December 3 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 6, 2023

People born on December 3 are the sign of Sagittarius. This birthday is associated with the second decan of this sign.

The planets Jupiter and Mars influence people born on this day. They are determined and fortunate.

People born on the December 3 zodiac are energetic, passionate, and optimistic. They have a warrior spirit and strong personalities.

They can be the life of the party; lighting up a room. People born on this date are great conversationalists. They have fascinating experiences to share.

December 3 Sagittarius people have enormous hearts and love to share their good fortune with others. They are generous and encouraging.

December 3 Info
DateDecember 3
SignSagittarius ♐︎
StrengthsPassionate, Lucky, Honest
WeaknessesSelf-righteous, Unreliable, Intense
Opposite signGemini ♊︎
Best matchGemini, Aries, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Pisces, Cancer
BirthstoneTurquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite
Tarot birth cardsThe Lovers, The Devil
Angel number6
Spirit animalsTardigrade, Rabbit, Moth


December 3 Sagittarius people are enthusiastic and charming. They have high expectations and ideals, yet they encourage others to live up to their full potential.

When someone born on this date is around, you are bound to have a great time. They know how to make you laugh and can be inspiring. Sagittarius brings out the best in everyone they meet.

People born on this date have fixed beliefs and can be dogmatic. They love to debate and will never back down from a challenge. Yet they aren’t antagonistic. Instead, they challenge you by encouraging you to dream big.

December 3 Sagittarius people can push you to try things outside of your comfort zone. They can inspire you to make changes that improve your life and society at large.

They are humanitarians who believe in helping others make progress through higher understanding. December 3 Sagittarius people can be forgiving at first, but when you know better, they expect you to do better.

They don’t like seeing people act in willfully ignorant ways. Nothing bothers them more than injustices. They are staunch advocates and can even be militant when they have a mission. Their birth chart can be one of the most interesting.


Sagittarius people born on December 3 have a strong sense of their mission. They are here for a unique purpose and are unstoppable. They are here to help others find connection and wisdom.

They are truth-seekers who find commonality among people of all walks of life. Their natural curiosity makes them eager to explore different religions, cultures, and teachings.

People born on this date want to inspire others to use their gifts to improve society. They are excellent teachers and facilitators. People born on this date are attracted to careers in academics.

They are also attracted to careers that match their purpose. They make great clergy, archaeologists, sociologists, art historians, and entrepreneurs. They can also be great judges and advocates.

Their birth chart analysis often shows they are destined for careers influencing large groups of people. They can even become politicians, celebrities, or influencers.

Positive Traits

You can admire much about a December 3 Sagittarius. They are courageous, passionate, and visionary. They have numerous artistic talents.

They are great friends and excellent listeners. People born on this date are a muse and inspiration to others. They are generous, benevolent, and have a good sense of humor.

People born on this date are serious when they need to be. They are strict about their beliefs and can commit to a life of service and guidance. They have strong opinions and advocate for others who are marginalized.

Negative Traits

December 3 Sagittarius people can turn others off with their strong opinions. Their dogmatic nature is both a blessing and a potential obstacle. They are determined but can also become unnecessarily confrontational.

Though they are usually good-natured, they have a temper if you push their buttons. They can be protective of their friends and community and can be impulsive.

People born on this date are great at coming up with new ideas but often struggle to follow through. This makes collaboration difficult. They are also not reliable because they act on their instincts and passions.

The December 3 zodiac’s personality is one of the most passionate. Yet this also means they can be overbearing. Passive people can be intimidated by them.


People born on December 3 are most compatible with others who share their zeal and enthusiasm but don’t try to dominate them. They are independent and need space in relationships.

The December 3 zodiac’s compatibility is best with people born under the signs of Aries, Aquarius, and Gemini. They need the give and take found in relationships with these dynamic and intellectual signs.

Aries is as courageous and spirited as people born on December 3. The sign of the ram encourages Sagittarius’s dreams and vision. Sagittarius is independent and doesn’t cramp Aries’s style. Sagittarius’s compatibility with this sign is top of the chart.

As long as this pair respects each other’s boundaries and doesn’t try to dominate the other, they can establish a winning romance. They are also likely to find the relationship exciting and fulfilling.

A December 3 Sagittarius finds an ideal partner in other Sagittarius people. They see other Sagittarius people as energizing. They are likely to share an interest in humanitarian causes.

