How to React to a Gemini Man Silent Treatment

Updated November 20, 2022
How to React to a Gemini Man Silent Treatment

A Gemini man silent treatment is not always cause for alarm. Often, what is mistaken for a Gemini man ignoring you is actually him being busy.

Yet if he’s really ignoring you on purpose, it is a red flag. Geminis love to communicate.

“Why has a Gemini man stopped texting me?” You may ask yourself this if he hasn’t responded in a few days. Before becoming alarmed, however, give him a week or two.

Gemini men love to talk. But they don’t always love to talk to the same person all the time. Even when he loves you, a Gemini man becomes bored easily.

He needs to spread his attention around and communicate with different people. If he’s gone silent, there are a variety of reasons and things you can do about it.

Give Him a Break

A Gemini man giving mixed signals is common. This is because he’s highly adaptable and can actually think of all the different sides of an issue at once. When he likes you, he examines the relationship in this complicated way as well. Sometimes, a Gemini man running hot and cold just needs space.

If it seems he’s ignoring you, he may just be busy contemplating whether or not he really wants to be in the relationship long term. He may have finally started to surrender to his feelings and this can scare a Gemini man. Give him a chance to sort through his feelings on his own.

Go with the distance. Let him ignore you for a bit. Give your Gemini man some downtime to engage in his hobbies or talk to other friends. At some point, if he really cares about you, he’ll start to miss you. This will send him running back to you. But in order to get to this point he needs to be give lots of breathing room.

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Keep Yourself Occupied

In order to stave off boredom or keep yourself from chasing him, it can be best to keep yourself busy. This also has the added benefit of giving you new and exciting things to talk about when your Gemini guy reaches out to you again.

When a Gemini man’s distancing himself, it is his way of communicating that he is not feeling as enticed by whatever conversation or connection you have together. This may not be a bad sign, it’s not always an attempt to end the relationship. It could just be an indicator that you need to spice things up a bit more.

Sometimes the best way to capture his attention is to keep yourself busy and fill your life with exciting new hobbies and interests. He loves to learn new things and giving him new things to discover about you because you’ve been so busy while he was quiet is a great way to keep the relationship fresh.

Another benefit of keeping yourself busy while he’s quiet is that when he first reaches out to you, you may not even notice it. This gives him the message that you are not waiting around for him and that your time and attention are valuable. This way, he’ll be more likely to take communication with you seriously.

Have Fun with Friends

When a Gemini man disappears don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what’s going on in his mind. The truth is, he may be bored, angry, upset or just fascinated with a new hobby. Instead of putting all of your attention into decoding his thought process, go out with friends and catch up.

This serves a few important purposes. First and foremost, you get to reconnect with the people you care about and the energy of a day or night out with your pals can be rejuvenating. It can also shift your perspective in important ways so that you aren’t stressing over your suddenly silent Gemini guy.

Also, Gemini men love social engagements and are highly attracted to people who are popular and often out with friends. Don’t primarily reconnect with your friends for him, though. Do it for you and for your friendships. Go to exciting and fun places. Take plenty of pictures to post online of how much fun you are having together.

Give yourself a break from thinking about him and grab lunch with people you haven’t seen in a while. This can lift your spirits and will also help to nurture you in the time that your Gemini man isn’t around.

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Learn New Things

When a Gemini man ignores you, consider all the interests you’ve been ignoring. Sign up for a class or workshop. Dedicate your time to learning new things. Again, the primary reason for doing this is because it gives new energy and excitement to your life. A secondary gain, however, is that it will spark an interest from him.

Gemini men love to feed their minds. When you post online about a new class you’ve enrolled in or share pictures of the watercolor paintings you are in the process of completing, he’ll take notice. He’ll become engrossed and interested because you are bringing some new information into your life.

Gemini men are drawn to intellectual and creative energy like moths to fire. The more you can demonstrate that you are feeding your mind, the better. Learn a new language or develop a new skill even farther. It may still be a few days before he reaches out but when he does, you’ll have new information to share with him.

