Early Stages of Dating a Libra Man

Published April 8, 2023

The early stages of dating a Libra man can be romantic and exciting. He is attentive and affectionate.

But it’s not all fun and games. Libra men can run hot and cold early in a relationship. You must understand his unique patterns in love.

The early stages of dating a Libra man can be fun but confusing. Libra men are unclear about their feelings and can give you mixed signals. You may question if you’re misreading his signs.

Libra men can be romantic but then get cold feet. Don’t assume it’s over when he starts becoming distant. He is cautious about love and fears commitment.

He may go from friend to romantic interest without making his intentions clear. You must know his style as a Libra to understand how he advances in love.

The Flirty Stage

What’s it like dating a Libra man? Libra men start relationships slowly. They begin with a flirty stage and test the waters by seeing how you respond to playful conversations. They enjoy this stage and often flirt with many women at once.

A Libra man in the flirty stage feels no commitment nor obligation to any woman. He’s out to have fun and meet people. He enjoys inspiring conversations.

While he’s flirting, show him that you’re the best match for him. You can make a first impression that places you at the top of his list. Don’t rush him during this stage.

Expect him to have a few women he’s interested in. Libra men feel best when they have choices. The idea of commitment makes them panic. The more you impress him during this stage, the more likely he’ll want to date you exclusively.

Catch up on bestsellers and talk to them about books and music. Show off your artistic talents. Always look your best but never criticize other women’s appearances. Show him you are friendly and open-minded.

Be social and don’t be too eager or chase him. Your Libra love interest needs to see you aren’t going to smother him during this phase. He is evaluating you and can disappear if he gets uncomfortable.

Sleeping with a Libra man too soon during this phase can make him lose interest in you. He thinks you are too eager. Show him you are patient and make him wait until the relationship is more serious.

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The More-Than-Friends Stage

Once you’ve completed the flirting stage, your Libra man sees you as more than a friend. The stage he goes through next is the most confusing. He has romantic feelings but won’t admit it yet.

If you want him to define the relationship now he’ll ghost you. He doesn’t want to commit to a definition yet. He knows he likes you, and you’ve got a spot in his heart as more than just a friend.

Yet this is a critical time for your Libra man to ease into the idea of dating. He isn’t ready to be exclusive or to let you know he has romantic feelings. Although it’s already obvious, let him think his feelings are a secret.

Play along and pretend you are also considering your options. Let him know you think he is unique, and you could see yourself dating at some point but don’t act too eager.

The Romantic Stage

When you let a Libra man take his time and get comfortable being more than friends, he eventually admits his romantic feelings. As he does this, you know you’ve entered the romantic stage.

During this stage, he doesn’t just flirt with you. He buys you flowers and makes more grandiose gestures of romance and affection. He may act seductive at any stage but now he shows signs of falling in love.

He confides in his friends that you may be the one for him. He begins introducing you to people he cares about to get their opinions and ensure you get along. Make a good impression on his family and friends now.

He may start including you in more social activities related to his work or his inner circle. You may feel like you’re dating less, but he’s including you more in his daily activities.

He’s comfortable spending the night and makes you breakfast in bed. He does things to impress you and tries to get your approval. If you flirt with another man during this stage, your Libra love interest is devastated.

During this stage, you see the body language of a Libra man in love, but he will never admit his feelings. Let him open up gradually. He doesn’t want to acknowledge he loves you until he’s ready.

He stops his random flirting with other women and gives you more attention. He doesn’t usually declare a committed relationship at this stage. Yet he shows you he is falling for you and watches to see your response.

You’ll see signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings during this stage. Never pressure him to open up. You undermine a relationship with a Libra man if you try to make him share his feelings too soon.

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The Panic Stage

You may assume everything is smooth sailing once you reach the romantic stage, but you’re wrong. When it seems everything is going perfectly, a Libra man enters the panic stage.

Libras are notoriously indecisive. They panic when a relationship gets serious and seems too good to be true. He fears being stifled or becoming bored. The cons of dating a Libra man include his sudden change of heart.

A Libra man pulls away and obsesses over whether he’s making the best choice. You may be heartbroken when he suddenly goes cold. He may even panic and tell you he wants to be friends again.

Give him space, and don’t act dramatic. Show him you support his decision and remain as positive as you can. Let him have a few days without hearing from you, and he remembers why he fell in love with you.

He finds the time away unbearable. Your Libra man will be in the panic phase briefly if you give him space. If you chase him, he may come back but will cycle in and out of this phase repeatedly.

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A Libra man’s emotional distance during this stage may make you think he is done with you. Don’t make assumptions. He is cooling off and considering his options.

What scares a Libra man is the thought of being stuck. He is terrified of not being able to find the balance he craves in a relationship. Give him space, and your Libra man settles down.

The Obsession Stage

The anxiety your Libra man brought on himself by becoming distant in the panic phase makes him want to compensate for lost time. He begins the obsession stage next.

During the obsession stage, your Libra man worries about losing you and doesn’t want to be away from you. He chases you passionately and wants to be together all the time.

Like his symbol, the scales, Libra men need to balance time apart with time together. During the obsession stage, he thinks about you constantly. Be forewarned, this stage can’t last forever.

Keep healthy boundaries during this stage, and your Libra man eventually settles into a sustainable romantic routine with you. If you indulge his fantasy to spend every moment with you, he becomes bored and goes distant again.

During this stage and beyond, your Libra man expects monogamy and is no longer looking at or thinking about other women. He takes down his dating profiles and wants to be with you.

If you’re wondering how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, give him time to reach this phase. He naturally becomes infatuated when you give him enough space. Breathing room helps him fantasize about you.

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The Official Stage

When you demonstrate that you understand a Libra man’s need for attention alternating with distance, he becomes more comfortable with you. The final stage in the cycle is the official stage.

A Libra man who is comfortable with you and can trust you will declare the relationship official. He changes his social media profiles and tells his friends you’re a couple. He buys you expensive gifts and talks about moving in together.

You may wait months or years to get to this stage. You can encourage a Libra man to settle down and commit if you are open and casual about the previous stages.

If you put too much pressure on him or chase him, your Libra man takes longer to get to this stage. He avoids commitment if he thinks he’ll lose his ability to choose what he wants to do with his time.

If you wonder how to know if a Libra man is serious about you, he shows you definitive signs during this stage. He makes his intentions clear and is ready for a long-term commitment.

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