Flirt With a Gemini Man by Making Eye Contact

Published January 29, 2023
Flirt With a Gemini Man by Making Eye Contact

A Gemini man’s eye contact can be pretty flirtatious. Using eye contact and other body language is a great way to flirt with him!

You can let your eyes wander when flirting with a Gemini man. Hold his gaze, smile at him, and be a little sultry.

Gemini men love making eye contact when flirting. You can typically tell his intentions by paying attention to his body language. Show him what yours are with your gaze.

Watch your Gemini man across the room, and don’t look away if he catches you. Shoot him a smile and a seductive look. Use other non-verbal communication to drive the point home.

Don’t be afraid of staring too much. You can hold your Gemini man’s gaze, let your eyes wander, and look him up and down all you want when you’re with him!

He Loves Making Eye Contact

When flirting with a Gemini man, eye contact is essential. Your facial expressions and body language sometimes tell him more about your feelings than what you say.

Gemini men are great communicators. They are well-spoken and charming. Eye contact is a huge part of their communication too. A Gemini man will love it when you lock eyes with him while flirting.

Your Gemini man can tell if your heart isn’t really in it when you’re flirting with him based on your expressions. If your eyes look dull and unfocused while he’s talking to you, he’ll think you’re not interested!

He’ll also think you’re not interested in him if your gaze constantly drifts away from him. Make eye contact, or at least make it clear you’re looking at him, to show your Gemini man how you feel.

If a Gemini man is hiding his feelings, one of the ways you’ll be able to tell how he feels is his eye contact. Your Gemini man won’t be able to keep his eyes off you if he likes you.

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Let Your Eyes Wander

A great way to flirt with your Gemini man by making eye contact is to make eye contact with your Gemini man when you should be focused on something else.

Let your eyes wander over to your Gemini coworker while you two are in a meeting. If you’re in a class together, glance over at him and grin when you two are supposed to be focused on the lecture.

When chatting in a group, look at your Gemini man instead of who’s talking. Make sure he knows that you can’t help but look at him.

Don’t just stare at your Gemini man. Make it obvious that you are trying to pay attention to what you should be, but that you can’t help yourself. Break away from whatever you’re “trying” to focus on and glance over at him instead.

This is a great way to flirt with your Gemini man while you’re chatting with another man. Instead of focusing on the man you’re talking to, let your eyes wander over to your Gemini man.

Look Him Up And Down

How do Gemini men like to be flirted with? Your Gemini man will love it when you look him up and down while flirting. This will show him that you find him attractive.

When your Gemini man approaches, take in the sight of him. Look him up and down, from his head to his toes, and make sure he knows what you’re doing.

Let your gaze linger on parts of him that you find particularly attractive. You can stare at his lips to show interest. If you love his muscular arms or long legs, stare at those parts of his body before moving on.

You can grin and lick your lips while staring at certain parts of your Gemini man’s body. You can look at a specific area, then make eye contact with him and wink.

Your Gemini man will love that you find him attractive enough to look him up and down. He won’t find it odd at all. He’s probably doing the same thing to you.

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Hold His Gaze

You must appear confident when flirting with a Gemini man! You won’t get anywhere if you just look over at him and then look away before he has a chance to notice.

You need to hold your Gemini man’s gaze. When you two are talking, make direct eye contact. Do not take your eyes off him. If you do break eye contact, make it clear that you’re still looking at him.

Don’t look away if your Gemini man catches your eye across the room. Maintain eye contact with him as long as possible. You can smile, lick your lips, or gently touch your neck to rile him up. Just keep your eyes on him.

You want to show your Gemini man that you’re not shy. He needs to see that you’re bold and confident. Holding eye contact with him is a great way to flirt and show your Gemini man what an assertive person you are.

One of the signs a Gemini man likes you is that he’ll stare at you a lot. If you catch him doing this, hold his gaze. Don’t look away or act shy.

Watch Him Across The Room

How do you catch a Gemini man’s eye? Stare at your Gemini man across the room when you two are at the same party or bar. He’ll feel your gaze on him, and he won’t be able to resist looking your way.

Don’t be embarrassed when your Gemini man catches you staring. That’s the point! You want him to notice that you’re watching him whenever you two are in the same place, even if you’re not together.

You can catch his eye and use that as an excuse to approach him or beckon him over toward you. This is a great way to get a Gemini man’s attention and bring him to you so that you can flirt with more than just eye contact.

What does it mean when a Gemini man stares at you? If your Gemini man catches you staring and stares right back, it means he likes you. He’s open to flirting with you.

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Smile At Him

If you want to attract a Gemini man, smile at him. Have a friendly, open expression when you’re flirting with him.

If you aren’t smiling, it won’t matter how intense your eye contact is, how pretty you are, or how flirtatious your words are.

Gemini men don’t take life too seriously and don’t like it when other people do, either! If you appear too serious even when flirting, your Gemini man won’t find that attractive.

Make it clear that you enjoy being around your Gemini man. Just relax and have a good time with him!

When your Gemini man looks your way, smile at him. When he tells a joke, make eye contact with him while laughing. Make it obvious that you like being around him.

Your Gemini man will love it when you smile at him, especially if he notices that you seem to smile for him more than anyone else.

Give Him Bedroom Eyes

Don’t be afraid of coming on too strong when you’re flirting with your Gemini man. If you’re attracted to him, shoot him a few sultry looks to show him that!

Shoot your Gemini man a few heavy-lidded looks when you’re with him. Even if what you’re saying is light-hearted or playful, show him with your gaze that you mean business.

Give your Gemini man some side-eyed glances. Purposely look at his mouth or other parts of his body to show him exactly what you’re thinking about.

You want your Gemini man to see that you’re attracted to him. You don’t need to play coy or pretend to be innocently flirting with him. If you think he’s sexy, show him that!

By wearing the right eye makeup, you can draw attention to your eyes and make them appear incredibly sultry. A smokey eye is a great look to pair with your bedroom eyes. That will make your eyes appear extra seductive.

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Use Other Non-Verbal Communication

If you want to know how to flirt with a Gemini man, you need to pay attention to all your non-verbal communication, not just eye contact.

A Gemini man’s body language is a huge part of his flirting style. He’ll love when you flirt with your eyes, but that’s not all you should focus on.

Pay attention to your posture while flirting with a Gemini man. Are you standing tall and confident? It will make flirting more successful if you are!

How do Gemini men flirt? They might use charming words and intense eye contact, but that’s not all!

A Gemini man might touch your arm gently while flirting. He’ll stand close to you and lean in while you talk. If you want to flirt with him, you can mirror his actions.

Use your eye contact to show him that you appreciate the gestures he makes while flirting with you. If he touches your arm, look at where his hand is and smile. Lock eyes with him and grin any time he leans in closer.

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