20 Famous Pisces Men: Are They Your Type?

Updated October 25, 2022
20 Famous Pisces Men: Are They Your Type?

Famous Pisces men are easy to find. This talented sign is associated with famous Pisces males in India to celebrities every part of the globe.

Art, music and entertainment comes naturally to Pisces men. On the list are both the famous and infamous.

Famous Pisces men can be found throughout history and in the present day. From famous Pisces rappers to singers, Pisces celebrities can be found in the creative arts.

Famous Pisces characters abound, from stage to screen to the business world. A famous Pisces woman can recognize men of the same sign in the world of the rich and famous.

Famous Pisces people run the gamut from politicians to business magnates, to musicians and actors. Some of the most brilliant minds and even a few evil geniuses can be found under this sign.

1. George Washington (February 22, 1732)

Known for being the first President of the United States, George Washington is born under the sign of Pisces. General and statesman are not the first terms that come to mind when you think of the sign of Pisces.

Yet it takes character, vision and imagination to be the first leader of a newly established government. With no precedent to draw from, Washington no doubt used his visionary power and intuition.

Though he has many admirable traits, a few clues in his early life point to the infamous Piscean dreamy nature. Though a skilled mapmaker, his literacy skills were lacking early on. This would often lead him to become defensive and blame others for miscommunications.

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2. Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955)

Pisces men are equipped with all the vision, dream and ingenuity to make their mark on the world and become rich and famous. But not all Pisces men do. So many get lost in self-sabotage and fantasies.

Not Steve Jobs. This well known American business man, inventor and media magnate, Jobs revolutionized the world of the personal computer. This takes a Pisces man’s incredible vision and desire to connect on every level. Whenever you connect with your loved ones, even your Pisces crush, you have Steve Jobs to thank.

Even Jobs’ earliest circumstances made a splash. His mother fled to San Francisco to hide her pregnancy from his father. She then put him up for adoption only to try to change her mind about the couple who attempted to adopt him. The dealmaker was a pledge that the couple would pay for his college. A promise destined to put Jobs on the path to later success.

3. Johnny Cash (February 26, 1932)

Pisces men are known for their association with healing. Usually, they need quite a bit of emotional healing but also stand out as healers and guides for others.

This is easily seen in the case of Johnny Cash, American musician and songwriter who is also known for his rocky path to fame. Cash navigated a number of losses and traumas that contributed to his heavy drinking.

Like many Pisces men, he had to go through some dark times in order to confront his inner demons, including the loss of his brother and abusive father, so that he could finally live up to his full potential and find stability.

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4. Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967)

Not every Pisces man is able to wrestle with his inner demons and win the fight. Sadly, one of the most talented names in alternative rock in the 1990s, Kurt Cobain, is an example of this.

Cobain was a profound early influence on the grunge scene in Seattle Washington, where his band Nirvana exploded on the scene as this new genre was emerging. Yet fame and fortune can’t heal the soul of a wounded Pisces man. They know these superficial things don’t equal purpose and stability.

Cobain struggled with Heroin addiction and attempted to detox after a near fatal overdose. Although he survived the overdose, his depression and other deeper wounds led him to eventually commit suicide, leaving many shocked and saddened fans.

Still, his music continues to inspire and influence future generations. His life also stands as a tribute to the deep emotional waters Pisces men often traverse.

5. John Wayne Gacy (March 17, 1942)

There are famous Pisces men who self-destruct in spite of their immense creative talent, and then there are Pisces men who use their creativity toward destructive ends.

John Wayne Gacy is an example of this. Most Pisces men would rather self-destruct than harm another person. But there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes, a Pisces man’s deeper trauma can lead them to extremes.

John Wayne Gacy was an American Serial Killer whose story has both horrified and fascinated people for decades. His case is also a reminder of just how devastating childhood abuse and trauma can be. Without finding healing, a sensitive Pisces man can sink to some deep lows, though the extremes shown by Gacy are an exceptional example of this.

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6. Trevor Noah (February 20, 1984)

Unlike famous Scorpio men who often seek power and influence, Pisces men who become famous often find themselves in situations that they were destined to make the most of. They’re intuitive and know instinctively what path to take.

Trevor Noah is one such example. Born in South Africa during Apartheid, Trevor, being biracial, was stuck between two worlds and marginalized because of the oppressive social institution of the time. His unique experiences informed his later work as a comedian.

But his role as entertainer gave way to a role as social commentator. First when he joined the staff of the Daily Show and then in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. Adapting to the changing times in perfect Pisces form, Noah went off script and found a way to speak right to the heart of fans around the world.

7. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (February 24, 1977)

Born Floyd Joy Sinclair, Mayweather is an American Boxing Legend. Mayweather grew up amidst many challenges of which poverty was one. His defensive techniques and ability to hone his craft led to a successful career in this sport.

