Is Your Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings?

Published January 24, 2023
Is Your Gemini Man Hiding His Feelings?

A Gemini man hiding his feelings is common. Gemini men sometimes seem like open books, but they really aren’t.

Gemini men hide their true feelings behind smiles and charm. They may also hide feelings of love by avoiding the person they’re interested in!

Gemini men hide all kinds of feelings. They might pretend to be okay when they’re sad or angry. A Gemini man might hide his interest in someone if he’s not ready for them to know about it too.

Depending on what he’s hiding, a Gemini man might act in various ways. He might play hot and cold if he’s trying to hide that he likes you. He may avoid eye contact around you or seem secretive and conflicted.

A Gemini man’s behavior won’t always make sense when trying to hide his true feelings from you.

He Seems Conflicted

Does a Gemini man show his feelings easily? Many Gemini men do not. Some have trouble expressing genuine emotions and may seem conflicted when trying to hide them.

Your Gemini man might want to reveal his feelings to you but be unsure about doing so. He might seem confused or agitated around you if he’s having trouble expressing himself.

Your Gemini man might sometimes seem like he’s about to tell you something, then go unusually quiet. He may start answering a question, then change the subject. He may honestly seem confused when he’s around you sometimes if he’s unsure of his feelings.

A Gemini man might want to reveal his feelings to you but be conflicted. His struggle will be apparent when you’re around him, especially if you know him well.

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He Avoids Eye Contact

Do Gemini men lie about their feelings? Some of them have no issue doing so. You might be able to tell when your Gemini man is lying to you, though.

If you ask a Gemini man how he’s doing and he says everything is fine, but he avoids looking directly at you, he might be lying.

If someone asks a Gemini man if he has a crush on anyone and he won’t look at them when he says he doesn’t, then he probably does have a crush.

A Gemini man’s eye contact is strong and consistent. Gemini men flirt with their eyes, and they are good about focusing on whoever they’re talking to. If your Gemini man is hiding his eyes, he might also be hiding his feelings.

Your Gemini man might also avoid eye contact if he’s nervous around you. That is a definite sign that he has feelings for you, even if he tries to deny it!

He’s Hot & Cold

Why does a Gemini man hide his feelings? He might be unsure of how he feels. He might also hide his feelings because he’s unsure how you feel. If your Gemini man seems like he’s always hot and cold with you, he might be hiding something.

Your Gemini man friend might be warm and affectionate with you the way he usually is, then completely pull back because he thinks you might start to notice his feelings for you.

A Gemini man who is confused about his feelings will be hot and cold too. He might be sure he loves you one minute, then question himself the next. His behavior toward you will reflect that.

If your Gemini man is hiding his feelings, he might start to distance himself from you if he thinks you might figure out how he feels. If somebody points out that he’s been more affectionate with you lately, he’ll stop acting that way.

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He’s Overly Aloof

How does a Gemini man hide his feelings? Some Gemini men hide their feelings by pretending everything is fine and acting happy or carefree. Others hide their feelings by acting more aloof than usual.

If your Gemini man loves you and is trying to pretend like he doesn’t, he might seem colder around you than others. He’ll be incredibly aloof, even if he’s friendly with other people.

Your Gemini friend might be hiding his feelings from you if he suddenly doesn’t want to hang out as much. If you two usually chat a lot and he stops responding as much, it might be because his feelings have changed.

A Gemini man will act like he doesn’t like you if he’s trying to hide his intense feelings for you. He might do this if he’s sure that you don’t return his feelings. It’s one of the ways he tries to protect himself from rejection.

He’s Distant

A Gemini man acting distant could have a number of explanations. He may be acting distant because he’s trying to hide how he feels. Don’t always assume that’s what is going on if this is the only sign he’s showing, though.

Your Gemini man might distance himself emotionally if he’s trying to hide his feelings from you. He’ll stop reaching out even if he usually goes to you for support.

A Gemini man who is hiding his feelings might physically distance himself too. He won’t stand too close to you, especially if he’s trying to make it seem like he doesn’t care much about you.

If you’re friends with your Gemini man, his sudden distance will be concerning. If he keeps insisting everything is fine but remains distant, then he is likely hiding something from you, and he’s afraid you’ll figure it out.

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He Seems Moody

A Gemini man’s personality typically seems pleasant and friendly. Sometimes, that’s just a mask he wears. He’s not always as carefree and happy as he looks.

If your Gemini man seems moody for no reason, it might be because he’s trying to hide his feelings. If he appears irritated or upset, he’s likely been hiding some feelings for a long time and is struggling to continue doing so.

Some Gemini men will become moody as a consequence of bottling up their emotions for too long. A Gemini man being moody doesn’t necessarily mean he’s hiding feelings for you, but he’s definitely hiding some feelings.

If your Gemini man has a crush on you and thinks you don’t return his feelings, he might seem moodier when you’re around. He’ll get upset because he thinks he can’t have the relationship he wants with you.

He’s Secretive

One of the signs a Gemini man is hiding something is that he will seem overly secretive. It will be evident that he’s not telling you the whole truth.

If your Gemini man is usually pretty open with you, it will be more apparent when he’s keeping something secret. If your Gemini friend is suddenly secretive, he might be hiding new feelings for you.

A Gemini man might start sneaking around when he’s hiding his feelings. If he’s in a bad mood and you two live together, you might notice he spends more time in a separate room from you or that he refuses to answer any questions you ask.

If your Gemini man is hiding how much he likes you, he won’t just keep secrets from you. He’ll likely be secretive with his friends too. He won’t want anything getting back to you!

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He Warms Up Occasionally

How do you know if a Gemini man cares about you even when he’s trying to hide it? Some Gemini men won’t be able to help but warm up around the person they like.

If your Gemini man seems warm and affectionate sometimes, even when he’s generally aloof and distant toward you, that might be a sign he is hiding his feelings for you.

One of the signs a Gemini man secretly likes you is that he can’t stop looking at you. He might subconsciously stand closer to you or show signs of affection without meaning to.

Gemini men might try to hide their feelings, but they aren’t always able to. If your Gemini man sometimes seems like he might be warming up to you, that may be a sign he likes you more than he’s letting on.

Your Gemini man won’t always be able to help himself around you. If being around you makes him happy, he may seek you out even if he is trying to hide his feelings.

He Might Avoid You

Sometimes, a Gemini man might take drastic measures to hide his feelings. If he does not want you to know how he feels and has trouble hiding it, he might start to avoid you.

Your Gemini man might realize that his feelings are becoming apparent even when he’s trying to hide them. If he honestly does not want you to know for some reason, he’ll stop hanging around you.

If your Gemini man suddenly starts avoiding you, it’s not always a sign that he doesn’t like you. Sometimes, it’s a sign that he does like you, and he doesn’t want you to know how much he does.

A Gemini man might also avoid you if he’s upset and doesn’t want you to see that. Some Gemini men get embarrassed about their “negative” emotions and will avoid people until they feel better.

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