February Pisces Man vs March Pisces Man

Updated September 8, 2022
February Pisces Man vs March Pisces Man

A Pisces man’s exact personality will vary based on his birthday. February Pisces and March Pisces men have different elements affecting their personalities.

February Pisces men are often stereotypical Pisces. March Pisces men might have some additional characteristics in addition to their traditional Pisces ones.

Pisces men born in February are entirely influenced by Pisces’ ruler, Neptune. Either Pluto or the Moon also affects March Pisces men. This means March Pisces men have some additional traits not necessarily associated with Pisces.

February Pisces men are mystical and creative. They embody everything that is typically associated with Pisces. March Pisces men are also magical and creative, but they can be edgier than February Pisces men.

March Pisces men might have some traits associated with the other water signs, Scorpio and Cancer. This is what makes them different from their February Pisces counterparts.

Neptune vs Pluto & The Moon

A Pisces man’s characteristics are influenced by the month he was born in, partially because of the ruling and sub-ruling planets associated with the different months.

A February Pisces man’s personality is mostly in line with a stereotypical Pisces personality because of the influence of Neptune.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Each sign is separated into three subsections, called decans. The first decan of Pisces is only ruled by Neptune, while the second and third decans have a subruler.

February Pisces men feel the full influence of Neptune. Their personality traits are very much affected by this planet.

The second decan of Pisces has the Moon as a subruler. March Pisces men born in this decan tend to be more emotional and intuitive than a February Pisces man.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, so some March Pisces men will have traits associated with Cancer.

The third decan of Pisces has Pluto as a subruler. March Pisces men born in this decan have an edge to them that most February Pisces men don’t have. Pluto rules Scorpio.

March Pisces men with Pluto as their subruler will have some of the intense traits a Scorpio might have.

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Empathetic vs Sensitive

Pisces men are known for being empathetic. February Pisces men will exemplify this trait.

Some February Pisces men are empathetic to a fault. They can get so caught up in the emotions of others that they lose themselves in them.

A February Pisces man will be deeply hurt if one of his loved ones is upset. He will feel their pain almost as if it was his own.

February Pisces men aren’t just in touch with their own emotions. They are hyper-aware of everyone’s feelings. They are the type of people who may feel drained if they spend too much time around negative people.

A March Pisces man’s personality is also empathetic, but March Pisces men tend to be more sensitive about their own emotions rather than the emotions of others.

A March Pisces man will feel his own emotions strongly. He won’t always be tuned in to the emotions of others, not to the same degree that a February Pisces man is.

Even if a March Pisces man does pick up on the emotions of others, he’s usually more focused on his own. He is more likely to be hurt by someone insulting him than when his loved ones are insulted.

Ethereal vs Secretive

February Pisces men are some of the most ethereal people you will ever meet. They have the total influence of Neptune, and with that comes an almost supernatural element to their personality.

February Pisces men are the most likely to get lost in their fantasies. They often feel a connection to a world beyond ours, which can cause them to daydream a lot.

A February Pisces man likely has some interesting thoughts about what happens after we die or other spiritual topics. His views may be very eccentric and unique. Some Pisces men genuinely seem like they are not of this world.

March Pisces men might also seem not of this world at times, but their enigmatic nature often comes from their tendency to be secretive.

A February Pisces man might not go out of his way to keep a secret. A March Pisces man will protect his secrets at all costs.

Some March Pisces men are just as secretive as a Scorpio. They keep things to themselves and only reveal information when they trust somebody.

A February Pisces man might not tell you some facts about himself because they slip his mind. He may be focused on something else.

A March Pisces man will neglect to tell you facts about himself because he is actively keeping them a secret.

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Creative vs Competitive

A Pisces man’s personality will almost always be creative and artistic. A March Pisces will also have a competitive edge, though.

February Pisces men love art for the sake of art. They don’t usually make a career out of their creativity. They love to create, but they aren’t always looking for recognition.

However, a March Pisces man may get competitive when it comes to his creative endeavors. He will be more ambitious with his art.

A February Pisces man might never show his art to other people. A March Pisces is more likely to post his art on social media.

March Pisces men are also competitive in other areas. You won’t often see a February Pisces man competing in sports or competing for a woman’s affection. If you see a Pisces doing either of those things, he is like a March Pisces man.

Hates Constraints vs Enforces Boundaries

A Pisces man in love may have trouble in his relationship depending on how good he is about enforcing and respecting boundaries. A March Pisces man is usually better about boundaries than a February Pisces man.

February Pisces men hate constraints. Sometimes, even a well-established and reasonable boundary can feel like a constraint to a February Pisces man.

February Pisces men are more likely to push or even break boundaries. This can cause considerable problems in their relationships.

They aren’t always actively trying to push past other people’s boundaries. A February Pisces man might legitimately forget because he is not focused on other people’s boundaries.

On the other hand, March Pisces men are much better about sticking to boundaries. They will try to enforce their boundaries and the boundaries of others.

March Pisces men are much better at standing up for themselves. They are also better at remembering the boundaries of their loved ones and actively trying to respect those boundaries.

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Passive vs Assertive

One of the main differences between February and March Pisces men is that many March Pisces men are more assertive than February Pisces men.

Pisces men are never known for being aggressive. March Pisces men are assertive, though. They are often better at standing up for themselves than February Pisces men, especially March Pisces men born in the third decan.

February Pisces men are more likely to get taken advantage of than March Pisces men. They hate constraints, but that means they also hate constraining other people, even if that means letting people walk all over them.

March Pisces men are better about recognizing when they are being taken advantage of and doing something about it. A February Pisces man might be aware someone is using him, but he might not always stop that behavior.

A February Pisces man is more likely to find himself in a toxic relationship long-term.

A March Pisces man might stand up for himself if his partner isn’t respecting his feelings. A February Pisces man may stay quiet even if his partner hurts him.

Mystical vs Edgy

Are February Pisces and March Pisces men different? They aren’t entirely different. They are all still Pisces men, after all! What separates February and March Pisces men is that some March Pisces men tend to be edgier.

The Pisces personality is an odd one. Many Pisces men have a mystical quality to them. Their heads are in the clouds, and they are some of the biggest dreamers you will ever meet.

A February Pisces man might seem like an enigma because of this mystical quality. He might seem almost magical at times. February Pisces men are great people to go to if you want to talk about your dreams and get some insight about them.

The mystical quality of a February Pisces man is gentle. On the other hand, a March Pisces man has a much more intense personality.

Many March Pisces men have an edgy side. They might also have their head in the clouds, but while a February Pisces man seems approachable, not all March Pisces men do.

A March Pisces man will be more intense in relationships than a February Pisces man.

A February Pisces man might share some silly fantasies with his partner. A March Pisces man will share so much more than that. He’ll share all his intimate details with the right person.

February Pisces men can almost seem magical at times. A March Pisces man might also seem this way but it is never like a February Pisces.

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