December 8 Zodiac (Sagittarius) Horoscope & Info

Updated March 6, 2023
December 8 Zodiac (Sagittarius) Horoscope & Info

What sign is December 8? This day is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians born on this day are exceptionally energetic and fiery.

These Sagittarians can also be extra stubborn, but they are just as free-spirited and adventurous as any other Sagittarius!

The December 8 zodiac sign is Sagittarius. This day is in the second decan of Aries. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the subruler of the second decan is Mars. These Sagittarians are extra fiery!

These Sagittarians are also extra intense. They have prominent personalities, which can get the best of them sometimes. They often have to learn how to calm down and listen to others.

A stubborn Sagittarius can push through any hardship and come out victorious on the other side, but they often need to learn how to use their stubborn nature for good first.

December 8 Info
DateDecember 8
SignSagittarius ♐︎
StrengthsEnergetic, Strong, Intelligent
WeaknessesPushy, Stubborn, Aggressive
Opposite signGemini ♊︎
Best matchGemini, Aries, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Pisces, Cancer
BirthstoneTurquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite
Tarot birth cardsThe High Priestess, Judgement
Angel number2
Spirit animalsCrane, Starfish, Horse


The December 8 horoscope shows a lot of leadership qualities. These Sagittarians can take over in any situation if they need to.

Sagittarius is a highly independent sign, and this is no different for those who are born on this day. These Sagittarians often have to learn how to be a little less independent if they want to form genuine connections with others.

People born on this day are intelligent and have a passion for learning. They want to grow as people, and they will be able to do so if they don’t let their stubborn natures get the best of them.

Loosening up and having fun is not a problem at all for Sagittarius. However, learning how to let go of their ego can be an issue.


A December 8 Sagittarius is meant to learn how to be more vulnerable. As they grow and learn, they need to open their hearts more.

The purpose of these Sagittarians is to find a balance between being free and being able to rely on other people. They need to learn that it’s not bad to depend on others now and then.

These Sagittarians will be happiest once they learn how to form genuine emotional bonds with others. When they can settle down and aren’t so overly focused on being independent, they will see that relying on others isn’t bad!

Life is often more fun when you can enjoy it with others. These Sagittarians need to learn that they can still be independent and free while having strong connections with other people.

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Positive Traits

The December 8 personality is ready for anything. They can take on any task at the last minute and won’t hesitate to jump into a situation if needed.

These Sagittarians are fun-loving and adventurous. They will gladly take risks if it means gaining new knowledge and experience. They are often lucky enough to avoid any adverse consequences of those risks too!

People born on this day are also natural leaders. They commonly take over a situation when others are lost or don’t know what to do.

They are also good at getting others out of their shells and can easily convince their friends to go on adventures with them.

Negative Traits

The Sagittarius personality is sometimes independent to a fault. Many Sagittarians don’t realize it is perfectly okay to rely on others sometimes! This is especially true for second decan Sagittarians.

Some negative Sagittarius traits people born on this day have are stubbornness and a lack of respect for boundaries.

It can be challenging for Sagittarius to know when it’s okay to push someone outside their comfort zone and when they are being too pushy. They have to learn how to strike a balance between leading others and controlling others.

The good thing is that Sagittarians value freedom more than almost anything else. If they ever get too aggressive, Sagittarius can be talked down once they realize they are taking away the freedom of those around them.


The best match for a Sagittarius born on this day is Gemini. Aries and other Sagittarians are also a great match!

Sagittarius and Gemini are a dynamic duo. They play well off one another and can have the free-spirited relationship both of these signs crave.

Gemini and Sagittarius can have a fun relationship. The fiery nature of a Sagittarius born on this day and the spontaneity of a Gemini work well together.

Nobody understands Sagittarius quite like another Sagittarius, so Sagittarians can have a great relationship with one another. Aries is a good match for second decan Sagittareans because of the influence of Mars.

The worst matches for Sagittarius are Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer. Capricorn is too rigid and strict for freedom-loving Sagittarius. Pisces and Cancer can be overly clingy and end up pushing Sagittarius away.


Sagittarius is a straightforward sign. They communicate directly and tend to be incredibly honest.

Sagittarians born on this day are especially assertive in the way they communicate. They want to ensure that they get their point across and that others listen to what they have to say.

These Sagittarians can be a little too honest at times. Just like they have to learn how to respect boundaries, they must also learn how to be more diplomatic and polite when the situation calls for it.


Sagittarius is often attracted to people who are just as independent as they are. They love having friends and partners who they can have fun with, but they don’t like it when people are too clingy.

Sagittarius rules the thighs and legs, so those tend to be the body parts that Sagittarians are drawn to. You can usually get their attention by showing off these body parts.

These Sagittarians can be especially drawn to physical appearance, but that’s not all that’s important to them! Sagittarius also needs to be intellectually stimulated.

They can have a one-night stand with someone they are only physically attracted to, but they need to be attracted to someone on multiple levels to stick around for longer.


It’s common for Sagittarius to date around. They have no problem with casual relationships and don’t need to be in love to have a good time with somebody.

Sagittarians date many people before settling down with someone if they ever do. Dates are just another way to meet new people and gain new experiences, so they often enjoy the act of going on dates.

These Sagittarians tend to enjoy any date that gets their blood pumping. Physical activity is something they enjoy, so you can take them out dancing or go rock climbing. Taking them somewhere new is also a good idea!


It can take Sagittarius a while to find love. They don’t always form emotional connections with others easily because they are often afraid to give up any level of independence.

The stubborn, aggressive nature of Sagittarians born on this day can make finding love difficult. They often have to learn how to let someone else into their lives and listen to their opinions.

Sagittarius’ love language tends to be physical touch or gift-giving. Second decan Sagittarians are incredibly physical, so they usually lean toward that love language.

When these Sagittarians fall in love, they can be warm and affectionate. Once they allow someone into their heart, they will soften up a bit.


It’s common for these Sagittarians to have a complicated view of relationships. On the one hand, they like being around others and enjoy dating. They may want to fall in love. Settling down can be difficult.

Sagittarians born on this day need to learn how to compromise and rely on others if they want to have a good relationship with someone.

They may desire a strong connection with others, but developing those connections will take these Sagittareans a while.

They are often drawn to Gemini because Gemini also values independence and freedom. It will be easier to form a relationship with someone who understands Sagittarius’ need to be free!


Sagittarius is capable of being a devoted partner. It just takes them a long time to commit!

It’s common for Sagittarius to get married later in life. They may only marry someone after they’ve already been in a relationship with them for many years. Settling down can be difficult for them.

Sagittarians born in the second decan are less likely to want open relationships because they can have a jealous streak. They typically take a long time to settle down, but they will be faithful to their spouse once they do.


Sagittarius is one of the most sexually adventurous signs. People born on this day are also exceptionally passionate and fiery in the bedroom.

These Sagittarians can sometimes be impatient in bed. They also need to learn how to respect boundaries. They might be adventurous and down to try anything, but not everyone is!

Sagittarius can separate love and sex, so they will have no problem with casual sexual relationships, flings, and one-night stands. Sex is another way to have fun and explore the world around them.

Other fire signs or Gemini are an excellent match for Sagittarius in the bedroom because they are equally passionate and adventurous.

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