February 25 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 1, 2023

People born on February 25 are Pisces. This birthdate falls under the first decan of this sign.

People born on this day embody the energy of the sign of the fish. They are sensitive, empathic, intuitive, and mystical.

Pisces born on February 25 are the most sensitive, spiritual people you will ever meet. Of all the zodiac signs, they have the biggest hearts and most empathy.

People born on February 25 crave intimacy and can seem clingy. They are devoted and caring. Their compassion is boundless; you’ll never find a better friend.

People born on this day are spiritual and believe in numerous realms. Their intuition is uncanny. They connect to people, nature, and the spiritual worlds easily.

February 25 Info
DateFebruary 25
SignPisces ♓︎
StrengthsSensitive, Empathic, Intuitive
WeaknessesInsecure, Easily deceived, Clingy
Opposite signVirgo ♍︎
Best matchCancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Hermit, The Moon
Angel number9
Spirit animalsFish, Octopus, Skink


Pisces born on February 25 zodiac are deeply sensitive and emotional. You can hurt their feelings without intending to and must choose your words carefully when you talk to someone born on this day.

Yet their emotional sensitivity is a gift. They can sense what others need and show compassion and empathy. They are gentle, kind, and loyal. People born on this day have a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity.

They are often quiet as they observe others. The Pisces horoscope gives people the gift of intuition. Their nature makes them seem shy, but they are deep and introspective.

People born on this day are also talented. They are great artists, musicians, and even performers. Although they are shy, people under the February zodiac for Pisces love the theater.

They love the idea of wearing costumes and role-playing. Such activities are healing for them and allow them to empathize with others. They enjoy putting themselves in others’ shoes.


People born on February 25 love expressing their compassion and empathy for others. They are on a mission to heal others through spiritual transformation. They often show others the way toward transcendence and growth.

Their mission is to show unconditional love, compassion, and empathy. They can be loving and understanding. They don’t judge and believe in helping others heal their wounds.

They help others find healing and excel in careers related to the arts, spirituality, and personal growth. They gravitate toward careers in counseling, creative art therapies, music, and psychic guidance.

They may also delve into Tarot, astrology, and other occult arts. People born on February 25 use these tools to help others make sense of difficult paths. They can also be spiritual healers and influencers.

Positive Traits

You can count on a Pisces born on February 25 for many things. They are always willing to listen without judgment. They are affectionate, loving, and kind. Their empathy extends to people and animals.

They are sensitive, visionary, empathic, and loving. The Pisces personality makes them great sounding boards when you’re trying to process information. They can be insightful and intuitive.

People born on this date are compassionate. They can intuitively tell when something is troubling you and know how to raise your spirits.

Negative Traits

February 25 Pisces has some challenges to overcome. Though they can seem like perfect friends and companions, they have some characteristics that undermine their relationships.

People born on this day can be clingy and labile. Their moods change on a dime and can be dizzying. They are sometimes unduly sensitive, reading too much into what others say.

Pisces sign’s personality is known for having a vivid imagination. Yet the line between reality and fantasy blurs. People born on this day are susceptible to illusions and deception.


February 25 Pisces compatibility is strongest with the signs of Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio. Their compatibility is best with two of the water signs and their opposite sign.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility stems from their shared water element. February 25 Pisces understands Cancer’s emotional and intuitive personality. They know how to create a comfortable home life.

Pisces and Scorpio fascinate each other. Their compatibility stems from a desire for intimacy; Scorpio loves Pisces’s vulnerable nature. Pisces softens Scorpio’s harsh edges.

Pisces people born on February 25 are a perfect match for either Scorpio or Cancer. Partnering with a fellow water sign ensures their emotions are validated. People born under these signs nurture them.

Yet sometimes, what a February 25 Pisces needs is someone different enough to provide balance. Their perfect complement is someone born under the sign of Virgo.

Virgo and Pisces are opposites, and when they get together, the balance of their personalities keeps them fascinated with each other. They help to bring balance and harmony to each other’s personalities.

February 25 Pisces people try to get along with everyone. Yet their romantic compatibility can falter if they aren’t with the best match. Their worst pairing is with people born under the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Pisces and Aquarius may be neighbors on the zodiac wheel, but they have nothing in common. They repel each other in the long run. Pisces is sensitive and needs validation and nurturing.

Aquarius is abrupt and honest to a fault. This rebellious sign easily hurts Pisces’s feelings. They baffle each other and can’t keep a connection.

Pisces born on February 25 are also a poor match for Sagittarius. This sign is independent and freethinking. They don’t take the time to ensure their words are diplomatic enough for vulnerable Pisces.

