9 Tips on Dating a Shy Virgo Man

9 Tips on Dating a Shy Virgo Man

If you have any experience with a Virgo man, you know that this perfectionist can make a great long term partner.

But how do you go about dating a shy Virgo man when he can be so difficult to read?

The trick to making a shy Virgo man attracted to you is to know the typical Virgo personality traits and show him that you have the qualities he looks for in an ideal mate.

Virgos tend to mask their feelings, so understanding a Virgo man can take some time. Once you know how to attract a Virgo man, even the shyest one won’t be able to resist your charms.

There are a few obvious signs a Virgo man likes you, and once you’ve learned to recognize the signs a Virgo man is falling for you, you will know you have a loyal partner for life.

1. Take Your Time

Because they are so guarded, Virgo men usually move slowly in relationships. The best way to build a foundation for a relationship with a Virgo man is to start by being his friend and getting to know him slowly.

Once you’ve become romantically involved, don’t expect this reserved guy to jump into bed with you quickly. He doesn’t have a lot of one-night stands, and it takes time for him to trust and feel comfortable enough for intimacy.

A Virgo man when he likes a woman can have a hard time expressing his interest. Show restraint and don’t pressure this bashful sign. Let him set the pace, and he will be attracted to your patience.

Since he moves so slowly, you might wonder if your Virgo man is into you. If you’re not sure how to tell if a Virgo man is interested in you, the answer is simple: he will tell you.

Although shy, Virgos aren’t interested in playing mind games, so if he likes you, he will let you know in a direct and honest way. Don’t be aggressive, but be clear; let him know that you reciprocate his feelings.

2. Be Clean and Organized

Because they are so demure, a typical romantic, bold display of affection won’t work to charm a Virgo man. He wants to see more subtle clues that you are in tune with his reserved nature.

Virgos are notorious neat freaks and can’t stand any sort of mess or disorder. One of the best ways to attract a Virgo man is to keep your space tidy and organized.

Virgo men typically don’t place a lot of sentimental value in objects. Keep your area uncluttered and discard anything you don’t need, and make sure any gifts you give him are useful rather than just romantic.

Keep yourself clean as well by taking excellent care of your personal hygiene. Make sure you’ve showered, shaved, and put yourself together when you see your Virgo man. He doesn’t like sloppiness and is particularly turned off by poor grooming.

Make sure you’re well-dressed, and that your clothes are clean, coordinated, and simple. Virgos dislike mismatched, eccentric fashion, and they definitely won’t tolerate stained or wrinkled clothing.

Their love of cleanliness also extends to behavior and speech. Their shyness makes them reserved and proper, so mind your manners around a Virgo man and try not to swear or use offensive language.

3. Don’t Try to Make Him Jealous

Some signs like to play hard to get and love the thrill of the chase, but a Virgo man is much too shy for that. He seeks security within a relationship, not a risky game of cat and mouse.

The demure Virgo doesn’t want to compete for your affections, and flirting with other guys to try to make him jealous is a surefire way to turn him off.

He may be shy, but a Virgo man is also brutally honest and wants to know where he stands with you. Don’t try to use reverse psychology on a Virgo; if you pretend to be uninterested, he’ll believe you’re uninterested.

If you want to know why does a Virgo man withdraw, it could be because he’s unsure he has your undivided attention. Let this hesitant guy know he’s the only one you want, and he’ll do the same for you.

4. Keep Your Emotions Under Control

While there are plenty of men who are attracted to fiery, passionate women, timid Virgos do not fall into this category. These shy guys much prefer calm, logical, and rational thinking over big emotional displays.

If you feel like you might lose your cool, stay away from your Virgo man. Aggressive flare ups of emotion will scare him off before you have the chance to apologize.

Virgos always think before they act, and they find it attractive when you do the same. Don’t be too hasty or impulsive around your Virgo guy, and know that he prefers careful planning to spontaneity and surprises.

Because they’re so withdrawn, Virgo men may have difficulty expressing their feelings for you in a romantic way. Know that when a Virgo man does something practical for you, like washing your car, it’s his way of showing affection.

