Are Libra Men Faithful?

Updated February 22, 2023
Are Libra Men Faithful?

A faithful Libra man is easy to come by. He just has to be fully committed to you, and he has to tell you that he is.

Libras sometimes get a reputation for being cheaters, and this isn’t entirely fair to them.

Do Libra men cheat? Any sign can cheat, so the answer to that is yes, sometimes they do. Answering that question for Libra can be tricky though, because of how Libras think about relationships.

A relationship isn’t an exclusive, committed relationship for a Libra until he has specifically told you that it is. Then, you two need to have a conversation and decide that you two are in a monogamous relationship.

If that hasn’t happened, he might still be seeing other people. He doesn’t consider that cheating, even if some other people might.


This is one stereotype about Libras that everyone knows. Libra men have trouble making even the most minor of decisions, let alone a large one like committing to a relationship.

If a Libra man is emotionally distant, it’s often because he hasn’t decided yet if you’re “the one.”

For example, you two may be casually dating, and he can’t decide if he wants to take the relationship to the next level.

It will take a lot of time for a Libra man to decide he’s ready to commit. Until he’s made that decision, he’ll still be open to relationships with other people.

A Libra man’s weakness when it comes to decision-making is often the most significant cause of problems in his relationships. As a result, it’s hard for him to get on the same page with his partners.

You may be ready to settle down with him, but he might not see the relationship as being that serious yet.

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Takes His Time

Commitment comes slowly to a Libra man. He wants to be sure that you’re the one he wants to be with before he settles down with you.

You two might be dating, but that doesn’t mean he’s sure about you. For example, he may still date other people while you two are dating. You might see that as cheating, but he sees it differently.

He’ll take his time and date around until he’s ready to settle down with someone. Some Libra men are ready sooner than others. So you may need to casually date and wait around for him.

You might find yourself in an on-and-off relationship with a Libra man because he’s just not ready to be in a long-term relationship yet.


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. This means it is a sign that is very connected to all things romance-related.

When a Libra man is in love, he’ll give you his whole heart. He’ll dote on you and make sure you know he loves you. He’ll show his love in a variety of ways whenever he can.

He values romance. He wants to sweep you off your feet and make you feel loved.

Cheating obviously won’t make you feel like he loves you. He’s likely to remain faithful when he is in a long-term relationship and has committed to you.

Libra men are typically monogamous and prefer to keep their relationship rather than seek a new one out.

If he does do something to break your trust in him, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you.

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Libras have a strong sense of justice and fairness. He knows it’s not fair to you or your relationship if he does something to break the commitment he’s made to you.

If he marries you, he’s going to take his vows seriously. He knows that you have specific expectations for the marriage, and he’ll do what he can to meet those expectations.

He will remain faithful to you if that is what you two have agreed on. His sense of fairness will prevent him from giving in to temptation the majority of the time.

If he does cheat on you or do anything that might be pushing the line, he’ll feel terrible.

He’s less likely to try and hide it from you than other signs. He’s also less likely to keep up a long-term affair. If something does happen, it’s a one-time thing more often than not.

Values Relationships

A Libra man in love is someone who values his relationship and wants to make it work out no matter what.

The key thing here is that he needs to see you two as being in a committed relationship. If you two haven’t explicitly talked about being exclusive, don’t assume he sees your relationship as a monogamous one.

If you two have had that talk or if you’re married, you can trust he’ll be loyal to you, though.

He wants nothing more than to settle down with the love of his life. It might take him quite some time to make that commitment, but he takes it seriously once he does.

He doesn’t want to ruin your relationship. He knows that cheating can do that. So even if he’s tempted, he’ll fight that temptation for the sake of your marriage.

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Your Libra husband will often try to keep the peace whenever possible.

He’ll try to calm you down and smooth things over if you two fight. He won’t run off and sleep with somebody else if he’s upset. He’ll try to fix things.

If he does start to develop feelings for someone else, he’ll likely try to ignore them. He doesn’t want to upset his partner. Even if he’s unhappy, he’ll remain faithful for the sake of the relationship.

He is pretty good at keeping the peace most of the time. But, if he can’t, he’s more likely to try and figure out why than give up entirely.


Libra men are likely to stay in a relationship when their partner is the one who cheats. Why is this? One reason is that they hate confrontation.

Cheating obviously causes problems in a relationship. If he cheats on you and you find out on your own, you’re going to confront him about it. He wants to avoid this at all costs.

If he does cheat, he might think coming clean right away will be better than hiding it from you. This isn’t always true, of course.

He doesn’t want you to come at him with anger and accusations. He’ll come to you first and try to smooth things over from the get-go.

More often than not, though, he just won’t cheat in the first place.

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Dating a Libra man is different than being in a relationship with him, at least as far as he sees it.

This question isn’t easy to answer because sometimes people just aren’t on the same page about whether or not they are in a committed relationship.

If you’ve been dating for a few months and you’re only dating him, you might assume that the relationship is a monogamous one. Don’t assume!

You two need to have an actual conversation about the nature of your relationship. This is the only way to get on the same page.

If you haven’t had this conversation and he hasn’t specifically said he’s committed to having a monogamous relationship with you, don’t be surprised if you find he’s dating other people.

He won’t see this as cheating. This is why some people consider Libras to be cheaters. They’re not! You two just didn’t get on the same page about being exclusive.


A married Libra man is a loyal Libra man.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment. Libra men take marriage very seriously. If he has promised to remain faithful to you, you can trust he will.

This is truly a sign that your Libra man has chosen you and only you. He only wants to get married once.

Some people have no problem with divorce. If they are unhappy, they have no problem moving on. Libra isn’t like this. He’ll do his best to make his relationship work.

Trust that your Libra husband loves you and wants to remain faithful to you. Cheating isn’t in his plan at all.

This is especially true if the two of you have children. He wants his children to have a loving, happy family.

He wants them to grow up with both of their parents, and he wants the two of you to have a healthy relationship for their sake.

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A Libra man’s relationship is essential to him. If he’s married to you or otherwise in a long-term relationship, it’s unlikely that he’ll cheat.

Libra men do cheat, though. He just doesn’t always consider it to be cheating.

A Libra man’s affairs (if you can really call them that) typically occur before he’s made a genuine commitment to his partner.

Dating around isn’t cheating. Having more than one partner at a time isn’t cheating.

Libra’s problem is that he isn’t always clear about where he’s at with a relationship. Many people may assume that their boyfriend is only dating them after a certain point. That’s not an unrealistic assumption.

Don’t make that assumption with a Libra man, though. He’ll absolve himself of any guilt by claiming that you two never said you were exclusive.

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