They can be a power couple devoted to various community causes and bringing their unique talents and intense energy to the relationship. They fascinate each other with their knowledge of numerous subjects.

Sagittarius people find balance with Gemini. If you know how to read a birth chart, you’ll see Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites. They balance each other’s personalities. The December zodiac is perfect for witty Gemini.

People born under this sign can be a challenge in relationships. While Sagittarius’s compatibility with Leo is hit or miss, this sign clashes with Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer.

People born on December 3 are too independent and carefree for the traditional sign of Capricorn. Capricorns need a partner who is consistent, reliable, and predictable. Sagittarius sees Capricorn as too stifling.

Pisces is imaginative and emotional. Sagittarius’s blunt honesty can easily hurt Pisces’s feelings. December 3 Sagittarius people can’t keep up with Pisces’ moods. They see Pisces as too dependent.

Cancer is also too sensitive to feel secure with a freewheeling Sagittarius. Cancers are homebodies, and Sagittarius loves to travel. Both repel each other when it comes to romance.

Their astrology chart’s compatibility is best with someone with plenty of fire and air sign placements. They need mental stimulation and a partner who is confident and active.


People born on December 3 are honest to a fault. They say exactly what they think and don’t consider how their words affect others’ feelings. They believe in frank honesty and will always speak their minds.

This can be an asset or a liability, depending on their relationships. They have can’t work for others because they don’t hold back if they think someone is making a mistake.

They prefer to be in charge because they need to be free to express themselves the way they desire. People born on this date are idealistic and often speak openly about their plans and vision for the future.

They can be serious, humorous, or poetic. People born on this date don’t sugarcoat their message for anyone. They would rather be honest than be popular.


Although Sagittarius people born on December 3 don’t go out of their way to gain attention, they get it anyway. They are unmistakable and get the attention of others when they walk into a room.

When people born on this day speak, others listen. They have a gift for being influential. They can be popular and well-respected right away.

Attracting someone born on this date takes confidence. You can’t hide in the background if you want their attention. You have to know how to be seen and heard without seeming pretentious.

Sagittarius people born on December 3 notice people who have status and credibility but are authentic and unique. March to your drumbeat if you want them to notice you.

You’ll find them at political gatherings, college campuses, little-known tourist destinations, train stations, and airports. They are always on the go. You can also find them at museums, spiritual retreats, and cultural centers.


Dating someone born on December 3 is exciting, they break with tradition and prefer unique dates. Find venues that allow large gatherings. Their favorite dates are parties and festivals.

Don’t expect them to spend the whole evening with you. They need to mingle. Show you are independent and respect their space. You can impress Sagittarius with a date to a cultural event or spiritual class.

They also love concerts and enjoy dancing. People born on this date love to go out for experiential dates. The more active, the better. They live on the edge and love making memories from unique experiences.


December 3 Sagittarius people have a reputation for playing hard to get. When they finally fall in love, they let you know in unusual ways. They don’t settle down but invite you on their adventures.

They want to be with you more frequently, though they still need space. They leave belongings in your home when they spend the night. People born on this date become more sentimental when they fall in love.

They are slow to lower their guard and open their hearts. Don’t rush them to fall in love. When you see they are falling for you, continue to respect their space. They shut down if they feel options are limited.


People born on December 3 are generous and caring. When in a romantic relationship, they maintain a connection to numerous friends. Don’t expect them to only focus on you, this undermines the relationship.

But they do show devotion through acts of generosity. They love a relationship that is active and filled with excitement. They want to travel and see the world with you.

They still expect to go out on regular dates. They don’t want to sit at home with you every night. People born on this day need adventure, even in a serious relationship.


When a December 3 Sagittarius proposes marriage, it is not something to take lightly. They take a long time to decide to marry. They fear suffocating in a relationship.

In marriage, they need plenty of space and independence. Yet reward your understanding with affection, loyalty, honesty, and excitement. They surprise you with new ideas every day.

You may have to take charge of the finances as Sagittarius people born on this date are not known for budgeting skills. Yet they will keep the romance and passion in your life even during marriage.


People born on this date are passionate and have a high libido. They need routine sexual encounters and can become bored and restless if they are sexually neglected.

They are kinky and have unusual desires. One of their biggest fantasies involves sex with numerous partners. They don’t have to be romantically attracted to someone to find them sexually appealing.

This is one of the few zodiac signs that can maintain a polyamorous relationship or can have sex with no emotional connection. They enjoy pleasure for the sake of it.

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