9 Signs a Gemini Man is Using You

Updated March 13, 2023
9 Signs a Gemini Man is Using You

It’s difficult to tell if a Gemini man is using you at the beginning of a relationship. The signs will be more evident if you’ve been together for a while.

If your Gemini man shows many of these signs over an extended period, he might be using you!

A Gemini man might not open up early in a relationship, and he might sometimes act selfishly or be secretive. He should get more open over time, though. He should start caring more about your needs.

If your Gemini man is constantly canceling on you, crossing your boundaries, and lying to you, he might be using you. If he seriously cared about you, he’d respect you more.

A Gemini man who is using you might seem secretive and insincere. He’ll tell you one thing, then do another. You won’t be able to trust or rely on him.

1. He Cancels On You Constantly

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a Gemini man is using you. One or two signs, or showing a sign temporarily, doesn’t always mean he’s using you for sure.

A Gemini man who isn’t using you might cancel on you now and then, so canceling one or two dates is not a red flag. Your Gemini man might be using you if he constantly cancels on you, especially when it’s important.

If your Gemini man is using you, he’ll only care about sticking to plans when it’s convenient for him. He’ll be fine with canceling at the last minute or just not showing up if something more exciting comes along.

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2. He Never Opens Up

A Gemini man hiding his feelings is common, so don’t be worried if a Gemini man won’t open up when you’re first getting to know one another. He’ll have difficulty opening up at the beginning of your relationship too.

If you two have been together for a long time and your Gemini man refuses to try opening up, something is wrong. He might be using you.

When a Gemini man loves you, he’ll want to open up to you. Even if it’s difficult, he’ll make an effort. If your Gemini man has no desire to open up to you, then something is wrong.

Talk to your Gemini man if it seems he’s closing himself off. This isn’t always a sign he’s using you, especially by itself.

If he cares about you, your Gemini man will try to open up more. He will tell you what’s wrong and try to improve. If he’s using you, he won’t change his behavior.

3. He Crosses Boundaries

Will a Gemini man play you? Unfortunately, some of them will. If your Gemini man constantly crosses boundaries and disrespects you, that’s a sign he might be playing you.

Most Gemini men are good about respecting boundaries if you make them explicitly clear. Your Gemini man won’t want to cross your boundaries and hurt you on purpose if he cares about you.

A Gemini man who is using you might push your boundaries, though. He may purposely try to see where the line is or see if you’ll let him cross them completely. He won’t avoid certain things just because you asked him to.

Talk to him if your Gemini man seems to be always crossing your boundaries. If it’s an honest mistake, he’ll apologize and try to make it up to you. If he’s using you, he’ll keep crossing them.

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4. He’s Dishonest

Many Gemini men have issues with exaggerating or bending the truth, but most try to be honest with the people they care about.

A Gemini man who loves you will be truthful with you. He’ll show you the real him, and he’ll have no issue being honest with you, even if it’s not always easy.

Many Gemini men have no desire to deceive others on purpose. A Gemini man who is using you will be dishonest with you, though. He won’t care about telling you the truth if he doesn’t want to.

A Gemini man who is using you will have no issue lying to you. He’ll make something up if he doesn’t want to tell you where he’s going. If he needs to tell you what you want to hear to get something, he’ll do it easily.

If you constantly catch your Gemini man in a lie, he might be using you. Even if he’s not, there’s clearly something wrong if he has no problem lying to you.

5. He Doesn’t Care About Your Needs

One of the obvious signs a Gemini man is using you is that he doesn’t care about your needs. A Gemini man who loved you would do his best to make sure your needs were being met.

One of the signs a Gemini man is serious about you is that he will try to take care of your needs. He’ll prioritize you and the relationship he has with you. He doesn’t take your relationship seriously if he always puts himself first and completely ignores your needs.

Your Gemini man might not be able to prioritize you all the time, and he’ll make sure his own needs are met, but he won’t completely ignore your needs if he cares about you. If he is ignoring your needs entirely, he is probably using you.

A Gemini man who cares about you will listen if you tell him your needs aren’t being met. One who is using you will likely brush you off and act like he doesn’t care.

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6. He’s Secretive

One of the signs a Gemini man is playing you is that he’s incredibly secretive, even when it seems like he has no reason to be.

A Gemini man will typically tell you if he doesn’t want to talk about something or isn’t comfortable revealing specific details. He’ll also usually be open about where he’s going and what he’s doing.

A Gemini man who isn’t using you might get annoyed if you constantly message to ask who’s he with and where he is, but he’ll honestly have no reason to hide those things from you. He’ll let you know what’s going on if you need to know.

When a Gemini man is done with you, he might not let you know immediately. If he’s suddenly secretive and showing other signs as well, your Gemini man might just be using you until he’s ready to break up.

7. He’s Insincere

Gemini men can be a little overboard with their flattery and know how to turn the charm up, but they try to sincerely show the people they care about how much they love them.

A Gemini man who cares about you will have many things he genuinely likes about you. When he compliments you, you can trust he’s telling the truth. He won’t just say what he thinks you want to hear.

A Gemini man who is using you might not like that many things about you. If he needs to compliment you to get something out of you, he will. He won’t be sincere, though.

You’ll be able to tell when a Gemini man’s heart isn’t in his words. He might give you generic compliments or only compliment you when you are fishing for compliments.

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8. He Ignores You

If your Gemini man constantly ignores you, even when you two are supposed to spend time together, he might be using you.

A Gemini man might get distracted now and then, even if he cares about you. He might accidentally ignore a text or seem spacey when you’re talking to him if he’s upset about something. He won’t always ignore you on purpose, though.

When a Gemini man is using you, he’ll ignore you unless he needs something from you. He won’t care what you say and will probably sit there on his phone while you’re talking to him.

He won’t answer your calls or texts. Your Gemini man might only reach out or give you any attention when he wants to ask you for something.

If your Gemini man can’t give you the time of day unless he wants something, then he’s using you. He’d want to spend time with you and talk to you if he cared!

9. He’s Flaky

If you’re in a relationship with a Gemini man, you can expect some flakiness from him. A Gemini man who cares about you will do his best not to flake on you constantly.

When your Gemini man loves you, he’ll try to be someone you can rely on. He’ll remember important dates like your birthday and anniversary. He’ll stick to the plans he makes with you unless he genuinely has to reschedule.

You should be able to rely on your Gemini man. If you are in a committed relationship, he should be there for you when you need him. If he’s not, he might not take your relationship as seriously as you do.

If you want to beat a Gemini man at his own game, flake on him just as much. See how it makes him feel when you’re untrustworthy and unreliable.

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