Are Gemini Men Dominant in a Relationship?

Updated March 6, 2023
Are Gemini Men Dominant in a Relationship?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if a Gemini man is dominant in a relationship. He can be, but he isn’t always!

Gemini men are often fine letting their partners take over. They don’t want to be controlled, but they also aren’t overly controlling.

Gemini men are good at finding balance in a relationship. They don’t want to be dominant over their partner all the time, and they don’t want their partner to be dominant over them all the time, either!

Most Gemini men aren’t aggressive or controlling. They don’t need to have authority in the relationship, and sometimes don’t want it! They can be indecisive and are sometimes okay with their partner making decisions.

A Gemini man might be dominant sometimes, but he doesn’t need to be. He’ll take control sometimes but will gladly let his partner do so as well.

He Isn’t Controlling

Are Gemini men controlling? Most of them are not. Gemini men have no desire to control other people or to be controlled by them.

A Gemini man might be dominant in some ways, but he won’t be over the top about it. Even when he takes the lead, he won’t be controlling.

A Gemini man’s personality is pretty easygoing. If you need him to take control of a situation or want him to act that way in the bedroom, he can do that. He won’t take control just because he wants to, though.

Your Gemini man will never insist that he always has a dominant role in your relationship because he has no desire to control you. He’ll be fine letting you handle things yourself or taking control when the situation calls for it.

Your Gemini man won’t want you to be in control all the time, either. You two will likely take turns handling things and taking the lead in your relationship.

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He’s Not Aggressive

Are Gemini men aggressive? The majority of them are not. Even when they get frustrated or angry, they’re unlikely to become overly aggressive.

Gemini men are not dominant in an aggressive way. Even when they take the lead, they’re more likely to be gentle and accommodating.

If your Gemini man ever “tells” you to do something you don’t want to do, he will not get mad if you don’t do it. He’ll do it himself or find someone else to help him.

Your Gemini man is unlikely to get angry or aggressive if he doesn’t have control over a situation. Gemini men tend to go with the flow. If things go wrong and a Gemini man loses control over what’s happening, he’ll accept that.

His laid-back, non-aggressive nature is one of the reasons why a Gemini man doesn’t need to be dominant in a relationship. He can be dominant sometimes, but he doesn’t constantly feel the need to be.

He Listens To His Partner

If you’re in a relationship with a Gemini man, he’ll do his best to listen to you and consider your input regarding decisions that affect your relationship.

Gemini men can be impulsive and reckless, but they aren’t going to lead their partner into something they don’t want to do. If your Gemini man makes a suggestion and you say no, he’ll listen to you.

If you don’t like being submissive in the bedroom, your Gemini man will listen to your preferences and respect them. He wants you both to be happy in your relationship, so he’s not going to ignore what you say to him completely.

Your Gemini man will likely listen if you ask him to do something. Many Gemini men are open to trying almost anything and can be very generous toward their partners.

He won’t expect you to do everything he says, just like he won’t necessarily do everything you say. Your Gemini man will listen to your input and take suggestions to heart, but he won’t let you dominate everything.

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He Hates Making Decisions

One of a Gemini man’s weaknesses in love, and in his life in general, is his inability to make decisions at times.

Many Gemini men aren’t dominant just because they don’t want to be the ones calling the shots all the time. It can be nice to have someone else make decisions now and then.

Some men need to make all the significant decisions in their relationships. They like having the final say. Gemini men are not like that.

Your Gemini man isn’t going to insist on taking the lead if he honestly doesn’t care about the outcome of something. If you can quickly make a decision, he’ll go with whatever you decide.

Sometimes, a Gemini man will be relieved to have a partner who is better with decision-making than he is. He won’t feel like less of a man just because he isn’t always calling the shots.

If a Gemini man wants to make the decision, he’ll let you know. Otherwise, he’s usually fine just letting you decide.

He Doesn’t Need Authority

Some men prefer to be dominant in a relationship because they like having a sense of authority. They take charge because they don’t want to allow anyone else to have that authority over them.

A Gemini man doesn’t need authority in a relationship, though. He’d rather have an equal relationship where you both take turns being dominant and taking the lead.

Your Gemini man doesn’t need to feel like he has any authority over you. He won’t feel like any less of a man if you’re dominant in the relationship sometimes, and he won’t be too prideful to let you take the lead when you need to.

Sometimes, a Gemini man knows more about an issue than you do, so he may have some authority when making decisions about that. However, he’ll gladly listen to you when you are the one who is an authority on something.

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He Likes Independent Partners

Are Gemini men possessive of their partners? The majority of them are not. Gemini men like independent partners and typically have no desire to possess or dominate them.

Your Gemini man doesn’t need to feel dominant over you. He doesn’t want you to submit to him and do everything he says. He wants you to have a mind of your own!

A partner who is too submissive or dependent on him will quickly turn a Gemini man off. He might be okay taking control sometimes, but he doesn’t want to be with someone who constantly needs him to.

Your Gemini man doesn’t want to be dominant all the time. Sometimes, he wants you two to do your own things. He wants you to have lives outside of one another and doesn’t want to feel like he has to always be in control of you.

Both of you must have your independence if you’re in a relationship with a Gemini man. Neither of you should be excessively dominant over the other.

He Will Let His Partner Be Dominant

Are Gemini men submissive in a relationship? They can sometimes be! A Gemini man usually has no issue letting his partner be dominant and take the lead now and then.

Being dominant isn’t a constant Gemini man trait. He might have a strong personality, but he doesn’t always have a dominant one.

If your Gemini man honestly doesn’t care one way or the other about something, but you do, he’ll let you take control and handle it. If you prefer to be dominant in the bedroom, he’ll definitely let you be sometimes!

A Gemini man has no issue letting you take care of things that you really care about. He doesn’t want you controlling him, though. He’s just fine letting you take the lead in some situations.

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He Can Be Dominant

A Gemini man in bed might be dominant, especially if his partner wants him to be. He can also be dominant in other aspects of a relationship, but he won’t always be.

Gemini men are multifaceted. They aren’t really dominant or submissive in relationships, at least not all the time.

Sometimes, your Gemini man will want to take the lead. If he has a strong opinion about a decision you two are trying to make and you don’t care, he’ll make the decision.

If your Gemini man is in the mood to be dominant in the bedroom, he’ll let you know so he can take over. He will have just as much fun being dominant as he does when you are dominant.

He Likes A Balance

A Gemini man in a relationship usually wants balance. He doesn’t want to be in charge all the time. He doesn’t want his partner to always call the shots, either.

There will be times when it makes more sense for him to be the dominant one, and there will be times when it makes more sense for you to be. A Gemini man is completely fine with that and doesn’t need to always be in control.

Gemini men like to mix things up and don’t want to fall into too much of a routine. A Gemini man will get bored if he’s always in charge, just like he’ll start to feel stifled if his partner is always in charge.

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