5 Tips to Get an Aquarius Man Back After a Breakup

5 Tips to Get an Aquarius Man Back After a Breakup

It is quite a task to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup, especially if things ended on a bad note.

However, that doesn’t mean you should lose all hope. You can still fix your relationship and win him back.

With the right approach, you can figure out how to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup.

Fighting with an Aquarius man can take a toll on your relationship because they have very sensitive and kind hearts. They get hurt easily, which is likely to make you wonder, “Will an Aquarius man come back after a breakup?”

While they might display unforgiving traits, be assured that an Aquarius man always comes back. But know that you’ll have to go the extra mile and work hard to win them back.

1. Don’t be an Emotional Mess


One of the most important things to do when trying to get an Aquarius man back after a breakup is to be calm. You need to be casual about the breakup and not be an emotional mess.

Aquarius men have a tendency to run the other way if a woman gets overly emotional or cries and begs them to stay. Don’t come off as too dramatic or needy because it will scare them off.

No matter how heavy your heart is, how much you miss your man, or how desperately you want to get back with him, don’t cry or beg him to stay.

You might think that it will put you across as rude or ignorant, but it really doesn’t. That’s exactly what your Aquarius man needs, and you need to give him just that.

After a breakup with an Aquarius man, your worst enemies are the following four things: excessive crying, nagging, childish tantrums, and repeated apologies. If you do any of these, it will be tough for you to get him back.

Remember the unemotional and slightly detached nature of this zodiac sign. Display a sense of maturity and composure when dealing with an Aquarius man. If you present yourself as emotionally broken, you will end up pushing your man away.

As difficult and overwhelming as this may sound, know that it’s only temporary; your man will come around.

2. Let Him Be – Give Him a Time Out


Holding on to the past isn’t what makes an Aquarius man come back, but giving him his space and letting go for the time being will definitely make him come back.

Be as cool as a cucumber; allow him to ponder over things and give him some space for a while. Aquarius men need their space, and they expect you to respect their personal space.

This time-out period is significant for Aquarius men because they love a little freedom and enjoy some personal space of their own. They are quite eccentric and rebellious, and they hate being imposed on by other people.

They might even display rigidity sometimes, but don’t let that throw you off guard. It’s a very natural response from Aquarius men. Just stay calm and composed and be assured that this time will pass.

You will feel like talking about the breakup, crying in front of him, and talking things out with your man, but you need to contain these urges and control yourself.

The more time and space you give them, the better the chances are that they’ll come around quicker as compared to if you keep nagging them every now and then.

Chances are that they might take you by surprise by coming back and making an offer of love to you. This is because the Aquarius sign is quite unpredictable and prone to sudden changes.

So, if you really want to find out a way how to reconcile with Aquarius man, let him be; don’t push too hard, don’t overwhelm them with apologies and questions and maintain distance for some time.

3. Reinvent Yourself – A New Look or New Interests and Hobbies


You know how to make an Aquarius man want you back? Reinvest yourself and blow him away!

Aquarius men absolutely love variety and change, especially when it comes to love and the woman in their life.

Be it a new look, a unique hobby or a newly-found interest, anything out-of-the-ordinary will truly intrigue your man and make him curious.

Think of it like catching a fish in the net; if your Aquarius man notices anything different about you, know that you’ve hit the right target!

This is also a great way for how to get an Aquarius man to miss you; the change will definitely make them reminisce the old times and they will miss having you in their life.

It thoroughly pleases Aquarius men when their women try new things and surprise them perhaps with a different hairstyle, a brand new dress or a hobby. They crave excitement, diversity and change.

Ultimately, doing this will increase the chances of getting your man back after the breakup because they’ll know that you’ll do anything to fix what went wrong and get him back.

However, while putting in some real effort to seize his attention, don’t overdo it and don’t try too hard. Try to be subtle in your ways because if you end up being too obvious, he might shy or run away.

4. Reach Out after a While


An important thing to know about Aquarius men is that when they are angry or hurt, they tend to cut off from the source of these feelings completely. If you do them wrong, they’ll adopt the same approach.

Once the storm has settled and you’ve given your man enough time to think things through, reach out after a while and make amends. Start off slow and present logical explanation and arguments.

They often take distancing and silent treatment way too far, but you should reach out after some time to win him back and make apologies. Don’t let their behavior affect you too much because this is typical of this sign.

However, you need to be very meticulous and logical in your approach. Bringing up issues from the past or pointing out their behavior will only make matters worse. The key here is to not be aggressive or too forthright.

Knowing how to fix a relationship with an Aquarius man requires a great deal of patience, care and caution from your end. Reassure them that you are genuinely and sincerely sorry and that it won’t happen again.

Another thing to bear in mind when reaching out to an Aquarius man is to do it privately. They don’t like having serious and private discussion when there are a lot of people around.

The latter is likely to anger him further, make him feel vulnerable and chances are that they’ll storm off before you even begin to apologize and make amends.

5. Propose Realistic and Achievable Relationship Goals – Stay Away from False Promises


Once you finally manage to convince your Aquarius man to sit down to talk and discuss your relationship, make sure to propose realistic and achievable relationship goals.

At this point, you need to keep all your emotions, feelings and sensitivities on the side and be reasonable and practical. Aquarius men are big on being straightforward without any drama and they would expect the same from you.

Throughout the time-out period, your man has probably thought a lot about the breakup and everything that happened in between. They will know exactly what to say and expect to receive sound, logical explanations from you.

Your Aquarius man will also tell you the reason why he broke up with you so it is important that you prepare yourself for some brutal honesty from the get-go.

Don’t try to appease them with false promises because they absolutely hate that. Make an honest case about your relationship; apologize for all your wrongdoings and mistakes, present logical arguments and ensure clear communication.

You might even have to make some sacrifices and compromises if you want your man to come back. Aquarius men have quite a tendency to live by their own rules and sometimes, this trait can affect their relationships.

They can be stubborn sometimes. But that doesn’t mean they won’t sit down for a civil discussion and hear you out. You have to give them enough space and time to think about the scenario.

Aquarius always come back, but you have to make some serious efforts and step out of your comfort zone to make that happen.

Aquarius disappears and comes back too, and it might confuse you, but don’t worry, it’s quite normal. They can go back and forth a lot, perhaps because they are confused or uncertain about what to do.

Dating an Aquarius man can be a challenging experience, but it’s also beautiful at the same time, given their kind and caring nature.

So, be assured that it’s worth all your time, efforts, and patience to win an Aquarius man after a breakup. Just don’t become too emotional; give your man all the space and time that he needs to come back.

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