5. Show Off Your Brain, Not Your Body

Shy Virgo men don’t like to show off, and they don’t really like their partners to be ostentatious, either.

A Virgo man is very interested in health, clean eating, and fitness, and he appreciates when a woman takes care of her body, too. However, flaunting your body in public is a huge turnoff to him.

Virgo men don’t like women who are too flashy or try to draw all the attention to themselves. They’d much rather you show off your smarts than your looks in front of others, and save your body just for him.

A Virgo man wants a partner with whom he can share interesting and meaningful conversations. He doesn’t care for petty gossip or frivolity of any kind.

Share your knowledge and passions with him, and show him your intellectual pursuits. He’s much more attracted to what’s going on in your head than what you’re wearing on your body.

Because a Virgo man is so shy, he avoids having a flashy partner who will draw unwanted attention to him. The only person’s attention he wants is yours.

6. Let Him Spoil You

As timid Virgo men have a hard time expressing their romantic feelings, you can count on this shy sign to show his love in practical ways.

One of the biggest signs a Virgo man has a crush on you is that he wants to take care of you or shower you with gifts. Although he is frugal and reserved, a Virgo man loves spoiling his partner.

Because of his thrifty nature, a Virgo man’s willingness to spend on you shows just how much he cares. He also likes to perform acts of service for his partner, so let him deep-clean the refrigerator to show his love.

Although shy, the detail-oriented Virgo man will strive to plan the perfect date night for you. He takes the time to get to know exactly what you want, and works diligently to give it to you.

If your quiet Virgo man is making you soup when you’re sick or surprising you with presents for no reason, then you probably have a Virgo man in love.

7. Have a Thick Skin

Part of the reason Virgos can be so shy is because they are quietly observing people and their surroundings. He is taking everything in, and once he’s comfortable enough, he will share his observations (and criticisms) with you.

Virgos are perhaps the most critical of all the zodiac signs, both of themselves and others. If you’re dating a Virgo man, you can expect to become the target of his criticism.

A Virgo man tends to seek out flaws, and once he feels comfortable with you, he’s likely to point them out. He can’t help it; it’s his nature to want to fix things and make them perfect.

Know that his criticism comes from a place of love and wanting you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Try to take him noticing every little thing about you, including the negative things, as a compliment.

A Virgo in love can be painfully honest, so you will need a thick skin to date this sincere sign. Let the criticism roll off your back, or make any changes that you agree will help improve yourself.

8. Don’t Criticize Him

One of the reasons Virgos are so shy is because they tend to be self-conscious and insecure. They can get so in their own heads that it’s difficult at times to draw them out.

Although a Virgo loves to dish out criticism, he can’t take it himself. Because a Virgo is so critical, he is already aware of his perceived deficiencies and doesn’t want them pointed out.

Virgos can be self-doubting, so don’t feed his insecurity by attacking him. If you want him to change something, tell him in a calm and logical way that makes it more about your needs than what he is doing wrong.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to voice your opinions. In fact, Virgos love a good debate – it shows how intelligent you are. Just explain your point of view in a reasonable way, and avoid pointing fingers at him.

9. Soothe His Worries

Virgos are known for being shy and nervous worrywarts. This is great when it comes to making plans, organizing events, or any activity where you want to be sure every detail is taken care of.

This tendency to worry, however, is not so great when it creates tension and anxiety in both you and your Virgo partner. You can draw your Virgo man closer by taking some of his worries off of his plate.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man miss you, do some of his tasks or chores for him so that he doesn’t have to worry about them. Just make sure to be meticulous and complete the tasks to his high standards.

Then, when you’re not around, he’ll realize how valuable you are to him when these chores don’t get done. You know how much he prizes cleanliness!

It’s not good to have two worrywarts in a relationship. You can balance out a Virgo man by remaining calm and going with the flow, and letting him worry about the details.

The timid Virgo man tends to worry about the security of his relationship, too. Make sure to show and tell him how devoted you are to alleviate his fears and combat his shyness with you.

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