20 Famous Libra Men: Are They Your Type?

Updated April 15, 2022
20 Famous Libra Men: Are They Your Type?

Famous Libra men have made a positive mark on the world throughout history. You may recognize some of the famous Libras in history.

A Libra man’s personality can help him achieve fame as an artist, musician or performer and more. Of all the zodiac signs, Libra is one of the most creative.

The Libra horoscope is all about creating beauty, harmony and balance. A Libra man’s mission is to create beauty and peace in the world. He loves to share his gifts with the world.

It’s no wonder that Libra men become famous for their talents. From writers and performers to politicians and activists, Libra have brought compassion to the forefront for centuries.

Libra men are born to be part of a pair. Often, a Libra man’s fame is the result of a famous partnership. Libra celebrities succeed with the support of their loved ones as well.

1. John Lennon (October 9, 1940)

British musician, songwriter and member of the legendary group the Beatles, John Lennon’s name is still recognized generations after his passing. Known for songs such as Imagine, Lennon’s songs inspired generations to consider peace and love as instrumental to creating a better world.

In typical Libra man style, John Lennon is often thought of in reference to his partnerships. Both his musical songwriting partnership with Paul McCartney, and his partnership with his second wife Yoko Ono.

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2. Hugh Jackman (October 12, 1968)

Australian singer, actor and producer, Jackman’s breakthrough success came with the role of Wolverine in the X-Men film series. He’s won awards for his roles in films like The Greatest Showman and Broadway performances as well.

Jackman is so Libra, he’s also famous for his ongoing rivalry with “frenemy” Ryan Reynolds. The ongoing mock-duel between them showcases a Libra man’s ability to maintain connection through harmony or faux rivalry.

Jackman’s ability to portray a variety of characters shows his adaptability and talents as an actor. As a Libra, he has found balance between playing heroes and villains.

3. Bruce Springsteen (September 23, 1949)

American singer and songwriter, Bruce Springsteen was inspired when he first saw the Beatles perform on TV. No surprise he was touched by the band founded by another Libra man. Springsteen learned to play guitar shortly thereafter.

Known for his songs blending rock and folk style, Springsteen, in egalitarian Libra style, became the voice of the blue collar workers in the U.S. during the late 70s and 80s. He continues to write relevant songs today.

Thus, Springsteen uses his music to give voice to issues of social justice such as the devastating impact of globalization and even institutionalized racism. In true Libra form, he uses his voice and music to draw attention to injustices.

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4. Michael Douglas (September 25, 1944)

Award winning American actor and producer, Michael Douglas epitomizes the talent and attractiveness of a Libra man at any age.

He pursued acting in college and is known for roles on both TV and film. Born into an acting family, this Libra man pursued his love of theater and drama from an early age.

5. Friedrich Nietzsche (October 15, 1844)

When you think of ending up with a Libra man in bed, curling up with a copy of Beyond Good and Evil may not be what you had in mind. Authored by Libra philosopher and nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche, whose life left a mark on the world.

His life was marked by chronic illness. This forced him to resign from his position at the University of Basel, where he was the youngest person to ever serve as chair of Classical Philology.

He wrote numerous works of cultural criticism, poetry and philosophy. He was also famous for deconstructed the idea of truth favoring perspectivism instead. A very Libra way to avoid commitment.

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6. Mahatma Gandhi (October 2, 1869)

Famous for embodying the Libra traits of being a peaceful activist against British Colonial rule of India. Ghandi is known for encouraging non-violent resistance to tyranny.

He has come to be associated with non-violent civil rights struggles world-wide. Also trained as a lawyer and ethicist, Ghandi’s Libra-style commitment to peace and nonviolence even extended to his vegetarian diet.

Embodying some of the best Libra man traits, his name is still considered synonymous with peaceful protest and the struggle for equality and freedom. His example inspired activists from around the world.

7. T.S. Eliot (September 26, 1888)

Other well known Libra personality traits are intellectual strengths and gifts for diplomatic and creative communication. The writer, essayist, editor, publisher and critic T.S. Eliot embodies these traits.

Born in St. Louis, he moved to England and later renounced his American citizenship. He is best known for his poems and plays and is considered one of the greatest writers of modern poetry. No surprise, since Libra men have a way with words.

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8. Oscar Wilde (October 16, 1854)

Another famous Libra poet and playwright was Oscar Wilde. A true Libra, he experimented with various types of literary arts. His intellectual leanings were encouraged by his parents.

Witty, eccentric and insightful, Wilde worked for a time as a journalist. He wrote short stories and essays. His most enduring works include the Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest.

9. Sting (October 2, 1951)

Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, the award winning English musician and actor made his musical debut as part of the band The Police. With the eclectic interests and talents of a typical Libra, his music has endured for decades.

Sting is known for blending genres including rock, reggae and jazz. His wide repertoire is typical for the creative and adaptable Libra man.

Also, in typical Libra style, he uses his platform to combine music and activism. He has worked with Amnesty International and is passionate about human rights and world hunger.

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10. Isaac Asimov (October 4, 1919)

Isaac Asimov is another example of a Libra man who is also proficient with words. One of the most prolific American writers, Asimov has written over five hundred books. He has also had success working in tandem with collaborators on some of his books.

