Early Stages of Dating a Taurus Man

Updated May 3, 2023

The early stages of dating a Taurus man will likely go slowly. Be patient, and don’t try to move too quickly.

Your Taurus man will likely set the pace early in your relationship. Let him go at his pace if you want him to feel comfortable.

Focus on building trust in the early stages of your relationship with a Taurus man. Be honest and genuine from the start, so he knows you’re trustworthy.

You can expect some tests when you first start dating a Taurus man. Be patient, and don’t get offended! He’s just trying to see if you’re the right person for him.

Focus on your bond with your Taurus man. Open up to him. Take the time to learn his love language and teach him yours. This will help grow and strengthen your relationship.

Don’t Move Too Quickly

When you start dating a Taurus man, it’s important not to move too quickly! If you do that, you’ll likely make your Taurus man uncomfortable.

Taurus men take relationships and commitment seriously. Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus, so it makes sense that your Taurus man would be invested in finding the love of his life.

If your Taurus man isn’t moving fast enough for you, consider why you want to move so quickly. Are you in a hurry to get married or settle down? If so, you may need to adjust your expectations.

Moving too quickly will push your Taurus man away. If he likes you, he wants to take his time! He wants to properly build your relationship instead of rushing into things.

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Be Patient

You must be patient if you want a serious relationship with a Taurus man. If he’s dating you, that’s a sign that he enjoys being with you! You don’t need to be in a rush.

You might have to play a Taurus man’s waiting game in the early stages of dating him. If you seem impatient, he’ll likely end things with you. He doesn’t want to be rushed or controlled.

Being patient with a Taurus man throughout your relationship is essential, not just at the beginning. He will start to open up more but may always struggle with talking about his emotions. Just be patient and show him you still care about him anyway.

If you can’t be patient with your Taurus man, you’ll make him feel nervous or like you don’t respect his boundaries.

Let Him Go At His Pace

A Taurus man at the beginning of a relationship will likely feel most comfortable if you let him set the pace. He will slow down if he is moving too fast for you but don’t try to make him pick up the pace if you think he’s too slow.

Trying to control your Taurus man or force him to move faster than he’s ready is an example of what not to do when dating a Taurus man. If he’s not ready for something and you are, you need to wait!

If you can’t go at your Taurus man’s pace, be open with him. Try to talk things through, but don’t be pushy.

Let your Taurus man know how you feel and why you want to pick up the pace. After talking things through, you might realize there really is no reason to rush!

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Be Honest

You should be honest and genuine from the first date with a Taurus man. You might be able to fool him by pretending to be someone you’re not, but he’ll eventually figure it out and won’t want to stay with you.

Be honest about your intentions. Let your Taurus man know from the start if you want a serious relationship. If you’re only looking for something casual, tell him that!

If you’re not honest with your Taurus man, he’ll never trust you. If he realizes that you’ve been lying to him from the start, even about something minor, your relationship will not last.

There’s no need to lie to your Taurus man. Don’t pretend to like things he does to impress him. He would rather you don’t share those interests than be dishonest.

Expect Some Tests

Something to expect when dating a Taurus man is that he will likely test you and your relationship at the beginning. He’ll want to see if you two are genuinely compatible!

Some of a Taurus man’s behavior makes sense when you realize that he’s testing your compatibility or testing you for traits that he looks for in a partner.

A Taurus man might seem like he’s sending mixed signals at times. He may start to open up, then quickly pull back.

This is because he’s slowly opening up to see how you’ll react. He’s testing to see if you can be non-judgmental and give him the support he needs, and then he’s taking time to reflect on your reactions.

Your Taurus man will test your trustworthiness, independence, ability to support him emotionally, and many other things at the beginning of your relationship!

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Focus On Your Bond

Establishing a strong connection is a vital part of being in a relationship with a Taurus man. If he’s dating you exclusively, he sees potential in your relationship.

You should open up to your Taurus man and allow him to get to know you better. Try to help him open up too, but don’t push too hard if he’s having difficulty talking about certain things.

Let your Taurus man know that you’re there for him and willing to offer support when he needs it. Strengthen your bond by actually following through on that, too!

There are many ways to strengthen your bond with your Taurus man. Share your hobbies with him and listen when he talks about his interests. Try new things together, meet each other’s friends, and spend as much quality time together as possible.

Expect Things To Be Slow

One of the signs a Taurus man likes you is that he will start to open up more, spend more time with you, and attempt to bond with you. All of those things won’t happen overnight, though!

It can actually be a red flag if a Taurus man is moving too fast. If he wants to commit after a few dates, that’s unusual. You can typically expect things to move slowly between you two.

A Taurus man likely won’t sleep with you after only a few dates. If he really likes you and thinks you might be the one, he will probably wait. He’ll want to focus on building your relationship before you take any significant steps.

If you’re expecting a whirlwind, fast-paced romance, don’t date a Taurus man! He can be a romantic, but he’s not dramatic about it. He’ll likely always be a bit slow-paced, and you should be okay with that.

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Build Trust With Him

If your Taurus man can’t trust you, you’ll never have a strong relationship. It’s essential to start building trust right from the very beginning of your relationship.

Start building trust with your Taurus man by showing him how honest you are. If he asks for your opinion, give him your genuine one. If there’s ever anything you don’t want to tell him, say that. Don’t make up a lie or tell half-truths.

You can also build trust by keeping your Taurus man’s secrets. If he tells you something in confidence, don’t tell anyone else, not even your best friend!

Showing your Taurus man that other people trust you can also help him. If everyone else confides in you and trusts what you say, he will know that he can trust you as well.

Open Up To Him More

You should do your best to open up to your Taurus man early on in your relationship. Even if he’s having difficulty, you’ll be able to bond with him more if you can be open!

Be vulnerable with your Taurus man and show him the sides of you that nobody else sees. Let him see your emotional side, even if you’re generally reserved and aloof.

If you can’t open up to your Taurus man, you can’t expect him to open up to you, either! This is a great way to show him how to open up if he’s having a difficult time doing so.

As you open up to your Taurus man more, you two will grow closer. Always be willing to let him get to know you better, even if it can sometimes be challenging.

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Learn Each Other’s Love Languages

A Taurus man in love will likely express that love with physical touch. He may also enjoy quality time as a love language.

It’s important to learn a Taurus man’s love language, whatever it may be. Many Taurus men aren’t the best with words and will express love physically or through spending time with their partner.

If your love language doesn’t match your Taurus man’s, that’s okay! The important thing is to figure out how each of you expresses love so that you both know when the other is showing love and affection.

Tell your Taurus man how you prefer to show affection and ask him how he does. This will help your relationship to grow stronger. When you both know what to expect, you’ll always know when the other is showing love.

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