How do You Make a Gemini Man Laugh?

Updated June 20, 2023

If you want to make a Gemini man laugh, you’ve got to understand his unique personality.

Gemini men love intellectual humor including puns, word play and witty jokes.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, you’ve got to pay attention to how he engages with you. Gemini men love to joke and talk.

If he’s mostly quiet or doesn’t respond to your jokes, it’s a bad sign. He usually is quick to laugh at just about any joke even if it’s not that funny.

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man think about you, you’ve got to stand out. Make sure he sees you as a cut above the rest.

Be Witty

If you want to know how to surprise a Gemini man, you’ve got to keep him slightly off guard.

When you keep him guessing by using words with double meanings or dropping hints for him to follow, he’ll pay attention. Gemini men love it when women are witty and intellectual.

If you use your wit and intelligence when talking with a Gemini man, he’ll be entranced with you. A Gemini man needs to see that you are mentally flexible.

Often, humor involves surprising him by seeing a situation in several different ways. This is one of his favorite types of humor.

You can make a Gemini man laugh when you surprise him with an unusual perspective. You can make a Gemini man laugh by surprising him with witty comments.

He appreciates satire and social criticism and also loves the wit that comes from snarky comments. Just be surer to not aim these sarcastic statements at him directly.

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Explore Word Play

A Gemini man secretly in love will laugh at almost any joke you make because it gives him an excuse to feel his spirits are lifted as he enjoys your company.

As the sign of the messenger and communicator, his favorite jokes involve language and word play.

A Gemini man finds it hysterical when words are used in unusual ways or used to convey double meaning.

A Gemini man will use word play to drop jokes into everyday conversations. If you’re savvy and pick up on his humor, he’ll be pleased. If you don’t, he may conclude you’re not right for him.

If you play his own game and use words strategically to be suggestive, flirty and also funny, you can entice a Gemini man and win his heart. The more you play with word meanings the more you can appeal to a Gemini’s sense of humor.

Share Puns

A Gemini man who is not interested will avoid you no matter how much you make him laugh.

One of the best ways to appeal to a Gemini man’s sense of humor is to share puns with him. When you appeal to a Gemini man’s sense of humor in this silly manner, he’ll be smitten with you.

Gemini men love puns and they don’t care how childish or silly their jokes may seem. When a Gemini man hears you making puns, no matter how obvious or bad, he will laugh hysterically.

If puns aren’t really your thing, it could be worth while to do your homework and read up on some popular or lesser-known puns online.

If you have a few puns and similar jokes in your repertoire, you can impress a Gemini man and get him to laugh.

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Make Fun of Celebrities

Gemini men love to follow popular culture. They may not be outright celebrity worshippers, but they love celebrity gossip. Use your sense of humor to make fun of celebrities and you can make a Gemini man laugh.

What does a Gemini man like in a woman? He likes it when a woman has a good sense of humor.

He will enjoy jokes about over the top celebrities as well as the rich and famous. When celebrities flaunt their eccentric lifestyles, try to find good natured humor in their escapades.

Unless you know your Gemini man well, avoid making jokes about people going through tragic situations.

Gemini men prefer to be upbeat and optimistic and while some enjoy dark humor, it’s best to avoid laughing at the expense of others in order to impress a Gemini man.

Joke about Politics

When you see signs a Gemini man likes you, you can use political jokes to try to make him laugh.

He’s not usually offended even if you tease him about his own political affiliation. Yet he is usually quick to find the humor in situations related to the drama or politics.

Gemini men have a gift of seeing every situation from multiple angles. Even if they have strong political opinions, they can usually see the different perspectives they don’t agree with.

When you joke about politics with a Gemini man, he will see this as intelligent humor. He enjoys laughing at the absurdities and hypocrisy of political issues as well.

When a Gemini man hears you joke about politics, he’ll also assume your intelligence and sense of humor are more sophisticated than the average person.

He’ll be more enamored with you because of your intelligence and knowledge of current events as well as your ability to find humor in serious situations.

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Laugh at Yourself

If you see signs a Gemini man is attracted to you, you may want to think of ways to impress him. Yet Gemini men aren’t as appearance driven as other men. They care more about whether you are smart, easy to talk to, and know how to have fun.

If you prove to a Gemini man that you can laugh at yourself, he will be more likely to laugh along with you. He will enjoy your joking and humor if you are humble about your accomplishments.

At the same time, it is important to not use self-defeating humor to fish for compliments.

If a Gemini man gets the impression that you are trying to make him compliment you, he’ll become frustrated with this process. He’ll start to see you as too high maintenance.

Laugh at Absurdities

When you see signs a Gemini man doesn’t like you, you may try to use your sense of humor to win him over. Sometimes this can work, but the key is to not try too hard to change his mind. Gemini men are smart and they know when they’re being manipulated.

If you can act nonchalant and not take life too seriously, you have a better chance at getting his attention.

Laugh at life’s absurdities and you are likely to warm his heart. When you’re walking down the street or driving together, point out the illogical things people do and joke about the idiosyncrasies in human nature.

If you work together, make jokes about silly company policies or rules. This lets him know that you are perceptive and clever.

He’ll be impressed by your ability to notice mundane details but also your ability to find the humor in daily life situations.

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Be Silly

For all their intelligence, Gemini men in relationships can act like grown up children. They never lose their silly sense of humor. If you can become playful and childlike at times, you can appeal to a Gemini man’s sense of humor.

As much as he enjoys intellectual humor, he will still laugh at the same jokes about bodily functions that amused him in grade school.

When a Gemini man is in a silly mood, anything goes. He may find it humorous to dress in bizarre costumes or imitate famous people. If you use silly humor with a Gemini man, he’ll appreciate it.

This can make him a big fan of novelty gag gifts as well. If he’s got a birthday coming up, getting him a gift that is also a practical joke or novelty can not only make him laugh but will be a constant reminder of you.

When it comes to movies for date night, Gemini men love movies that teach them something. But they also enjoy films that are irreverent or silly in some way. Their tastes in offbeat and silly films can surprise you.

Use Dry Humor

One of a Gemini man’s favorite things to laugh at is a joke that only he understands. If you have a deadpan sense of humor that goes over others’ heads, count on a Gemini guy to get the joke and be amused by it.

A Gemini man doesn’t need a joke to be obvious. He’s clever enough to pick up on subtle humor and dry jokes.

Sometimes he likes this form of humor because it takes a sharp intellect to read between the lines and understand that a jokes was being made in the first place.

This makes a Gemini man feel special. Though he’s not usually an elitist, he does pride himself on his intelligence. Dry humor amuses him and also makes him feel like he’s ahead of everyone else who didn’t get the joke.

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Be Satirical

For the most part, Gemini men love to use humor to remain optimistic and they avoid negativity. Yet a Gemini man will indulge in some harsh criticisms of society when done in the form of satire.

He loves jokes that bring up injustices and absurdities drawing on satire. Gemini men can have a snarky side that they balance with their light and playful personality.

Some Gemini men love to laugh at satirical jokes or writing, so you can also text him links to satirical content you find on the internet. He especially loves satire aimed at politics, social norms or pop culture.

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