What Happens When a Gemini Man is Upset?

Published February 14, 2023
What Happens When a Gemini Man is Upset?

You won’t always know when a Gemini man is upset. It might be obvious sometimes, but he’ll completely hide it other times.

Gemini men don’t always deal with their emotions well. Some will try to cover them up, while others will lash out and become moody.

Your Gemini man might distance himself when upset. He may be quieter than usual and want to be left alone, especially if he’s upset about something you did.

A Gemini man may also pretend he’s okay. He might refuse to tell you what is wrong or say he doesn’t want to talk about it. He might not ask for help or support even if it’s clear he’s struggling.

On the other hand, a Gemini man might also seem incredibly moody. If he refuses to acknowledge his feelings, he may also lash out eventually.

He Distances Himself

How long does a Gemini man stay mad? Most of the time, a Gemini man won’t be upset for long. He will likely distance himself temporarily and return once he’s feeling better.

Your Gemini man might distance himself emotionally while upset, but he may also physically distance himself. He might need space away from you, depending on why he’s upset.

A Gemini man might distance himself from you even if he’s not upset at you. Sometimes, he distances himself from everyone when upset, regardless of why he’s upset.

Your Gemini friend might distance himself if he doesn’t feel like he can go to you for support, or your Gemini partner might distance himself because he doesn’t want you to have to deal with him while he’s “in a mood.”

You can offer support if your Gemini man is distant and you think it’s because he’s upset. Don’t force anything on him, though. Sometimes, he won’t stop being distant until he feels better.

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He Goes Quiet

How do you tell if a Gemini man is upset? Sometimes when he’s upset, he’ll go very quiet. This will likely be one of the first things you notice because Gemini men are always talking!

If your Gemini man doesn’t seem as talkative as usual, he might be upset about something. This will be especially obvious if you’re with him in person and he’s quiet.

When a Gemini man is upset, he might not have the same energy for interaction that he usually does. He might not be in the mood for socializing if something makes him sad.

If your Gemini man suddenly goes quiet after an argument, he’s upset about that. You might have hurt his feelings if he went quiet after you made a specific comment.

Your Gemini man won’t seem as loud and social as usual when upset. He might avoid chatting with everyone at a party or go completely silent in a group chat instead of constantly replying like he usually does.

He Wants To Be Alone

What happens when a Gemini man is hurt by someone he loves? Instead of dealing with the issue head-on, he might want to be alone. He may need time to calm down, or he might want to be alone until the issue resolves itself.

Gemini men don’t always want company when they’re upset. If you upset your Gemini man, he might want some time away from you. He may want to be alone even if you’re not the reason he’s upset, though.

Some Gemini men don’t like showing “negative” emotions in front of others. Your Gemini man might hide out in his room if he’s angry or sad because he doesn’t want to bother other people with his feelings.

Being alone sometimes makes a Gemini man feel better, but other times it can just worsen things. It all depends on why he is upset!

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He Might Pretend He’s Fine

How does a Gemini man act when upset? A Gemini man will likely act in a variety of ways. One thing he might do is pretend like everything is fine even when it isn’t.

Some Gemini men will put on a smile no matter what. A Gemini man might hide away when upset, but he might also go out like usual and pretend everything is okay.

You might see a Gemini man out partying right after a bad breakup. This doesn’t mean he’s okay or that he’s already over it! It just means he’s refusing to acknowledge his feelings.

You can’t always trust a Gemini man to tell you how he feels. You might see a Gemini man out at a bar, laughing and joking around, even when he’s feeling broken up inside.

If you know your Gemini man well, you’ll probably be able to tell that he isn’t okay. He still may insist that everything is alright, though. There is usually nothing you can do about that if he won’t deal with his emotions.

He May Seem Moody

One of the signs a Gemini man is upset is that he’ll suddenly seem moody out of nowhere. Some Gemini men will hide their emotions, but others can’t help their mood swings.

Your Gemini man might be moodier around you if he’s comfortable with you. If he doesn’t feel like he has to hide his emotions, you may notice that he’s far moodier with you than anyone else!

A Gemini man might be moody if he refuses to acknowledge his emotions. If he never addresses things when upset, those feelings might not go away on their own, and they will bleed out no matter what he does.

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He Won’t Want To Talk About It

A Gemini man likely won’t want to talk about why he’s upset, at least not at first. If you two are incredibly close, he may open up eventually. He won’t always want to talk about things, though.

Gemini men might love to talk, but they don’t usually enjoy talking about how they feel! A Gemini man would rather move on with his life than sit around and dwell on why he feels upset.

If you want to apologize to a Gemini man, but he doesn’t want to talk about why he’s upset, you can try apologizing with a gift or in another way that doesn’t involve discussing what happened.

Most of the time, a Gemini man will find that talking about things does make him feel better. He’ll often try to avoid doing so anyway!

He Won’t Ask For Help

What makes a Gemini man sad? It can be challenging to figure that out sometimes. He won’t always reach out for help or support when upset. He’ll try to deal with it by himself.

Gemini men are not always good at asking for help, especially when it comes to emotional things. They don’t want to feel like they’re bothering anyone or spreading their bad mood around!

Your Gemini man will likely try to handle things himself when he’s upset. He won’t ask for a shoulder to cry on unless things legitimately aren’t getting better.

You can offer support when your Gemini man is upset, but that doesn’t always mean he’ll take you up on your offer. You might have to spend a lot of time with him before he’s comfortable with that.

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He’ll Distract Himself

Sometimes when a Gemini man is upset, he will try to distract himself until the emotions fade on their own. He won’t always actually address why he’s upset.

A Gemini man might go to a party when he’s upset. He may reach out to a friend, but he won’t talk about what’s wrong or even tell them he’s sad. He’ll ask them to hang out and do something fun instead.

Sometimes, distraction is what a Gemini man needs. Going out with friends or doing one of his favorite hobbies might be all he needs to cheer up, and he won’t actually have to talk about what is wrong.

Other times, the distraction will just be temporary. A Gemini man going through a hard time will become upset all over again as soon as the distraction is gone.

He Might Lash Out

What happens when a Gemini man is mad at you? If he doesn’t deal with his emotions correctly, he might lash out at some point.

Your Gemini man might ignore it when you first upset him. He might try to pretend like everything is fine or distance himself. If he never deals with the issue, though, he might end up lashing out.

Upsetting a Gemini man won’t always be a big deal. He might get over it quickly, but other times his emotions will build up. Just because he pretends it’s okay doesn’t mean it is!

If a Gemini man lashes out, he’s probably been upset for a while! He’s likely been holding everything inside, and he can’t take it any longer.

A Gemini man isn’t going to lash out over a minor inconvenience or insensitive comment if everything else in his life is fine. If your Gemini man suddenly gets emotional or angry about a little thing, he’s probably been upset for a long time.

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