Early Stages of Dating a Cancer Man

Published December 7, 2022
Early Stages of Dating a Cancer Man

The early stages of dating a Cancer man are about getting to know one another. Don’t worry about rushing things!

Your Cancer man will likely want to take things slow. Go at his pace, build trust, and spend a lot of time with him.

There’s no need to rush things when you start dating a Cancer man. Just enjoy your relationship for what it is! Learn how to understand your Cancer man and take care of his needs.

Your Cancer man might be clingy at first, or he may be more detached. He will need to learn to trust you and find the sweet spot when spending time together.

Let your Cancer man plan dates together and have fun with him! Try to be patient with him, especially with his emotions.

Slow & Steady

Dating a Cancer man might not always be exciting or spontaneous. He prefers to go slowly and steadily in relationships, so you’ll need to understand that.

Some people dive right into relationships. You might be one of them! Most Cancer men are not, though. They take their time.

Your Cancer man wants to get to know you better before he commits to anything. He might want to wait to have sex, and he’ll wait to do things like introduce you to friends or family.

Try to go at his pace. If your Cancer man says he’s not ready for something yet, trust that he genuinely isn’t ready.

Your Cancer man will open up more as he becomes comfortable with you. Don’t rush him. If he knows that you can respect his boundaries and go at his pace, he’ll ultimately feel more comfortable, and he’ll be able to open up more quickly.

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He Likes To Plan

Cancer men love to plan things. They enjoy planning parties for their close friends and often love planning dates!

This is one area where you’ll see a Cancer man take the initiative in a relationship. He might not ask you out first or take control in other areas, but he’ll love planning dates with you.

Your Cancer man will love planning things for you two to do, especially in the early stages of dating. This is a fun way for him to show you his interests and learn more about you!

If your Cancer man is shy or nervous, planning things might be his way of getting out of his shell. He may want to plan dates all by himself so that he can do something nice for you, or he may enjoy planning things together.

If your Cancer man plans something for you, follow his plan! He’s trying his best to impress you, and he’ll be disappointed if you mix the plan up too much.

He’ll Want Quality Time

A Cancer man testing you at the beginning of a relationship might use quality time to do this. He wants to see if you’ll be able to spend as much time with him as he needs.

Quality time is a Cancer man’s love language. If he cares about you, he’ll want to spend as much time together as possible!

Figuring out the appropriate amount of quality time early in a relationship can be difficult. Your Cancer man might think seeing each other twice a week is “lowkey,” while that may be more than you’re used to early in a relationship.

Try to spend time with your Cancer man as much as possible. You can plan a regular date night with him or at least be available to chat with him on days when you can’t see him in person.

If your relationship gets more serious, your Cancer man will expect more time together. Try to make a habit of spending time with him early on!

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Lots Of Affection

A Cancer man’s ideal woman is affectionate and loving. He wants someone who will show him love in many ways and accept his ways of showing affection.

As your Cancer man gets more comfortable with you, he’ll be more affectionate. Some Cancer men are incredibly loving right away, while others take the time to build up to that.

If your Cancer man wants to hold your hand or hug you, let him. This might not be easy if you’re not affectionate, but do your best!

Your Cancer man might think you’re not into him if you never initiate affection or constantly deny his love. At the very least, you should talk over boundaries with him and let him know how you prefer to express love if this is an issue for you.

He Might Be Clingy

Cancer men and casual relationships don’t tend to mix well together. Cancer men prefer serious, committed relationships. Once your Cancer man decides he’s serious about you, he might start to seem clingy.

A Cancer man may also seem clingy in the early stages of a relationship because he hasn’t figured out what your idea of “clingy” is.

Cancer men can be incredibly affectionate and love spending lots of time with people. They aren’t always trying to be clingy!

If you’re highly independent or aren’t that affectionate, your Cancer man will seem clingy. Even a more aloof Cancer man might seem clingy to certain people.

Your Cancer man will likely message you a lot. He might send texts all day just to say good morning or show you a funny joke he heard. He is just trying to show you that he’s thinking of you.

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Takes Time To Open Up

Some Cancer men take time to open up and be vulnerable with their partners. At the beginning of a relationship, your Cancer man might be slightly closed off.

A Cancer man who has been hurt in the past won’t want to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’ll keep some things secret and won’t fully open up until later in the relationship.

If your Cancer man won’t tell you everything about himself immediately, he probably has a good reason for doing so! Give him the time he needs. Show him that he can trust you, and he’ll open up eventually.

One of the signs a Cancer man is serious about you is that he’ll completely open up to you. He’ll be comfortable being vulnerable and telling all his secrets.

Focus On Building Trust

One of the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you is that he’ll trust you completely. He will trust you with things he doesn’t tell anyone else.

In the early stages of a relationship with a Cancer man, focus on building trust. Show him that you are a trustworthy and loyal person.

You should let your Cancer man show you that he is also trustworthy! Be open to him. If you’re a distrustful person, try to let him in. It will make your relationship stronger.

If you two can’t build trust in the early stages of your relationship, your relationship will likely go nowhere. A Cancer man doesn’t want to be with someone he can’t trust or who can’t trust him.

Building trust in the early stages of your relationship will make your relationship better. You and your Cancer man will be able to commit to each other later when you already have a firm foundation of trust.

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Learn How To Communicate

Make an effort to learn your Cancer man’s likes and dislikes and communication style early in your relationship. This will make things easier if you decide to commit to one another!

Cancer men aren’t always the most direct people. They are incredibly intuitive and sometimes expect others to be intuitive as well.

Cancer men are also highly emotional people. Their communication style is expressive and empathetic. You’ll never just get the facts from a Cancer man. You’ll hear how he feels about everything as well.

Take the time to figure out how your Cancer man communicates, and help him figure out how you communicate!

If you expect direct communication, you need to make that clear. If you tend to be more logical and leave your emotions out of specific conversations, talk to your Cancer man about that.

Dealing With His Emotions

If you want a long-term relationship with a Cancer man, you’ll need to learn how to deal with his emotions. Cancer is one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, so be prepared for that!

Cancer men can either seem oddly unemotional at the beginning of a relationship or more emotional than usual. This will happen if your Cancer man is confused about his feelings or is trying to hold back because he doesn’t trust you yet.

A Cancer man fighting feelings for you might seem temperamental at times. If his feelings are moving faster than he’d like to, he might seem hot and cold. He’ll try to keep taking things slow, even if he wants to speed things up.

Your Cancer man will always be an emotional person. You should learn to deal with this as early as possible.

Figure out how to handle your Cancer man when he’s angry or upset. Learn how to read his emotions, especially if he tries to hide them sometimes.

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