In addition to being a prominent Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Mystery writer, Asimov was also a Biochemistry Professor. His work earned him recognition and reward. In typical Libra style, he helped blend the worlds of science and fantasy through this writing.

11. Jimmy Carter (October 1, 1924)

To this day, when people speak of Jimmy Carter, the image of compassion, passivity and humanitarian spirit is evoked. Jimmy Carter was the thirty ninth president of the United States.

Embodying the balance of opposites, Carter is the only U.S. president to have previously lived in subsidized housing. His family’s limited means may be partially responsible for his connection to struggle.

The importance of equality, fairness and justice influence Carter even now. Even in his senior years, he continues to not only engage in diplomatic work but also build houses for those in need.

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12. Dwight Eisenhower (October 4, 1890)

Before Carter, Dwight Eisenhower was another Libra man to become U.S. president. His service in both WWI and WWII had ingrained a strong sense of duty. It was this sense of obligation that led Eisenhower to be convinced by President Truman to run for office.

This exemplifies how Libra men will often make decisions based on what they believe is best for the collective as opposed to what they personally want. His first move as president was to de-segregate all federal institutions. This shows his Libra tendency to create equality.

13. Tom Petty (October 20, 1950)

American singer-songwriter, musician and actor, Tom Petty is known for solo work and work in collaboration with The Traveling Wilburys and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. His career is prolific, no surprise for a talented Libra man.

Petty’s musical career began at age ten when he met Elvis Presley. He knew from then on that he, too, wanted to be a musician. Libra men often find their own talents reflected in their role models.

His career vacillated between solo acts and collaboration with bands. He found success through both paths, showing his versatility.

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14. Mark Hamill (September 25, 1951)

American actor and writer, Mark Hamill became best known for his role in the Star Wars series, playing Luke Skywalker. In Star Wars he played the hero but was also known for his role as voice actor for the Joker in the animated Batman series.

Thus, he is an example of a Libra man’s flexibility in portraying both the benevolent and malicious roles. His father’s role in the military led his family to move frequently. When Hamill was still in school, while living in Japan, he joined his school’s drama club.

His well rounded experience living in different places and adapting to new schools frequently led Hamill to develop the skills to succeed. Being an outgoing Libra man helped, of course.

15. Paul Simon (October 13, 1941)

True to a Libra personality, males don’t just look for romantic partnerships. Libra men look for creative partnerships as well. Paul Simon, the famous musician, singer-songwriter and actor, is an example of this.

His musical career started in tandem with his creative collaboration with Art Garfunkel. Simon wrote and performed the songs that made this pair famous.

Libra compatibility is often through opposites attracting. Though very different in personality, Simon was able to find his muse in Garfunkel. Even when the pair parted ways, Paul Simon continued to have a prolific career.

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16. Confucius (September 28, 551)

The influence of the prominent Libra man dates back to antiquity. It seems Libras have always tried to make a positive mark on society. Confucius, the Chinese Philosopher and Politician, is still talked about today.

Even though he was born in 551 B.C., Confucius has left a legacy spanning centuries. His early political goals were to dismantle the equivalent of an oligarchy, restoring rule to local leaders and taking power from a few ruling families.

His philosophy attracted both contemporary students and even in modern times, people look to his teachings for wisdom. His teachings emphasize integrity, honesty and self-knowledge. All emblematic of a Libra’s values.

17. Neil deGrass Tyson (October 5, 1958)

American astrophycisist, cosmologist and author, Tyson has served as Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Blending the worlds of science and spirituality, he has also been an avid writer and speaker on this paradoxical topic.

In typical Libra form, he uses his strong intellect to try to educate others about the scientific and spiritual realms. He is an avid writer and tries to help create balance between the understanding of our role on Earth and in the cosmos.

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18. Stevie Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954)

American musician, producer and songwriter, Vaughan was inspired to explore music because of his brother. He experimented with various instruments at a young age and was playing guitar by age seven.

A typical Libra, his career and love of music was kickstarted by someone he admired. He played in several bands before becoming part of the band for which he would become most famous, Double Trouble.

Although his love of music and talent in this artform aligns with his strengths as a Libra man, his lifelong struggle with addiction reflects the downside. Libra men can succumb to the temptation to pursue pleasure, even at a cost.

19. Chuck Berry (October 18, 1926)

Born Charles Edward Anderson Berry, this American musician and songwriter has been called the “Father of Rock and Roll.”

With a knack for writing songs that would appeal to teens and the burgeoning consumerism of the mid 1950s, Berry launched a successful music career evolving rock and roll to commercial audiences.

Thus, he demonstrated the ability to blend two different worlds and appeal to the aesthetics and desires of vast audiences. He is best known for songs like Maybeline and Johnnie B. Goode.

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20. Jesse Jackson (October 8, 1941)

American minister, politician and civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson embodies typical Libra priorities. His ability to draw on his spiritual beliefs and platform to try to effect change in favor of justice and equality is a perfect combination of Libra drives.

He ran for president of the U.S. and has also used his platform as an activist to try to address injustices worldwide. This is also characteristic of a Libra man. His response is usually not to focus on his needs but what the world needs from him.

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