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How to Dress for a Virgo Man

How to Dress for a Virgo Man

If you want to know how to dress for a Virgo man, you’ve got to understand what appeals to him. A Virgo’s style is subtle.

Knowing what to wear for a Virgo man can be tricky. You’ve got to understand how he thinks.

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man, you need to understand that he is image conscious. He pays attention to your appearance. He’s always observing and analyzing.

A Virgo man will pay attention to a number of factors with regards to your appearance. He’s not always the most fashion savvy guy. He notices your style to understand your level of self-respect.

You need to know how to read a Virgo man so that you’ll know if your style is fueling his attraction or turning him off. He has very specific standards.

Always Be Neat and Tidy

If you want to know how to win the heart of a Virgo man, first understand he is a perfectionist. He’s always evaluating and analyzing to see if you live up to his high standards. The first thing a Virgo man will notice is imperfections.

He’s not superficial. He is able to see your real beauty. Yet if he also sees disheveled clothing, he’ll be turned off. It’s less about what you wear than how you wear it.

If you don’t take the time to iron, if your clothes are ill fitting, stained or torn, he’ll notice. Any flaw in your clothing will stand out to him. It will distract him from seeing your true beauty.

Don’t take this risk. Take your time getting ready. Make sure everything is smooth, tucked in, ironed and clean. Keep your appearance neat and tidy. If he sees your appearance as sloppy, he will be turned off and assume you don’t value yourself.

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Show Him Your Modesty

When a Virgo man is attracted to you, you may be encouraged. Your excitement and enthusiasm may lead you to want to dress in sexy outfits to further encourage him. This often backfires.

One of the confusing things about a Virgo man is that he is not as sexually motivated as other men. He prefers modesty to sexuality. Don’t dress in clothing that is too revealing.

He won’t find it as attractive as leaving his imagination to fantasize about what he can’t see. He’s actually more enticed by the appearance of innocence than by a strong seductive vibe from your fashion style.

A Virgo man’s clothing style tells you a lot about what he values in appearance. He usually dresses relatively conservatively. He likes outfits that are multipurpose and a step up from casual. He’s never sloppy. He’s also seldom flashy.

Dress in Earthy Colors

You can also try dressing in ways that appeal to him based on knowledge of Virgo man traits. He’s an earthy guy and likes to be reminded of nature. When you dress in earthy colors, you get his attention.

Virgos are humble and don’t like to draw unnecessary attention to themselves. He prefers to pursue you in subtle ways. On that same note, a Virgo man likes it when your appearance is understated rather than dramatic.

Earth tones tend to be more neutral and have a high appeal to him. Wearing forest green may make him feel comfortable and associate you with nurturing and abundance. Wearing browns and subtle shades of orange will subconsciously lead him to see you as warm and nurturing.

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Play Up Your Natural Beauty

What a Virgo man likes in a woman is her ability to radiate beauty, friendliness and kindness by just being herself. He wants to see that you have high standards. Yet he doesn’t like it when a woman tries too hard to impress him.

He wants to see your best features because they are accentuated by what you wear. From clothing to make up, play up your strengths. The trick is to get him to see your natural beauty, not to cover it with artificial beauty.

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. This is not to say that he doesn’t like sex. He does, but he is attracted to the idea of purity. The more natural your appearance, the more it appeals to his desires. He wants to see your authentic beauty.

If you hide yourself with clothing that is too dramatic, colors that are intense or layers of make up that hides your real features, he’ll be turned off. Instead, be subtle and strategic. Play up your best qualities. Let your image show purity.

Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon

One of the most common Virgo man characteristics is humility and a shy nature when it comes to sex. A Virgo man prefers subtlety to directness when it comes to sexual attraction.

If you dress in ways that are too revealing he will be uncomfortable. He may feel like you are interested in sex. This is especially true of outfits that are impractical or obviously uncomfortable.

He doesn’t understand why someone would make themselves physically uncomfortable just to try to look appealing. He’ll see this as irrational and he is turned off by anything irrational or impractical.

Also, while a Virgo man doesn’t have the most active imagination, his fantasies and desires are triggered more easily when less is revealed. Keep him guessing and it keeps his imaginative side engaged.

What a Virgo man wants to hear is that there is more to your relationship than sexual, physical attraction. Let him see that you would rather go for a hike with him than have to miss out because your clothes are more revealing than comfortable.

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Go For the Girl Next Door Look

One of the best ways to appeal to a Virgo man is to appeal to his love of innocence. Appeal to his fantasies about courtship and love being old fashioned and traditional.

The Girl Next Door look appeals to a Virgo man because this is the archetypal image of innocence and purity. The friendliness and companionship from his first crush. He is drawn to the appearance that is practical but also compassionate.

When you plan to dress for a date with a Virgo, think purity, innocence, femininity and tradition. Pick soft, neutral colors and choose clothing that plays up your natural beauty without being too revealing.

His favorite look can range from bohemian to preppy but what he really loves is when you show beauty in a way that suggests you aren’t trying. An outfit that is naturally flattering is better than one that is more formal yet appears stifling or uncomfortable.

Appeal to His Love of Innocence

A Virgo man wants to date his best friend. His fantasy is that as much as he carefully prepares for love, that it will also somehow be spontaneous. He wants to pretend he is out enjoying the companionship of a friend and love just suddenly sets in.

The truth is he is carefully calculating and planning every step of the relationship. Yet he wants to pretend this is not the case. He wants to feel the innocence of spontaneously finding the One. Appeal to this with your appearance.

Dress to convey your innocence, as if you just happened to be out looking stunning but in an understated way. Don’t make it look like you tried too hard to look good. He doesn’t want to think you are superficial.

When you think of a Virgo man, think purity, innocence, nature and classiness. If your look is too artificial, he’ll be turned off. No matter how carefully you choose your outfit, always make it seem like you just happened to step out of the house looking gorgeous with little effort.

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Dress for Time in Nature

Virgo men are practical. Even if you go someplace upscale for a date, always keep a bag with clothes that you can easily slip into to spend time in nature. After dinner he may want to stroll through the park. Make sure your shoes are comfortable.

Dress for the weather. Be practical when you plan your outfit. Be prepared for a hike, an affectionate afternoon at the lake or in the garden. If your outfit looks amazing but you can’t leave the house because it’s too hot out he’ll be turned off.

A date will be ruined for a Virgo man if you can’t share his favorite activities because your style was more about form than function. Don’t let your choice in outfits limit you from being able to do practical things.

Avoid Anything Too Flamboyant

A Virgo man doesn’t like to draw unneeded attention to himself and he won’t feel comfortable if your style draws too much attention to both of you as a couple. Dress to impress but don’t dress too flamboyantly.

Bright, bold colors and loud patterns will turn off a Virgo man. He likes beauty that is subtle and understated. If your appearance is too over the top, he’ll be distracted and it will actually work against your natural beauty. He’s also practical and doesn’t understand fashion that doesn’t seem sensible.

Focus on this aspect of his desires. A flattering skirt is nice but stylish pants with pockets are more ideal for a Virgo man because he won’t have to hold your keys for you. If wearing heels slows you down he’ll get frustrated.

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