Pisces seems clingy and overbearing to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is distant and always on the move. Pisces sees them as cold and withdrawn. Pisces tries to tame Sagittarius’s wild nature and this backfires.

February 25 people are perhaps the worst possible match for Aries. Aries is headstrong and independent. February 25 Pisces wants intimacy, but Aries is too distant and emotionally unavailable.


February 25 Pisces people are sometimes difficult to understand. They speak in riddles and rely on symbolism and metaphor. They find direct communication intimidating.

Their indirect style can seem wishy-washy. You have to know how to read between the lines. Pisces born on this date frequently change their minds.

They avoid texting because they don’t always understand your messages without body language cues. They are hard to follow because their texts seem vague.

You must work to understand their message. Yet Pisces can also be eloquent, diplomatic, and poetic. They communicate through art better than through words alone.

For February 25 Pisces, meaning hides under layers of inside jokes and riddles. They find verbal language limiting and have their unique style of expression.


Pisces born on February 25 are irresistible. People from all walks of life are attracted to them. They are charming, beautiful, and romantic. Their sweet, vulnerable nature is endearing to others.

They are most attracted to people who are more decisive than they are, yet also sentimental, caring, and kind. Anyone too loud or aggressive turns them off.

You can attract someone born on this date if you are sensitive, empathic and if you have some emotional wound. You’ll find Pisces at spiritual workshops and events or even metaphysical stores.

Pisces born on February 25 hang out at artisanal coffee shops, music studios, and collective creative spaces. They love being around inspiring visionaries.


Pisces dates for people born on February 25 range from sentimental dinners in quiet, candlelit restaurants to romantic movies. People born under this zodiac sign relish the thought of romantic settings.

They enjoy dates to art shows, indie movies, and concerts. Take them dancing if you want to impress someone born on this date. They are also happy to hold your hand and walk under a full Moon.

People born on February 25 love to be around you. They don’t care as much about the setting of the date. They want to be able to look into your eyes and be close to you.

Dates near water also appeal to people born under this zodiac sign. They love to be in a park with a water fountain or by the ocean, or a lake. Take them on a romantic boat ride, and they are happy.

This zodiac sign’s dates need to be calm, quiet, yet memorable. They enjoy affection and deep conversations. Entertainment is secondary. People born on this date are happy to be with you.


February 25 Pisces fall in love hard and fast. They often fall in love at first sight. People born on this date also fall in love before they get to know you. They are quick to tell you when they love you as well.

You may be shocked at how fast a February 25 Pisces professes their love. They can be moved by strong feelings and often project fantasies onto others without realizing it.

Their pattern of falling head over heels for you quickly is part of the reason they are susceptible to illusions in love. People born on this date get carried away with fantasies and ignore red flags.

Pisces born on February 25 are completely self-sacrificing when they are in love. They give up their boundaries and try to lose themselves.

Their self-sacrificing nature can lead to codependency. They put their love interest on a pedestal; you can do no wrong in their eyes.


February 25 Pisces thrive in relationships. They hate being alone and often jump into a new relationship as soon as a relationship ends. They are devoted and loyal.

Though they often fall in love quickly and project fantasies onto their partners, they will do everything possible to make their love happy. They are considerate and bring out the best in their partner.

They can be clingy in relationships. They need plenty of reassurance to avoid jealousy and insecurity. These parts of their nature undermine relationships and lead to self-fulling prophecies.

They try to satisfy all their partner’s needs. People born on this day are romantic and sweet. They surprise you with gifts for no reason.

They avoid conflict and defer to a partner rather than speak up if they are unhappy. They keep the peace but may become resentful if their needs are unmet. Pisces’ double personality emerges, and they can be underhanded.


Pisces born on February 25 are serious about relationships. They act married even when they are only dating. When someone born on this day gets married, they take their obligation to heart.

They are nurturing caretakers regardless of traditional gender roles. They often care for family, home, and children. They encourage their spouse to pursue happiness.

Pisces born on this date are generous and affectionate. They need lots of attention and romance even after years of marriage. They’ll never leave a marriage unless they have no other choice.

Yet they can retreat into fantasies if they are unhappy. People born on this date need encouragement to assert their ideas. Otherwise, they become resentful and passive-aggressive over many years.


February 25 Pisces people are influenced by their partners. Their attitudes toward sex are malleable. They can be imaginative and explore fantasies and desires, keeping up with their partner’s interests.

Yet if their partner has a lowkey approach to sex, people born on this day won’t push the boundaries. They let their partner take the lead in the bedroom.

People born on February 25 need affection during sex. They are sentimental and enjoy role play in the bedroom. Yet they can also be traditional during intimacy.

They are typically passive partners but will try new things if their sexual partner encourages them. They need reassurance to boost their confidence in the bedroom.

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