He won an Olympic Bronze Medal in the 1996 Olympics. He has also won numerous Boxer of the Year distinctions in the late 90s. Among records he’s broken, Mayweather’s athletic talent is the most lucrative pay per view attraction of all time.

Though Pisces men aren’t usually aggressive, Mayweather’s determination and focus as well as his devotion to developing his skills are reflective of a Pisces man’s love and passion for his interests. Pisces men easily lose themselves in their passions.

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8. Mikhail Gorbachev (March 2, 1931)

The eighth and final leader of the former Soviet Union, Gorbachev grew up under the reign of Stalin and became an influential activist and politician as part of efforts to reverse the policies of Stalin’s regime.

His efforts to reverse the constraint of Stalin’s rule include promotion of greater free speech initiatives. When you consider the personality of a Pisces man, wanting to be open, to connect and to share emotionally with others, Gorbachev’s push for more open communication makes sense.

He was instrumental in helping to reunify divided Germany and also worked toward greater humanitarian solutions in the fractured region. He won a Nobel Peace Prize and while he is controversial in some regards, he embodied the Pisces mission of healing after trauma and creating unity.

9. Quincy Jones (March 16, 1933)

Pisces men are often naturally gifted musicians. Take Quincy Jones, American songwriter and multi-instrumental musician. Nominated for the Grammy awards eighty times, Jones took home the prize over two dozen times.

Among records he broke were several awards which he was the first African-American to win, and for number of wins in the same year. His gift for music was first awakened by his mother and a neighbor, who would often sing spiritual songs together.

Jones also learned piano from playing the instrument that belonged to a neighbor. In his early life, Jones suffered a traumatic loss when his mother had a schizophrenic break.

His mother was institutionalized, and his father divorced and remarried. Yet in true Pisces form, Jones was able to use his music as a cathartic outlet.

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10. John Lewis (February 21, 1940)

Pisces men usually try to avoid trouble. They are natural peace-keepers. But when they do get into trouble, it’s usually what John Lewis called “good trouble.” This famous and much admired Pisces man became active in politics in his young adulthood.

He joined Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and was a prominent Civil Rights activist who took the call to nonviolent change to heart. Pisces men would rather solve problems diplomatically and abhor violence in any form.

Even when he was brutally attacked leading a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Lewis did not raise a hand in aggression. Years later, he faced his attacker and showed forgiveness, taking a spiritual approach to this traumatic event, as Pisces will often do.

His lengthy service in the House of Representatives and continued pursuit of justice and unity became part of his legacy. Lewis was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and continues to inspire generations of peaceful activists.

11. Desi Arnaz (March 2, 1917)

The list of Pisces entertainers would not be complete without mention of Desi Arnaz, Cuban-American comedian, actor, musician, and film and television producer. At a time in which entertainment lacked diversity, Arnaz became a household name.

Not only that, he is credited with being a significant figure in the creation of modern television, as his show, I Love Lucy, is considered a pioneer work in the genre of syndicated rerun shows.

Anyone who knows a Pisces man’s personality will not be surprised that such a prolific and creative entertainer would be someone born under this sign. Even his early life reads like a novel. Born to an affluent family and the son of the mayor of Santiago, Cuba, the revolution changed everything. His family’s land was confiscated. His father jailed temporarily.

Upon his father’s release from prison, his family fled to Miami to start life anew. He focused on his education and worked retail and craftsmen jobs before turning his full attention to the entertainment industry.

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12. Spike Lee (March 20, 1957)

Pisces celebrities, in the black community include director Spike Lee. Born Shelton Jackson, Spike Lee is an American film writer, producer, actor and professor. He is founder of his own film company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks. As the name suggests, Lee’s work is steeped in historic significance.

Whether he is injecting his films with comedy, action or adventure, Lee always uses his art to draw attention to important social justice issues, especially issues of race and discrimination. His work has won numerous awards and he’s been recognized for creating films of historical significance.

Creativity is not just a matter of astrology for Lee. He was also raised in and influenced by a highly creative family. His mother taught art and literature, his father was a jazz musician.

The calling to use art to reach the hearts of others and bring attention to wounds that need healing is integral to the mission of a Pisces man. This mission is embodied by Lee’s lifelong career blending culture, history, current events and artistic portrayals of prominent social dilemmas.

13. Sidney Poitier (February 20, 1927)

Bahamian-American actor and filmmaker as well as ambassador, Poitier’s work has won awards and his name is recognizable across generations. He was granted a Presidential Medal of Freedom award and made an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire.

Pisces is a sign associated with wounds and healing. Poitier was born prematurely and unexpectedly during one of his parents’ routine visits from the Bahamas to Florida. He survived a difficult birth but it took three months before he was healthy enough to return with his family to Cat Island.

His family moved to the United States when he was ten. As a young man, he took an interest in acting but initially struggled to find roles in the limited and stereotyped image Black Americans were cast into. Once he broke through on stage, it was only a matter of time before he was being given opportunities to act on screen.

