How to Play Mind Games With a Gemini Man

Updated November 10, 2022
How to Play Mind Games With a Gemini Man

If you want to beat a Gemini man at mind games, you need to learn what intrigues him and how to get under his skin.

How can you mess with this zodiac sign’s head?

Perhaps you are trying to get revenge on your Gemini ex by playing mind games, or maybe you want to confuse him or make him pay more attention to you.

If you want to know how to play a Gemini man at his own game, you have to understand how his mind works.

By learning more about his astrological sign’s typical behaviors and psychological characteristics, you will know just how to play mind games with a Gemini man and win.

Make Him Jealous

Whether you want to hurt his feelings or make him pursue you harder, making a Gemini man jealous is the perfect mind game to torture him.

Gemini isn’t necessarily a very jealous sign, but a Gemini guy can be territorial. If you’re dating him or you used to be in a relationship, he won’t like seeing you with another man.

He gets especially jealous of men that possess the traits he prides himself on. For example, if he considers himself a good dresser, he will get very jealous when he sees you on the arm of a stylish guy.

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man chase you and mess with his mind at the same time, flirt with someone else in front of him or show him that another man is interested in you.

A Gemini guy likes a little bit of light-hearted jealousy within a relationship to keep things spicy, as long as you are faithful to him.

And if you’re trying to hurt him after a breakup or play with his feelings, seeing you with someone else will surely bother him.

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Lie to Him

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that encapsulates the distinctive qualities of that sign. Gemini is one of the only signs with humans instead of an animal or mythical creature as its symbol.

Gemini is represented by the twins, which tells us that the typical Gemini personality is complex and multi-faceted.

Since there are two sides to every Gemini, a Gemini guy often gets a reputation as being two-faced or duplicitous.

He is an excellent liar when he wants to be, and he can even deceive himself because of his dual nature.

You can beat a Gemini man at his own game by lying to him. Trick him into believing something you know to be untrue.

You could also contradict yourself so often that your Gemini man’s head spins trying to keep up with you.

Make him trust you, then abruptly switch to being dishonest and manipulative. When you make him question his reality, it messes with a Gemini guy’s mind.

Run Hot and Cold

As the zodiac sign of the twins, a Gemini man can be quite temperamental and mercurial.

His mood changes often, swinging wildly from one emotion to the next. He could be happy and calm one second and then suddenly switch to being angry and irritable.

It can be hard to tolerate when your Gemini man is giving mixed signals, and it’s something he does a lot because it’s part of his astrological sign’s nature.

But a Gemini man hates being bored, so he actually enjoys it when someone else messes with his mind by running as hot and cold as he does.

What makes a Gemini man chase a woman is when he can’t quite figure her out and he has to work for her attention.

You can play mind games with your Gemini man by being affectionate and loving one moment, then cold and aloof the next.

He will drive himself crazy trying to get your attention and figure out how your mind works, so give your Gemini guy a taste of his own medicine by running hot and cold.

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Ignore Him

One of a Gemini man’s favorite mind games to play is disappearing suddenly. He might smother you with affection one day, only to ignore your calls the next.

Or, if he is trying to phase you out of his life, he will engage with you less and less frequently until you have no contact with him at all.

If your Gemini man is distancing himself and messing with your head, you can retaliate by ignoring him back.

Don’t chase after him and try desperately to get him to talk to you. Instead, wait patiently until he decides to pop back into your life.

Gemini is a very indecisive and fickle sign, so even if he disappears, a Gemini man is likely to return.

When he comes back and wants your attention again, don’t give it to him. He will be puzzled when you won’t give him the time of day.

Look Your Best Around Him

Gemini is a very visual and fashionable sign, so a Gemini man likes it when a woman dresses well and isn’t afraid to stand out.

If you want to know how to attract a Gemini man, you should strive to always look your best. Be put-together and stylish, and don’t shy away from a quirky or unusual outfit.

When you look amazing around him, it messes with your Gemini man’s head because he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

You will distract him so much that he can’t help but try to talk to you and win your affection. When you’re the best-dressed woman in the room, a Gemini guy will want to be by your side.

It especially plays with his mind if you look incredible but won’t give him the time of day, so feel free to ignore your Gemini guy while rocking an awesome outfit.

If you are wondering what to wear to attract a Gemini man and make him go crazy, you should consider his zodiac sign’s power colors.

Every astrological sign has certain colors that attract and empower that sign. The colors associated with Gemini are yellow and green.

Wear a neon yellow dress or an emerald green top to catch your Gemini man’s eye. Accessorize with glittery gold jewelry, or paint your nails a mint green hue.

Just make sure that your look stands out in a crowd, and you are sure to get in your Gemini man’s head and make him go wild for you.

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Don’t Prioritize Him

Although a Gemini man isn’t very reliable, he tries harder to be dependable for the people he loves the most.

If it feels like he’s not putting you first, it’s not necessarily one of the signs a Gemini man doesn’t like you.

He has so many projects and people in his life to juggle that it’s hard for him to make one person his priority all the time.

But while he struggles to make you feel like the most important thing in his life, he still expects you to prioritize him.

You can play mind games with your Gemini guy and teach him a lesson by neglecting him the same way he neglects others.

Put yourself, your work, your friends, and anything else in your life before him, and put him at the bottom of your list of priorities.

If he complains that you’re not paying enough attention to him or that you’re always too busy to see him, point out how he does the same thing.

When he sees that you are giving him a taste of his own medicine by making him feel unimportant and insignificant, it will blow your Gemini man’s mind.

Hide Your Feelings

One of the reasons that a Gemini man is so good at lying is because the sign of the twins is good at hiding things.

He is especially uncomfortable with sharing his deepest emotions and darkest feelings, so he usually keeps this side hidden away.

He might conceal part of himself from everyone, but he expects others to be honest and open with him. If you want to know how to make a Gemini man happy, let your guard down and share your feelings.

Be vulnerable and honest about how you feel, and encourage him to share his emotions with you, as well.

But if you want to play mind games with him, hold part of yourself back and hide your feelings.

You can drive a Gemini man wild by being passive-aggressive and expecting him to figure out how you’re feeling without opening up to him.

Don’t tell him when you’re upset and don’t let him celebrate with you when you’re happy. Leave him in the dark when it comes to your emotions, and make him guess what you’re thinking.

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Tease Him

Gemini is a very light-hearted and humorous sign, so one of a Gemini man’s flirting techniques is playful teasing.

He might poke fun at your outfit, your hair, or anything else about you to show that he notices you and wants to get your attention.

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man think about you when you’re not around, tease him mercilessly.

Poke him back when he makes fun of you, and take the teasing a little too far. When you turn the playful teasing into real insults, it will mess with your Gemini man’s mind.

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