Your Leo man will be incredibly unhappy if you break his heart.

A Leo man usually can’t hide his genuine emotions. You’ll notice that your Leo man is miserable after your breakup if he’s feeling heartbroken about it.

A breakup can sometimes feel like the end of the world to a Leo man. If he was ready to spend the rest of his life with someone, and they broke his heart, he won’t get over that quickly!

If your Leo man seems miserable after a breakup, that’s to be expected! If he is openly unhappy, then he’s struggling. A Leo man who can’t hide his unhappiness is likely dealing with intense heartbreak.

He Won’t Be “Just Friends”

A Leo man still in love with his ex will likely be incapable of staying “just friends” with her. His feelings will get in the way even if he tries to be friends!

A heartbroken Leo man won’t always try to stay friends with his ex. If you did something to hurt your Leo man, he might keep his distance. Being friends with you will just hurt more.

If he doesn’t keep his distance, and you think he still has feelings for you, he likely has ulterior motives. He’s heartbroken about your breakup and probably wants you back.

Be wary if your heartbroken Leo man suddenly wants to be friends with you. Even if he thinks he can be just friends, he’ll probably end up more heartbroken if he tries.

Ignoring a Leo man after a breakup might be the best thing to do if he genuinely can’t just be friends with you. If you think there’s any chance he might want you back, and you don’t feel the same way, keep your distance.

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