Do Gemini Men Have a Freaky Side?

Updated November 12, 2022
Do Gemini Men Have a Freaky Side?

A Gemini man’s freaky side can exceed your expectations. He has the ability to dream up all kinds of kinky scenarios.

Yet he won’t show his freaky side unless he believes you are open minded. He doesn’t like to feel alienated.

Wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you? You’ve got to pay attention to how he interacts with you when sex is not the topic for discussion.

Gemini men can be imaginative in the bedroom but will also match your level of kinkiness. If you show that you’re open to freaky things, he’ll match your interests.

Gemini men are mentally flexible and this means they can be open minded about all subjects including sex. Gemini men may be open to experimenting with sexual games in particular.

He’s Inventive

To get a Gemini in bed, a woman has to appreciate his creative and inventive side. Gemini men can be innovative in the bedroom. If you expect him to be satisfied with sexual routines that are boring and predictable you will both likely become disappointed.

A Gemini man is not one to like repetition. He gets bored very easily. In order to appeal to his sexual nature, you will have to embrace his freaky side to some degree. Being inventive in the bedroom helps him to keep things interesting and exciting.

Gemini kinks are usually visual and intellectual. He will become excited by images and by role playing. Gemini men are playful and finding inventive ways to role play in bed can spice up your sex life with a Gemini man.

Even a Gemini man in love needs innovation and mental stimulation. Just as much as physical contact, a Gemini man is aroused by how you inspire his imagination. This can lead him into freaky territory if you show him how creative you can be.

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His Imagination is Freaky

If you want to know how to get a Gemini man to chase you, appeal to his imagination. Much of his freaky side can be unleashed through fun and games. Make seduction into a game or use riddles, puzzles or trivia as part of the seduction process.

Appeal to his desire to visualize what he wants in bed. Strip teases or strip games that prolong the process of disrobing will excite a Gemini man. You can bring out his freaky nature by triggering his imagination. Write erotic stories, songs or poems together.

Create erotic role play situations and let his imagination run wild. A Gemini man also loves to communicate. Sexting with him can bring out his freaky side as well. You can do a lot to excite and seduce a Gemini man just by speaking to him in a sensual voice.

When you encourage him to imagine different freaky scenarios, you’ll be tapping into a core aspect of his desire and passion. A Gemini guy won’t be able to resist letting his guard down and showing his freaky nature when you encourage him to explore sexual fantasies.

He’s Into Voyeurism

Since Gemini men are so imaginative and intellectual, their visual senses are usually heightened. This can translate into a love of voyeurism. Gemini men may be turned on by watching you deriving pleasure, or by watching other couples. A Gemini man may even have a fetish about being a spectator.

He may derive more excitement from watching others from another room or on camera. Erotic movies and magazines can feature into his freaky desires for this reason. He may also have a freaky desire to record his encounters with you or to watch through strategically placed mirrors.

Gemini men often see themselves as directors of a movie, watching scenes from behind a camera rather than experiencing them. When you find innovative ways to recreate this fantasy in your sexual encounters with a Gemini man, you’ll be encouraging him to explore one of his most freaky fetishes.

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He’s Suggestible

In addition to being seduced by vision and imagination, a Gemini man’s erogenous zone includes his ears. Sensual sounds are exciting to a Gemini man and his freaky fetishes may involve talking dirty or using key phrases that turn him on.

Gemini is the sign of communication and languages. He may have a freaky desire to hear you speak in different languages or to whisper close to his ear. Gemini men are suggestible. He can be turned on by hearing you talk about what you want him to do next, for example.

A Gemini man may also have many freaky fantasies that he hasn’t yet acted on. When he hears that you are open to experimenting, he will become eager to practice his fetishes and kinky fantasies with you.

If you’ve been wanting to try something new in bed, a Gemini guy is the best possible person to share these fantasies with. He’s open to just about anything. Even if he’s not willing to explore a certain technique, he’ll discuss it with you. He’ll be the last person to judge you.

He’s Creative in Bed

One of the most common Gemini man traits is his ability to think of different ways to reinvent things and put a new twist on an old tradition. This brand of creativity extends into the bedroom as well. A Gemini man will find it easy to explore freaky things that draw on his creativity.

He usually has a gift for music or the arts and for writing. When his erotic interests play on these gifts, a Gemini man can let loose and show his freaky side to a greater degree. He will be more comfortable revealing his creative and freaky interests if he knows you won’t judge him.

Be mindful of how you talk about sex and kinks in front of a Gemini man. If he hears you kink-shaming other people, he’ll be reluctant to try anything new with you. The more open minded you can be the better.

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He’ll Learn from You

When you see signs a Gemini man is attracted to you, what you’re seeing is that he is drawn to you because he feels he can learn from you. A Gemini man is attracted to women who stimulate him intellectually and who can teach them something new.

For this reason, it may be helpful for you to try to stay a step ahead of him in the bedroom. When you show him that you’re knowledgeable about different freaky and experimental positions and techniques, he’ll be even more excited.

He loves the idea of learning something new in the bedroom. Sex is not just about pleasure, for a Gemini man. It is also about experimentation. He looks at sexual encounters as a pleasure laboratory. Show him that you have new skills and ideas that you want to test out with him and he’ll be all yours.

He’ll Research Freaky Things

When you see signs a Gemini man is falling in love with you, don’t let your sex life get stale. Just because he loves you doesn’t mean he will tolerate complacency. A Gemini man is always out to learn something new. When it comes to sex, he’ll research innovative and freaky things.

A Gemini man may have actually read books like the Kama Sutra and he is not shy about visiting websites that teach new techniques to spice up sexual encounters. He may consider watching erotic material to be “research” and he is not afraid to try to perfect his skills.

Just as he would read, study, practice and refine his skills if he were learning any other subject, a Gemini man will also act like a student of sex. He’ll put his intellectual energy into researching to perfect his performance and this can involve kinky things as well.

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He’s Secretly Freaky

Just because a Gemini man doesn’t expose his freaky side to the world, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. If he doesn’t feel his kinks and desires will be understood, he won’t talk about them. Yet when he feels like he’s appreciated by like-minded people, he may come out with all kinds of fantasies.

A Gemini man can be secretly freaky. He’ll keep his desires quiet until he’s certain he won’t be alienated or rejected because of them. The worst thing a Gemini man can imagine is being alienated as he craves attention and connection with you.

He may keep his fetishes a secret but only because he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t lose his social status. If you have to break the ice and share your kinky desires first, don’t worry. A Gemini man who hears you are open to freaky things will quickly follow suit.

He’s Into Freaky Trends

Gemini men have a gift for becoming aware of trends before the average person. They tend to be on the cutting edge of new things and have their radar attuned to catch new developments and fads. This is also true of sexual and freaky crazes that become popular in the mainstream.

Gemini men want to try anything that is trendy. They can be followers when it comes to popular culture. If there is a trend regarding some form of sexual kinks or experimentation, a Gemini man will want to be involved in exploring this trend.

A Gemini man will try almost anything at least a few times. If he’s not entirely thrilled with a position or technique, he won’t give up right away. He likes to feel like he’s a part of something and trends give him the ability to feel like he’s sharing a communal experience.

He’ll also want to experiment to see if he may be able to grow to like a freaky fetish before giving up on it altogether. Gemini men can be open to freaky ideas promoted by influencers online in particular.

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