What Happens After a Gemini Man Breaks Up with You

What Happens After a Gemini Man Breaks Up with You

A Gemini man after a breakup can be full of surprises. He’s not the type to hold a grudge or create drama.

He may have moved on, but he’ll usually want to remain friends.

The first rule to bear in mind is that just because a Gemini guy breaks up with you, doesn’t mean it’s really over. Gemini men are notoriously indecisive.

If you follow a no contact rule with a Gemini man after a breakup, you’ll miss the opportunity to get back with him. To him, a breakup is a revolving door, not a dead end.

He’ll often try to stay friends as a way of keeping you in his life while he tries to decide what he wants to do. It’s best not to rule out a second chance.

He Finds Someone New

When a Gemini and Libra breakup or when a Gemini man breaks up with just about anyone, he may move on quickly. It’s a mistake to assume he never took the relationship seriously in the first place. This is usually not the case at all.

A Gemini man may have found someone new, but this is usually just a matter of satisfying his desire for companionship. Geminis hate to be alone. They always need the attention and stimulation of another person.

Often, Gemini men will go on the rebound and often these rebound relationships will be superficial and won’t last long. Plus, his rebound relationship is actually a good sign. It is an indicator that he is more likely to think about you.

He’ll mentally compare his new love interest to you in every way, analyzing what is different in the new relationship. When he’s quick to move on it also means he’ll be quick to miss you because things just aren’t the same.

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He Hides Vulnerability

Don’t expect a Gemini man to dig deep and express vulnerable feelings. Instead, even after a breakup when he’s really hurt and missing you, he’ll try to act like everything is fine. Once again, you may take this to mean he never really cared about you.

To make this assumption is a mistake. A Gemini man simply hides from emotion, regardless of the situation. He’ll never show vulnerability. It’s just not his style.

Don’t interpret his casual demeanor as a sign that he was never really into you. Chances are good that even if he’s laughing and joking with friends on the outside, he’s hurting and misses you deep down. He’ll just try to hide his sadness from you and from himself.

He Tries to Be Friends

A Gemini man will try to remain friends no matter what. His is the sign of friendship and he prides himself on having many connections and friends dating back to childhood. He’s good at being diplomatic.

Even if you both have hurt feelings, he’ll try his best to keep the peace and stay in touch. If it is too much for you to maintain a friendship at first because your feelings are hurt, the best thing to do is keep a distance for the sake of boundaries, but keep communication light and friendly.

There may come a time when you find it easier to talk with him. This may also coincide with his change in heart. Gemini men can easily fall in and out of love with friends and can fall back in love once he feels like the pressure is off.

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He Becomes Ambivalent

When a Gemini man is done with you, he may still try to keep up appearances. He may communicate and still tell you he loves you, but if you pay close attention you’ll see he’s become ambivalent.

He may put less emotion into the relationship or act indifferent about whether or not you see each other for a date. He may also start to express doubts or disappointments about the relationship. At the same time, he’ll insist he wants to work things out.

A Gemini guy can linger in this indecisive state for months or even years. Just as he fears committing to a relationship, he can also fear committing to ending a relationship. He may drag this pre-breakup-phase out for an extended time.

He Flirts With You Again

One of the more surprising things a Gemini man will do after a breakup is to act like he’s infatuated with you all over again. This is because sometimes all he really needed was a break in order to recharge and chase you.

Sometimes a Gemini guy will ask for a breakup when he really just needed some downtime to figure out what he wants. Sometimes he just needed the pressure and expectations to be lifted.

As a friend rather than a boyfriend, a Gemini man feels free to be himself again. This can mean that he will be more likely to flirt with or chase you. He will feel more comfortable with his romantic feelings and may try to be friends with benefits or go back and forth between dating and friendship.

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He Tests the Waters

Sometimes, a Gemini man doesn’t really know what he wants. He may break up with you, or drive you to breaking up with him, as a way to step back. From this vantage point, he will try to test the waters. He may experiment with friendship, dating and sex to see if you are really the one.

If he’s testing boundaries, it can be a sign he’s not serious. If you’re wondering how to know if a Gemini guy is playing you, pay attention to his other signals. If he’s serious about you but not sure about what he wants, he’ll at least try to experiment with more committed forms of relationship.

He may also test his own boundaries to see what feels right to him. Unfortunately, if you become too connected or attached, this can be heartbreaking and confusing for you. It’s best to try to keep feelings in check.

He’s Indecisive

Will a Gemini man regret losing you? Quite possibly, he will. Yet Gemini men suffer from a constant feeling that the grass is always greener somewhere else. He’ll miss you when you’re not around but as soon as you’re back together, he’ll feel restless and dissatisfied again.

Gemini men have difficulties with decisions and commitments. A Gemini guy can be indecisive because he loves the idea of a relationship but he doesn’t always like to do the heavy lifting involved.

Relationships require work and personal investment and Gemini guys love to keep things superficial and interesting. When it’s fun and exciting, they’re all in. As soon as things get serious, he may panic or become bored.

A Gemini guy may run hot and cold for years for this reason. He may chronically break up with someone he loves because he’s gone into panic mode or become bored. When he’s truly ready to settle down, he may relax and commit to the relationship. But it can take him a while to reach this point.

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He Acts Aloof

What happens when you ignore a Gemini man? A few scenarios are possible. He may assume you’re not interested and move on. He may also become more curious about you and chase you again. This is the desired outcome and so often it’s worth the risk to ignore him.

The key is to ignore him for a little while and then check back in. Sometimes, Gemini needs space in order to realize he really does miss you. It can take some time for him to reach this point.

He may act aloof after a breakup. If he does this, he’s either hiding his deeper hurt feelings or he’s trying to take a step back from the relationship to decide what he really wants.

When a Gemini man is acting aloof, he may not contact you. He may also take a long time to reply to your text messages. He’ll act like he’s avoiding you. Don’t chase him when this happens. Give him space to become curious about you and touch base to see how you are doing.

He Goes Quiet

If a Gemini man is heartbroken, he won’t show it. He may reveal it to only his closest friends. On the surface, he’ll try to act as if nothing is wrong. If he can’t pretend not to be hurt, he may simply go quiet.

It’s important to understand just how unusual it is for a Gemini man to be lost for words. If he’s quiet it either means he’s dealing with deeper emotions and doesn’t want to admit to it or he’s taking a break from communication in order to catch up with other friends.

After a breakup, if a Gemini man goes quiet it can also mean he’s angry with you but these deeper feelings don’t usually last long. Whether he’s angry or heartbroken, a Gemini man will usually cool off and then try to reach back out to have some ongoing contact with you.

If you want to know how to get revenge on a Gemini man, the worst thing you can do is to tell his secrets or insult his intellect. If you do these things, he may go silent for a longer time or perhaps even permanently.

If you’re wondering what to do when a Gemini man ignores you, the best thing to do is keep yourself busy and give him time. Eventually, you’ll hear from him again.

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He Goes Traveling

A Gemini man may celebrate his newfound freedom after a breakup by traveling. His is the sign of travel and communication. He may announce on social media that he’s taking off for a road trip or traveling across the country.

This is something a Gemini man does to heal his heart and distract himself from the pain of losing you. It’s best to let him go and not try to contact him.

At some point along the way, he’ll start to think the trip would be better if you were there. If you want to know how to make a Gemini man miss you after a breakup, let him go and step back.

He needs a mental “reset,” and traveling gives him this opportunity. In no time, he’ll be thinking about you and wanting to know what is going on in your life. Let him reach out to you first.

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