20 Famous Cancer Men: Are They Your Type?

Updated June 24, 2022
20 Famous Cancer Men: Are They Your Type?

When you look at the list of famous Cancer men, some of the names may surprise you. Cancer men can be shy, yet also become successful.

Among the famous Cancers in history, you’ll find politicians and actors. Famous Cancerians use their intuition to succeed.

When you understand the Cancer zodiac signs traits, you’ll understand how those born under this sign can leave a profound legacy. Cancer personalities can be conducive to business success.

Various zodiac signs can be found in positions of leadership. But famous Cancerians in history knew how to blend business and compassion. Famous Cancer people know how to inspire their fans.

If you have a Cancer man celebrity crush, it’s understandable. You may even find the winning Cancer zodiac traits in your Cancer love who isn’t a celebrity yet.

1. Elon Musk (June 28, 1971)

CEO and founder of Tesla and co-founder of PayPal, successful entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk was a typical shy Cancer kid long before he became a household name. His smart but shy nature led him to spend lots of time alone as a kid. Being bullied didn’t help.

If success is the best revenge, though, Musk has more than proven himself. In typical Cancer man style, his ambition and success mean that he now has the last laugh. Musk is living proof of the Cancer zodiac facts, those born under this sign can be sensitive but also shrewd and determined.

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2. Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962)

Living proof of the romantic appeal and potential for a Cancer man to be a real hearth throb, Tom Cruise, American actor, has entertained audiences for decades. His earliest movies, Risky Business and Top Gun, are well known. Cruise is an award-winning actor who has played a variety of different roles. His interest in acting developed after he was cut from the football team in high school for drinking.

He found a niche in theater instead and went on to study acting in NYC after high school. Cruise is an example of a Cancer man’s ability to overcome setbacks and find success. His father was emotionally abusive, and this led Cruise to become even more sensitive to others and to his surroundings.

3. Tom Hanks (July 9, 1956)

Many Cancer celebrities are actors such as Tom Hanks. Hanks is an American actor and film maker. He’s famous for his roles in movies like Big, Forrest Gump and more serious roles in films like Philadelphia. Hanks has an eclectic repertoire and plenty of accolades.

A typical shy Cancer man, he was awkward and unpopular in his younger years. His acting career began in high school theater. He would go on to become popular worldwide.

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4. Bill Withers (July 4, 1936)

American singer, songwriter and musician, Bill Withers is a famous Cancer man known for many songs including Lean on Me is recognizable to this day. He stuttered early in life and had trouble connecting to others. Like many Cancer men who become famous, Withers overcame adversity and found his calling by accident.

While serving in the Navy, he took an interest in music. No stranger to perseverance, Withers showed the Cancerian tenacity as he got his start in the music industry by promoting demo tapes by night after working all day in a manufacturing job. His legacy of emotionally moving music speaks to the creative genius of a Cancer man.

5. Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918)

Shyness and passivity is a common trait of Cancer men, but don’t let them fool you. They can move mountains to protect home and family. This is evident in the example of Nelson Mandela, whose concern for home and family in the larger communal sense led him to become a revolutionary activist and anti-apartheid and president of South Africa in the mid to late 1990s.

His willingness to advocate for those suffering injustice has created a longstanding legacy. His sensitivity and compassion led him to go from a career in law to being an advocate for change through involvement in a revolutionary movement.

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6. Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856)

Serbian-American inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla was a pioneer in electrical engineering and even explored early patents for x-ray technology. Inspired by his formative years as most Cancer men are, Tesla was moved by physics demonstrations conducted by one of his early teachers.

A typical Cancer man who loves to connect with people, Tesla was known for conducting demonstrations for audiences. Also like a Cancer man, Tesla put his trust in the wrong people with devastating consequences. While working on patenting a new lighting system, his business partners undermined him and left him in dire financial straits.

7. Gerald Ford (July 14, 1913)

The thirty-eighth President of the United States, Gerald Ford is another example of a famous Cancer man in politics. A typical Cancer man, Ford was known for being financially conservative but socially moderate.

He wasn’t afraid to cause tension with his fellow conservatives. Ford was known to stand up for his beliefs and friends regardless of political pressure.

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8. Patrick Stewart (July 13, 1940)

English actor, director and producer, Patrick Stewart is known for his roles in the X-Men movies, Star Trek series and I, Claudius series. He grew up in a poor family, the victim of violence from his father who suffered PTSD from combat. Stewart’s compassion and ideology were influenced by these experiences.

As is the case for many Cancerian men who’s tumultuous homelife leads them to seek an escape, Stewart found creative release in theater. His interest in acting began when a teacher inspired his interest in Shakespeare.

9. Ringo Starr (July 7, 1940)

English musician, actor and songwriter, Cancerian man Ringo Starr got his breakthrough into fame as part of the rock group the Beatles. No surprise for a Cancer man, his signature drumming style is passionate more than technical.

Chronic childhood illnesses caused him to spend long periods of time convalescing. During one of these periods of hospitalization, he used a makeshift mallet to bang on cabinets at his bedside. This unusual introduction to drumming shows the potential for a Cancer man to be resourceful and creative.