Post Exciting Photos Online

If you’re wondering what to do when a Gemini man pulls away, the best thing you can do is tempt him to reconnect but in subtle ways. Gemini men are enticed by pictures and graphics as much as they are by words. If you fill your newsfeed with exciting or funny pictures, he’ll take note.

He may start following you more closely even if he’s still quiet. If each photo shows you in a new setting or with different friends doing fun things, he’ll start to get the urge to reach out to you because it will look like you’re having a great time.

Leave clues through these visual hints but don’t tell the whole story. If you do, there will be no reason for him to follow up with you and ask where the amazing pictures were taken or what you were suddenly doing two states away from home.

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Text Him Fun Facts

A no contact rule with a Gemini man is best at least for a week or two. If you get beyond that point and he hasn’t contacted you, then you’ve got a choice to make. If you leave him alone, he may resume communication at some later point. This can also be a key time to decide whether it is worth pursuing him or not.

It’s likely he’s not interested if he lets this much time go by without contacting you. If you’re still set on communicating with him, however, the best way to do it is to text him some interesting trivia that reminds you of him.

Send a brief message about a fun fact you just learned that relates to his hobbies or interests in some ways. Then step back and give him time to respond. Don’t continually text him even if you’ve found yet more information that you think he will be interested in. Wait for him to respond first before engaging him further.

Text Minimally

When you text a Gemini man who has been giving you the silent treatment, do so minimally and sparingly. If there is a conflict to resolve, don’t continually text him your point of view in an effort to change his mind. Instead, send a message indicating that you want to make peace and be friends and ask to talk to him in person or on the phone.

Whatever you do, keep your communication brief. Usually, Gemini men love to engage in long winded conversations. Yet when he’s been quiet, it is a signal that something is off or he doesn’t have the typical time or attention to give you. Respect his space by not sending lengthy text messages.

If you are wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, you may need to look at the situation surrounding his sudden silent treatment. If he only made contact when the topic was sex or hooking up and he goes silent otherwise, it is a sign he’s not really interested in a relationship.

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Act Unfazed

One of the worst things you can do when a Gemini man goes quiet is to pour your heart out to him suddenly. If you instead act unconcerned and unfazed you’ll have a better chance of getting his attention back.

When a Gemini man feels you’re too emotionally attached to him, he’ll panic. He will naturally start to distance himself from you. The antidote to this is to give him space and act like you don’t care quite as much as you do. This reassures him that the relationship won’t consume him.

Often, acting unfazed by the change in his attention will do the trick and reassure him that he can resume communication with you. He’s usually afraid of feeling suffocated if he thinks things are moving too fast.

Talk to His Friends

Blocking a Gemini man seldom works. It just makes him think you don’t like him. It’s not worth the hurt feelings and potential complications, especially if he was only taking some breathing room for a short time in the first place.

If you’re wondering how to make a Gemini man think about you, try to inadvertently get his attention by communicating with his friends. Do this in as subtle a way as possible. If there is one thing a Gemini man won’t tolerate it is feeling like you are using his friends to get to him.

Be careful about your approach, but if you and your Gemini man have mutual friends, chat with them and catch up. Don’t focus on your Gemini man during the conversation. Instead, drop a few interesting hints about what you’ve been up to. Trust that they will bring up talking to you when they are in contact with your Gemini love interest.

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Make Him Curious

Gemini men are naturally inquisitive and curious. One of the best ways to attract their attention is to trigger this sense of curiosity. Leave hints on social media or in texts that warrant him following up with you.

Be vague but interesting. Give him a reason to want to follow up with you. A Gemini man who is curious about what is going on in your life will be compelled to drop you a line and ask how you are doing. Use this to your advantage but be subtle at first.

Remember to be patient as well. A Gemini man who has gone silent may be busy or overwhelmed. Getting his attention and making him curious can help bring him back into contact with you but it also takes time for him to respond. If you contact him to drop interesting hints, don’t do so frequently.

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