February 22 Zodiac (Pisces) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
February 22 Zodiac (Pisces) Horoscope & Info

What sign is February 22? People born on this day are Pisceans. They are born in the first decan of Pisces.

These Pisceans tend to have typical Pisces traits. They are compassionate, adaptable, and prone to having wild dreams and fantasies.

Neptune rules Pisces, and the first decan has no subruler. Because of this, Neptune has a more substantial influence over Pisceans born in the first decan.

Pisceans born on this day tend to express many feminine or passive characteristics. They are very caring people, but they are also prone to people-pleasing. They can learn how to stand up for themselves, though.

February 22 Pisceans are nurturing and tend to excel in healing careers or with activities like cooking and baking. They have big hearts and genuinely care about everyone around them, not just their close friends and family.

February 22 Info
DateFebruary 22
SignPisces ♓︎
StrengthsCompassionate, Adaptable, Gratitude
WeaknessesPassive, Escapism, Unstable
Opposite signVirgo ♍︎
Best matchCancer, Scorpio, Virgo
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number6
Spirit animalsSkunk, Antelope, Golden Retriever


The February 22 horoscope is adaptable and flexible. People born on this day are very in touch with the feminine orientation. In astrology, feminine/masculine has nothing to do with gender and is instead related to energy.

Feminine energy in astrology is nurturing, compassionate, and emotional. Feminine signs like Pisces often go with the flow and take their time with their work.

Pisceans born on this day are highly adaptable. They are sometimes so flexible that they do whatever the people around them want, even if they would rather do something else.

These Pisceans sometimes have difficulty with being too passive. They can rise above this, but it will take a lot of effort! They may prefer to escape into their dreams and fantasies, but they need to learn how to connect with reality.


A February 22 Pisces’ purpose is to get more in touch with their masculine side. These Pisceans should continue to be compassionate, nurturing people, but they must also learn to be more active and assertive.

Pisceans born on this day will be more content in life and their relationships when they can learn how to stand up for themselves. They will also be able to help others more when they take care of themselves first.

These Pisceans can use their talents to get far in life. They must believe in themselves and push through their passive nature to fulfill their dreams and desires.

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Positive Traits

The February 22 personality is exceptionally kind. These Pisceans are supportive friends and partners, and they are always happy to listen to the problems of others and provide help when needed.

These Pisceans are also highly adaptable and flexible. They can easily blend into many environments and get along with people who are very different from them. They can easily form friendships with others as well.

People born on this day are often extremely grateful for what they have. They will always express gratitude toward people who help them out or offer support, and they will gladly provide support in return.

These Pisceans can do well when they go into healing professions. They make great doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. They are natural healers and love to take care of people.

Negative Traits

The Pisces personality can sometimes be too passive, and Pisceans typically need to learn how to assert themselves if they want their needs met.

It’s very common for Pisceans born on this day to be passive, and they tend to be people-pleasers.

These Pisceans are also prone to escapism. They don’t always want to deal with the realities of the world, and they would rather escape into their fantasy worlds than deal with their problems head-on.

Boundaries can also be an issue for these Pisceans. They need to learn how to tell others no and how to stand up for themselves. They often have a hard time with this, especially with people they care about.


The best match for a Pisces born on this day is Cancer. Cancers are kind, caring people as well. They are good at respecting boundaries and compromising with others.

Cancer will listen to Pisces when Pisces needs a shoulder to cry on. They will help Pisces out and offer support, and they don’t take the support Pisces gives them in return for granted.

Virgo and Scorpio are also excellent matches for these Pisceans. Scorpios are incredibly loyal and will stick by Pisces even when times are hard. Virgo can be nurturing and is a reliable partner as well.

The worst match for Pisces tends to be Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. There are lessons Pisces could learn from these signs, but they are not usually romantically compatible.

Sagittarius and Aries can easily dominate people-pleasing Pisces. Aquarius can sometimes push boundaries, and Pisces won’t always stand up to them.


Pisces’ communication style can be unclear at times. Many Pisceans are prone to rambling and don’t always stay on topic!

Pisceans can be good listeners but tend to get lost in daydreams. They do their best to listen and offer support, but they may drift off if a conversation doesn’t interest them.

Pisceans are also creative, so they may have a poetic way of speaking. Even if they don’t always make sense, they love to talk! Conversing with others is something they enjoy, and they love it when they find someone who understands them.


There are a few Pisces characteristics that tend to attract others to them. For example, Pisceans are often supportive and compassionate. They are happy to listen, and many people enjoy this about them!

Pisceans born on this day aren’t always attracted to people who are good for them. They can sometimes hold people up on a pedestal and become attracted to the idea of them rather than who they really are.

These Pisceans may ultimately find that they are more attracted to people who are supportive and compassionate as they are. It can take some time for them to learn that, though!


Pisceans are highly emotional, and they want to connect with others on a deep level. They don’t usually enjoy casual dating because they often seek romance and intimacy in a relationship.

Pisceans love grand romantic gestures and going on dates that allow them to spend quality time with the person they are dating.

Many Pisceans also enjoy relaxing settings when going on dates. A romantic picnic in the park or a walk along the lakeside are excellent date choices when dating a Pisces.


Pisces’ love language is typically acts of service. Many Pisceans also enjoy quality time with the people they love.

Pisceans will do anything for the people they love. They are incredibly supportive and helpful. If someone they care about is ever in a pinch, they tend to be one of the first to offer assistance.

Pisceans also love spending time with the people they love. They love to cuddle up to their partner and watch a movie. They enjoy hanging out with their friends and family as frequently as possible.

It’s common for Pisces to become lonely or feel insecure when they haven’t been with their partner for a while. If you are dating a Pisces, spend lots of quality time with them!


It’s common for Pisceans born on this day to fall for the wrong people, so they may have a few failed relationships before they find the right person.

Pisceans are incredibly supportive in relationships, but they aren’t perfect. They try to be loyal, nurturing, and caring, but they can also quickly become insecure if their partner isn’t giving them what they need.

If their partner isn’t supporting them and loving them the way they need, it’s common for Pisceans to become depressed.

They can start to escape to their fantasy worlds. They often need to learn how to ask for what they need and deal with issues in their relationship head-on.


Pisceans born on this day often have big dreams when it comes to marriage. They fantasize about the perfect wedding and the perfect relationship.

These Pisceans often have to learn to be more realistic, though. They won’t be able to find the perfect partner because perfection doesn’t exist! They have to be realistic with their expectations.

Pisceans also need to learn to compromise instead of just giving in to their partner’s wants. They will have more successful marriages when they know how to ask for what they need and when they get the support they need from their spouse.


“Fantasy” is definitely a keyword for Pisces! The influence of Neptune, the planet of dreams, means that wild fantasies are very common for Pisces.

Pisceans don’t always open up about their sexual fantasies to just anyone, though. They usually need to form an intimate bond with someone before they are comfortable doing so.

Pisceans are often excellent lovers. They do their best to give their partners what they want and are more than happy to try out new things, especially with someone they are comfortable with.

Pisceans born on this day need to learn how to ask for what they want in the bedroom, though. They want to make sure that their needs are being met too!

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