10 Tips on Dating a Shy Scorpio Man

Updated October 3, 2022
10 Tips on Dating a Shy Scorpio Man

Whether you are already dating a shy Scorpio man or just crushing on him, you need to know how to handle this sensitive sign.

What are some tips for dating a shy Scorpio guy and boosting his confidence?

Starting a relationship with a shy person can be difficult because their bashfulness can come off as disinterest.

When it comes to a shy Scorpio guy, this sign is already so mysterious that dating him is even more complicated.

By learning more about his sign, you will understand how a shy Scorpio man’s mind works and how you can get him to open up to you.

1. Make the First Move

Usually, a Scorpio man likes to be the one to make the first move; but when it comes to a shy Scorpio guy, you might need to take matters into your own hands.

When a Scorpio has a crush on you, it might be hard to recognize the signs that he likes you if he’s a shy guy.

One of the subtle signs a shy Scorpio man is into you is when he tries to make lingering eye contact with you.

When a Scorpio man smiles and stares at you from across the room or in a crowd, it means that he likes you and is dying to make a move.

Don’t be afraid to encourage him by showing that you like him and making the first move.

Be careful not to be too aggressive, or you might scare this shy guy away. This sign wants to feel dominant and masculine, even when he’s intimidated by you.

You should approach him and start a conversation, or even offer to buy him a drink. But once you express your interest, let him be the one to ask you on a date.

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2. Be Patient

When you start seeing the signs of a Scorpio man secretly in love, you might wish that he would hurry up and ask you out already.

But you can’t rush or pressure a Scorpio guy, especially a shy one, because it will only make him uncomfortable and push him away.

When you’re dealing with a shy Scorpio man, you need to be patient. Give him time to get to know you and don’t try to force the relationship.

Wait until he is ready and let the relationship blossom naturally. He will be worth the wait.

3. Get to Know Him as a Friend First

One of the signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you is when he asks you tons of questions about yourself.

He isn’t a fan of small talk, so when he asks you about your life and your family, it means he is genuinely interested in you.

It’s helpful to a shy Scorpio guy when you make an effort to get to know him as a friend first before pursuing a romantic relationship.

Because they are so sensitive and emotional, Scorpios are very protective of their hearts. A shy Scorpio man is much more likely to pursue you if he gets to know you first and feels confident that you are compatible.

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4. Don’t Try to Make Him Jealous

Scorpios are notoriously jealous and possessive, and even a shy Scorpio man won’t tolerate a partner who flirts with other guys.

If he’s already a shy guy, he could already be struggling with insecurity, so trying to make him jealous is a sure way to make him feel bad about himself and push him away.

When a Scorpio man wants you as a partner, he wants you all to himself. He doesn’t want to hear about your exes or your cute male coworkers.

What a Scorpio man wants in a relationship is someone loyal who never makes him feel insecure about other men.

You can help your shy Scorpio guy feel more trusting and confident by assuring him that he’s the only guy for you and never playing mind games with him to intentionally make him jealous.

5. Never Make Fun of Him

Some signs love self-deprecating humor and they flirt by playfully teasing the object of their affection. But Scorpios are much too sensitive for these kinds of jokes.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear is you singing his praises and telling him how special he is, not making fun of him and bringing him down.

Although they understand and appreciate sarcasm, Scorpios take themselves quite seriously. They have big egos, so when you poke fun at your shy Scorpio man, it hurts his feelings.

Don’t flirt with him by teasing him and never make fun of him in front of other people if you want to win over your shy Scorpio guy.

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6. Be Sensitive

It might be hard to tell because they are mysterious and try to hide it, but Scorpios are highly sensitive and emotional.

They experience their emotions deeply, but they are very guarded and won’t open up to just anyone.

When he comes to you to tell you about his feelings, it’s one of the signs of a Scorpio man in love with you.

A Scorpio man, especially a shy one, needs a sensitive and sympathetic partner. You need to be careful with his feelings if you want to keep him.

When he comes to you with a problem, know that his trust is rare. Be a good listener and don’t judge him, no matter what he says.

If he’s in a bad mood and acting cranky, don’t pick a fight with him or tell him he is ruining the date with his attitude.

Instead, gently tell him that you can tell something is bothering him, and ask him if there is anything you can do to help, even if it’s just listening.

He might not yet feel comfortable opening up about his feelings, but he will appreciate your effort and recognize that you are there for him.

7. Don’t Try to Manipulate Him

Scorpios are some of the biggest control freaks of the zodiac, but they don’t need anyone else to recognize their power.

They prefer to pull the strings from behind the scenes to get people to do their bidding.

Since they are skilled at manipulating others, Scorpios are excellent at recognizing when someone else is trying to control or deceive them.

When you’re dealing with a shy Scorpio guy, don’t try to trick or manipulate him into opening up or asking you out.

For example, don’t ask him to get coffee with you and then proceed to order a glass of wine instead and ask him to pay, saying that now it’s a date.

He will see through your ploys right away and it will make him lose trust in you.

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8. Boost His Confidence

One of the best things you can do to encourage your shy Scorpio guy is to stroke his ego.

Scorpios don’t really care about what most other people think, but they crave the approval of their close loved ones, especially their partners.

Shower him lots of sincere, meaningful compliments, and he will feel so loved and secure that he’ll let his guard down with you.

The more personalized and specific you can make your praise, the better. Instead of just telling him his haircut looks nice, gush that you love his sexy hair and run your fingers through it.

9. Get Him to Open Up

The most important thing you can do when dating a shy Scorpio guy is to gently encourage him to open up to you.

This can be tricky because you don’t want to pressure or manipulate him into letting his guard down, but you want to help him see that you are trustworthy and he can share personal things with you.

You should frequently invite him to vent his frustrations and tell you about his problems. Listen without judgment and don’t always try to offer solutions.

Just lend a sympathetic ear and tell him you are there for him, no matter what.

You could try making a game out of sharing your secrets with one another. Take turns answering “getting to know you” questions, like what’s your favorite color or what was your favorite pet growing up.

The more you share with him, the more comfortable he will feel around you, and the more likely he will be to open up to you.

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10. Pay Attention to His Body Language

Some signs are super affectionate and greet everyone they meet with a hug and a kiss, but Scorpios are much too reserved for that, especially a shy Scorpio man.

Scorpios are masters of subtle, nonverbal communication because they are so sensitive and intuitive.

A Scorpio man usually isn’t very touchy-feely, but when he is attracted to a woman, he can’t keep his hands off of her.

If your Scorpio man hugs you to say hello or goodbye, know that he doesn’t greet everyone that way.

When a Scorpio man touches you gently on your arm, back, or face while talking to you, it’s a clear sign that he has feelings for you.

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