February 10 Zodiac (Aquarius) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
February 10 Zodiac (Aquarius) Horoscope & Info

What sign is February 10? People born on this day are Aquarians. They are born in the third decan of Aquarius.

These Aquarians are focused and have strong moral values. They tend to be more emotionally aware than other Aquarians as well.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and the third decan has Venus as its subruler. The influence of Venus can make these Aquarians more focused on life’s pleasures. The focus on values can also be part of Venus’ influence.

February 10 Aquarians have to be careful not to become too vain. They will stand up for themselves to make sure their successes are recognized. They shouldn’t be too focused on themselves at the cost of others.

Aquarians born on this day can be more in touch with their emotions than others. They have a better understanding of emotions in general.

February 10 Info
DateFebruary 10
SignAquarius ♒︎
StrengthsFocused, Emotionally aware, Strong values
WeaknessesVain, Self-focused, Self-destructive
Opposite signLeo ♌︎
Best matchLeo, Gemini, Sagittarius
Worst matchPisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Tarot birth cardsThe Empress, The Hanged Man
Angel number3
Spirit animalsPlatypus, Clownfish, Honey Badger


The February 10 horoscope is focused and filled with an emotional awareness that isn’t always seen in other Aquarians.

Aquarians are natural humanitarians, but it isn’t always easy for them to connect emotionally with people one-on-one. They think on a broader scale. These Aquarians, however, can be more aware of the feelings of individual people.

These Aquarians tend to have strong personalities. They stand out from the crowd and can draw people in. They have to be careful not to let this go to their heads.

While Aquarius is an innovative sign who enjoys resisting the status quo and mixing things up, these Aquarians can resist change when it comes to themselves. They don’t always want to admit that they need to work on themselves or do better.


A February 10 Aquarius’ purpose is to broaden their perspective and learn how to look outside themselves. They are talented and intelligent, so they can do great things, but they can do more when they value the opinions of others.

These Aquarians can become vain and self-centered. They can become too focused on beauty and aesthetics, allowing that to lead them astray. They have to learn how to remain on their path in life while occasionally stopping to smell the roses.

Aquarians born on this day can excel in many careers, but they will be happiest in ones that allow them to make changes, even on a minor scale. They can be just as happy changing the world for one person as changing the world as a whole.

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Positive Traits

The February 10 personality is more emotionally aware than others. It is also one that is highly focused on values and on doing what is moral and good.

Humanitarianism and a drive to improve things are some positive Aquarius traits these Aquarians have. They want to help people. They want to change their communities and society for the better.

These Aquarians can connect one-on-one with the people around them. They can more easily learn about the issues affecting the people closest to them because of this, and they can try to fix those issues.

Aquarians born on this day will stick to their values. If they think something is wrong, there is nothing that can make them change their mind or ignore their moral compass.

Negative Traits

Stubbornness is a negative Aquarius trait that these Aquarians can possess. This will do them good when they stick to their values against all odds, but it can cause issues if they refuse to listen to others entirely.

These Aquarians might be good at understanding the emotions of others, but they don’t always listen to other people’s ideas. They can become too focused on themselves and their ideas if they aren’t careful.

These Aquarians can also become self-destructive. They genuinely care about the world, which can sometimes become emotionally overwhelming. If they cannot make the changes they want, that can send them into a spiral.


The best match for an Aquarius born on this day is Gemini. Gemini is free-spirited and has a logical mind like Aquarius, but they are also lively and social. Gemini makes sure their voice is heard, so Aquarius won’t be able to ignore it.

Sagittarius and Leo can also be excellent matches for Aquarius. These fire signs are both independent and passionate about the things they care about.

They will allow Aquarius to be their own person in the relationship but will also be able to bond and have fun together.

The worst match for Aquarius is Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. Aquarius often considers Pisces and Cancer too clingy. They can understand their emotions, but those emotions are too much for them. Scorpio can be too controlling for Aquarius.


Aquarius’ communication style is clear and direct. They can sometimes discuss confusing or eccentric subjects, but they do their best to communicate in a way that makes it easy for others to understand them.

Aquarians typically enjoy talking to others. They tend to be extroverted and social. The sign of Aquarius enjoys establishing all kinds of connections with others, and they can do that more easily with their excellent communication skills.

These Aquarians can better read the people they are interacting with because of their emotional awareness. They know when someone isn’t in the mood to talk, and they can pick up on any discomfort someone might be feeling when discussing delicate topics.


Aquarians are attracted to independent people who are well-spoken and culturally aware.

These Aquarians are attracted to a sign like Gemini because they enjoy being around people who are lively and social. They might be able to hang out with someone quiet and reserved, but that won’t keep their attention for long.

A vain and self-focused Aquarian might be overly focused on the physical appearance of others, but that won’t last long. They will typically find that being shallow and focused on physical attraction alone won’t satisfy them in the long run.

These Aquarians can attract others to them with their emotional awareness and strong values. They can also be charming and romantic when they want to be.


Aquarians like an equal back-and-forth with the people they date. They don’t want to chase after someone who has no interest in them, but they also don’t want to be endlessly pursued.

If an Aquarius asks you on the first date, reach out and ask to plan the second one. They will enjoy going back and forth with planning things.

This allows them to share their interests with the person they are dating while learning about their interests too.

However, these Aquarians might not always be clear about their intentions with dating. They may continue hanging out with someone they’ve formed a friendship with without telling them they feel no romantic attraction!


Aquarius’ love language is words of affirmation or acts of service. These Aquarians are more open about their feelings and will ensure their loved ones know how much they care.

When these Aquarians take the time to focus on someone else and either do something for them or offer them a compliment, they are showing they care.

Even the vainest and most self-focused Aquarians will be able to find time for their loved ones. They will always be there if a loved one needs them.

These Aquarians are more emotionally aware than others as well. They can typically tell how the people they are closest to express love, and they can adjust their love language to better suit them.


Aquarius is a highly independent sign. These Aquarians have a romantic side and enjoy connecting with other people, but they don’t need to be in a relationship.

These Aquarians won’t stay in a relationship that isn’t working longer than they have to. They won’t always want to make something work, especially if they don’t feel a solid connection to their partner.

As partners, these Aquarians can be loving and dedicated. If they are making an effort in the relationship, they genuinely want to. They won’t stay with someone just because they don’t want to be alone.


Aquarius is a rebellious sign. They don’t always go along with traditional institutions like marriage.

It’s common for Aquarians to have non-traditional marriages or to be in a long-term relationship without getting married. They don’t always need to make things “official” with the one they love.

These Aquarians won’t typically treat their partner any differently after marriage compared to how they treated them before marriage. If they were devoted before the wedding, they will be just as dedicated after it.


Aquarians can be creative and innovative in the bedroom. They love trying new things, and there are few things they will refuse to do at least once.

When younger and more immature, these Aquarians can sometimes be too focused on their own pleasure in the bedroom. They will quickly learn that focusing on their partner leaves everyone more satisfied, though.

These Aquarians will try to clarify what sex means to them when they sleep with someone. If they think someone is in love with them and don’t return their feelings, they won’t sleep with them and break their heart.

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