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10. John D. Rockefeller (July 8, 1839)

Given their tenacity and passion as well as their intuition and desire for security, it’s no surprise that one of the most wealthy entrepreneurs in American history was a Cancerian man. Considered both an industrial magnate and philanthropist, John D. Rockefeller started working various jobs as an adolescent. In his early adulthood, he set his sights on working in the oil industry and became a successful oil tycoon.

His creation of monopoly Standard Oil changed the business model. Although it was challenged by anti-trust laws, his style changed the way people think of business.

11. John Glenn (July 18, 1921)

Famous American aviator, engineer and astronaut, he is famous for being the first human to orbit the Earth. Usually Cancer men prefer to stick closer to home, but John Glenn is a great example of a Cancer man whose dedication to his career can leave a positive mark on all of humanity.

An endearing fact that portrays the romantic side of a Cancer man is that he met his future wife when he was just a toddler. It just goes to show that when a Cancer man loves you, he can fly into outer space but will always come home to the woman who has his heart.

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12. Charlie Murphy (July 12, 1959)

Charlie Murphy, brother of famous comedian Eddie Murphy, is a talented and successful comedian and actor as well. Cancer men are connected to family and it is no surprise he shared the same career ambitions as his brother.

He worked his way into the industry in the 1980s 1990s. He gained greater fame and recognition on Chappelle’s Show. Ironically, one of his best-known comedy sketches involves his stories about traveling with his brother, Eddie. He would go on to have his own comedy show. Murphy has an impressive list of accomplishments in roles in various movies, television shows and even as a voice actor for video games, showing a Cancer man’s versatile nature.

13. David Hasselhof (July 17, 1952)

American actor, businessman, singer and producer, Hasselhoff broke the world record for most watched man on TV. From soap operas to films, Hasselhoff has an impressive record of versatile roles.

Cancer men are family oriented. After a long and successful career, David tried to make television performance a family affair. A short-lived series, The Hasselhoffs, featured his daughters as well. Though it was not as successful as his personal career, this attempt shows how much Cancer men love to involve family in their business.

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14. Ingmar Bergman (July 14, 1918)

Swedish writer, director and producer whose accomplishments have left a legacy in the industry of film making. Cancer men are creative and need secure outlets to retreat from the stress of life.

As a child, he acquired a magic lantern and this sparked his fascination with puppetry and lighting. He became obsessed with film as a young man as well. Like many Cancer men, he did not have a happy childhood. Also like many famous Cancer men, he sought refuge in reading and creative outlets.

15. Rembrandt (July 15, 1606)

One of the greatest Dutch painters and artists of the seventeenth century, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, or Rembrandt as he is known, has left a profound legacy in the art world. Though his capabilities are broad and eclectic, he is known for his dramatic work with shadow and lighting.

His skills were finely honed as a result of an apprenticeship at a young age. Though he eventually came to be a highly sought after artist, he also had a penchant for overspending, especially on art. Though Cancer men can be frugal, they will splurge on their passions.

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16. Woody Guthrie (July 14, 1912)

American folk singer and songwriter, known as the “Dust Bowl Balladeer”, Guthrie’s accomplishments are reminiscent of a Cancer man’s connection to home and family. His best-known song is This Land is Your Land.

Guthrie is best known for illustrating the experience of working and poor people in America, sometimes using the notorious Cancer wit and satire to do so. In spite of several traumatic experiences in early life, including his mother’s commitment to an asylum, Guthrie found a way to voice the personal and collective pain and joy of everyday people through his ballads.

17. James Cagney (July 17, 1899)

James Cagney was a dynamic performer known for high energy acting and dance routines. Though his later success would make this hard to believe, he actually struggled with extreme stage fright as a child. But when he covered for his brother in a theater performance, his interest in performance was sparked.

His college career was cut short after his father died of influenza. His interest in theater evolved from working behind the scenes to taking center stage. Like many Cancer men, his talent was always there. He had been dancing since childhood. But it took an unexpected coincidence to put him in the spotlight and kickstart his career.

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18. Huey Lewis (July 5, 1950)

American musician, Huey Lewis is known for his success in the 1980s music scene. His band, Huey Lewis and the News, achieved success that was enhanced by their contribution to the popular Ghostbusters movie soundtrack.

Adventurous for a Cancer man, Lewis hitchhiked cross country, learning to play harmonica along the way. He traveled to Europe as a young adult and played harmonica as a guest performer with notable bands including Thin Lizzy. This illustrates the resourcefulness of a Cancer man.

19. Patrice Lumumba (July 2, 1925)

Congolese political leader and activist, Lumumba exemplifies a Cancer man whose connection to home and family leads to involvement in politics. He was the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo after helping to lead the effort to decolonize the Congo.

He was influenced by revolutionaries from other periods as a child and was working as a beer salesman when he was inspired to become involved in the efforts to liberate the Congo. His passion for his mission is very typical of a Cancer man.

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20. Jack Dempsey (June 24, 1895)

Boxer and Heavyweight Champion, known for his passionate fighting style, Jack Dempsey embodies the intensity of a Cancer man on a mission. Growing up in a poor family, Dempsey got his start as a fighter as a matter of survival.

He would go to bars and challenge patrons to fight him for money. Though boxing is a sport, for Dempsey it was a matter of financial desperation, coupled with his Cancerian ability to take care of his family even if it is painful.

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