Are Sagittarius Men Faithful?

Updated October 28, 2022
Are Sagittarius Men Faithful?

A faithful Sagittarius man isn’t a rare thing. It’s just also not rare to find a Sagittarius man who isn’t faithful.

How faithful a Sagittarius man is depends on the person. Some Sagittarius men want to be faithful but fail for some reason.

Are Sagittarius men faithful? That isn’t an easy question to answer. Some Sagittarius men are very faithful and loyal. Others don’t always succeed even when they try to be faithful to their partners.

Sagittarius men often have commitment issues. They are free spirits and they hate feeling tied down. His love of freedom might override his desire to be faithful to his partner.

Not all Sagittarius men are cheaters, though! Many are very loving and loyal partners. They are also honest and will try to always tell you the truth.

Commitment Issues

Understanding a Sagittarius man is easier when you understand his commitment issues.

Sagittarius men have trouble committing for a variety of reasons. Many of them are afraid they will have to give up their freedom and independence.

Some are afraid of feeling trapped. He doesn’t want to have to stop traveling or doing other things he loves just because he’s in a relationship.

Of course, in a healthy relationship, he won’t have to give up any significant amount of freedom. A partner who is compatible with him will understand his lifestyle and not try to completely change it.

If a Sagittarius man does cheat on his partner, he’s most likely to do it in the early stages of the relationship.

If he hasn’t actually made a big commitment and has just started to date somebody, he might not even consider it cheating if he hooks up with somebody else.

A Sagittarius man is slow to commit but once he does decide to settle down, he’s usually all-in. He’s much less likely to cheat if he’s married or if he’s been with his partner for a long time.

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Sagittarius men are very honest, sometimes to a fault. They are open and direct. He won’t go out of his way to criticize you but he’s also not going to sugarcoat anything he says to you.

This honesty makes many Sagittarius men faithful partners. If he says he’s committed to you, he is telling the truth. He doesn’t promise to be exclusive with somebody if he doesn’t intend on keeping that promise.

If a Sagittarius man stops communicating with you entirely, that’s a sign something might be wrong. He might have done something to betray you and he’s trying to figure out how to tell you.

Sagittarius men who do cheat on their partners usually come clean fairly quickly. He will feel guilty for betraying you. He won’t want your relationship to be based on a lie.


A Sagittarius man in love is going to be very obvious about his feelings. He is an open, honest, and loving partner.

Your Sagittarius man wants you to feel loved. He wants you to know how deeply he cares about you. Again, when a Sagittarius man commits to somebody, he is all-in.

His loving nature helps make a Sagittarius man a faithful partner. After all, cheating on you won’t make you think he loves you. It will make you think the opposite.

When he loves you, he won’t want to do anything to hurt you. He’ll resist temptation because he wants you to be happy.

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How does a Sagittarius man show love? Many of the ways he shows love could be considered very romantic.

He shows his love in many ways. He’ll openly tell you how much he adores you. He won’t hold back at all when it comes to expressing his feelings for you.

Many Sagittarius men love grand, romantic gestures. He’ll take you out on an extravagant date for your birthday or anniversary.

Being romantic doesn’t always make somebody faithful, unfortunately. Many Sagittarius men will be faithful because cheating often kills romance. Not all Sagittarius men will be faithful, though.

Some Sagittarius men are in love with the idea of romance. They like the grand gestures. They like charming their partner.

If he’s not actually ready for a relationship, he might cheat no matter how well he treats you otherwise.

Free Spirits

Being adventurous is one of a Sagittarius man’s traits. He’s a free spirit who enjoys experiencing all life has to offer.

Being a free spirit doesn’t necessarily make a Sagittarius man a cheater. Some are. Others express their freedom in other ways that don’t involve betraying their partner’s trust.

Some Sagittarius men have a hard time thinking before they act. If he gets the urge to do something, he’ll do it first and think about it later.

Even if your Sagittarius man wants to be faithful to you, some just aren’t cut out for the monogamous life. Some Sagittarius men need to be in open or polyamorous relationships.

If he’s just not the monogamous type, you’re never going to get him to settle down with just you. If you can’t be in an open relationship with him, it might be time to move on.

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Level of Loyalty

It’s easy to spot signs a Sagittarius man is playing you. He’s often pretty upfront about whether or not he takes your relationship seriously.

Are Sagittarius men players? They don’t try to be! Some Sagittarius men do come across as players, though.

Sometimes, there is a mismatch between what you think the relationship is and what your Sagittarius man thinks it is.

If you two have been dating for a short time, he might not feel like he has to be loyal to you. He might still be getting to know you. He might not yet know if he wants the relationship to be a long-term thing.

If you two haven’t talked about being exclusive, don’t assume your Sagittarius man is only dating you. He might think you two are just casually dating. He might be casually dating other people as well.

The good thing about a Sagittarius man is that he doesn’t often sneak around. If he has other partners, he’ll let you know.

When he decides he wants to be in a monogamous relationship with you, he’ll do his best to stay faithful to you. He will feel loyal to you and he won’t want to do anything to betray your trust.

He’s a Flirt

Can a Sagittarius man be trusted to remain faithful in a relationship? Many of them can be.

They are still flirts, though. Most Sagittarius men don’t consider a little bit of flirting to be a problem. If he’s not being serious about it, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

If you’re the jealous type, a Sagittarius man might not be the one for you. He won’t go out of his way to flirt with other women in front of you. He will likely flirt with others, though.

Most of the time, it’s harmless. He’s just having a bit of fun. He has no intention of dating the person he’s flirting with or sleeping with them.

This might be one area of your relationship where you need to compromise. He doesn’t always realize he’s flirting! It just comes second-nature to him. If the flirting never turns into anything else, just let it go.

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Sagittarius men are often very spontaneous. This is one of the things that makes them exciting!

This spontaneity will show up in ways that make your relationship fun. He’ll give you surprise gifts and take you on last-minute trips for the weekend.

Some Sagittarius men get into trouble because of their spontaneity, however. If he has poor impulse control, that spontaneous nature might cause him to do something he regrets.

Now and then, a Sagittarius man will get caught up in the moment and do something to betray his partner. Not all Sagittarius men are like this but it is a possibility.

If you know your Sagittarius man isn’t the best at controlling his impulses, you should express your concerns to him. Impulse control is something that can be worked on.

Values Freedom

The key to learning how to treat a Sagittarius man in a relationship is learning how to respect his freedom.

He might be willing to commit to you and make some compromises. He won’t be willing to “give up” all his freedom just to be in a relationship with you.

One reason some Sagittarius men cheat on their partners is because they feel like they aren’t fully free to do what they want.

It’s not always about sex. It’s not always because they don’t love their partner. It’s because they feel trapped.

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Highly Sexual

Many Sagittarius men love sex. This doesn’t mean that all of them are nymphomaniacs but sex is an important part of a relationship for a lot of Sagittarius men.

If your Sagittarius man has a high libido, he’s going to want to have sex a lot.

He’s not going to cheat on you every single time you’re not in the mood. He’ll wait until another time or he’ll take care of things himself.

Another reason Sagittarius men might cheat on their partners does have to do with sex.

If he’s not feeling satisfied with his sexual relationship with his partner, a Sagittarius man might look for sexual satisfaction outside of his relationship.

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