His prolific career and contributions as an artist as well as his seemingly mystical pattern of being in the right place at the right time are emblematic of those born under the sign of Pisces. They bring healing and lessons of peace and unity, and walk between worlds of hardship and abundance.

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14. Michelangelo (March 6, 1475)

Pisces men are often gifted in not just one, but multiple artforms. Italian Renaissance Artist Michelangelo is no exception to this. In the modern era, it’s hard to imagine a time when creative people weren’t so niche focused.

Yet the definition of a Renaissance man is just that, one skilled in numerous crafts. Pisces men like Michelangelo are examples of this concept. Not only a renowned painter and sculptor, Michelangelo was also a poet and architect.

Though Pisces men don’t often seek the spotlight, one of the many things Michelangelo was known for is being the first western artist to have his biography written during his own lifetime.

Pisces men are often highly spiritually connected and devoted to a higher path. Sure enough, in his lifetime, Michelangelo was known as Il Divino, or the Divine One. This isn’t because they are superhuman, but because a Pisces man’s connection to Divine inspiration is often seen in their talent.

15. Tony Robbins (February 29, 1960)

Pisces men are often considered larger than life. This is also true of author, motivational speaker and personal coach Tony Robbins. Like many Pisces men, faced a tumultuous and abusive upbringing and set out on his own when he was seventeen.

With no formal education, he successfully launched a career as a motivational speaker. It may seem odd that a seventeen year old with no impressive credentials could become a guru and mentor, but this proves the inspiring and empathy skills of a Pisces man.

His gift of intuition and connection led him to make influential connections. Through his network, he was able to grow his business and eventually work as advisor and coach to well known celebrities such as Bill Clinton.

But his charmed career was not without flaws. He came under fire for controversial remarks suggesting those calling out prominent figures for sexual abuse were vying for power and significance. Though he later apologized, these comments cast a shadow on the illusion of charisma he often conveys.

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16. Lou Reed (March 2, 1942)

American musician, songwriter, singer and poet, Lou Reed embodies the strengths of a Pisces man. He’s known for writing for the band Velvet Underground, but his own career also spanned fifty years.

His style is renowned for being an influence on the alternative rock genre. He is known for his collaborations with other talented musicians and for his unique musical style. His work has won awards and still influences young generations of musicians.

His career began in a Doo-Wop group in junior high, when his participation in a talent show yielded favorable response from the audience. Pisces men are impressionable and love to be admired. Inspiring a Pisces man can lead him to strive to reach his full potential.

17. John Steinbeck (February 27, 1902)

Even though social justice literature wasn’t a category during the life of Pisces man John Steinbeck, his writing style blended realistic portrayals of social inequalities with imaginative scenes.

John Steinbeck was an award winning American author whose ability to blend reality and imagination is emblematic of a Pisces man’s nature. He lives both in the harsh reality around him but also in his imagination.

His novels such as Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are considered foundational works in western literature. His creative gifts are still influencing readers worldwide.

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18. Nat King Cole (March 17, 1919)

Born Nathaniel Adams Coles, American singer Nat King Cole is a perfect example of a Pisces man’s personality. He broke ground as the first African-American man to host a television series and his style and name are considered synonymous with jazz.

Each of his three brothers also pursued a career in music. His mother played the organ in their church and this was his first introduction to playing and performing music. Following his instincts, he dropped out of school at age fifteen.

He joined his brother in a band and went off in pursuit of success as a musician. This may not be the conventional path to success, but Pisces men have deep intuition and instincts that often go against the grain.

19. Victor Hugo (February 26, 1802)

French poet, dramatist and novelist Victor Hugo’s prolific career spanned sixty years. Not surprising, as Pisces men are usually divinely inspired and obsessively creative when their Muse is triggered.

Also typical of a Pisces man, his work calls questions of justice and morality into focus. Les Miserable and The Hunchback of Notre Dame contain themes questioning the morality of the death penalty.

Also in Pisces style, he had a dramatic change of political perspective in his adulthood and made sure themes of social justice and contemporary issues featured in all of his literary work. His rebuke of absolutism is also common for a Pisces man who can see many dimensions of an issue at once.

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20. Philip Roth (March 19, 1933)

American novelist and short story writer, Philip Roth embodies a Pisces man’s creativity and innovative style. Like so many other Pisces men, his work blends fiction and contemporary or historical themes.

One of his pivotal books, The Plot Against America imagines an alternative reality, how perfect for a Pisces man. Yet this alternative historical fiction is a dystopia in which Nazi sympathizer and American hero Charles Lindbergh wins his actual historic bid for presidency.

Not only was this book groundbreaking for creating a believable world in which America takes a very different turn toward fascism pre-World War Two, he also uses a unique style. In this book, Roth centers the narrative on his own family, working class first generation Jewish immigrants in Newark New Jersey.

This ability to step into fantasy while maintaining an awareness of what is real is one of the many strengths of a Pisces man. It is part of what makes his work so believable and compelling.

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