Things You Need to Know When Dating a Pisces Woman

Updated September 24, 2023

Dating a Pisces woman can be a dream come true if you are a traditional romantic.

Pisces women are sincere, gentle, and affectionate. They are shy initially but come out of their shell in time.

Pisces women seldom make the first moves. If you want to date a Pisces woman, you must be more assertive than she is. She can be inhibited and shy initially.

But after you take her out for a romantic date, a Pisces woman moves fast in relationships. She falls in love quickly and can become clingy.

You must be compassionate to date a Pisces woman. Once she lets her guard down, she can be loving and affectionate. She goes out of her way to please you.

She’s Sensitive

Pisces women are sensitive. Avoid making crude jokes if you are dating a woman born under this sign. She is easily offended and may be turned off if you seem indifferent to others’ suffering.

She can feel attacked if you are too abrupt or curt. Be courteous and compassionate, or a Pisces woman may misunderstand you. She takes what you say seriously and can become defensive and distant if you are too critical.

Pisces women are also sensitive to your emotions. She can tell when you are having a rough time and tries to bring up your spirits. Pisces women are attuned to subtle energy and sense your subconscious needs.

One of the essential tips for dating a Pisces woman is that you need to slow down and show you are sensitive to her needs. If you ignore her emotions, she becomes depressed.

A Cancer man dating a Pisces woman understands her vulnerable nature. He can be empathetic and knows how to help her overcome her insecurities. Cancer men are sensitive enough to appeal to Pisces women.

She’s Shy

Pisces women can be charming. Yet they are known for their shy side. If you have a crush on a Pisces woman, don’t wait for her to show interest in you.

Pisces women are content waiting in the wings and dreaming about you rather than speaking up about their desires. You must ask her on a date, or you could miss your opportunity.

Pisces women fantasize about the men they like, but they keep their desires a secret initially. If you are serious about dating a Pisces woman you must be assertive.

She is too shy to open up in a crowd. Your first few dates should give her a chance to get to know you. When she feels comfortable with you, she can become chatty and lowers her defenses.

You may think you see signs a Pisces woman is playing you, but she is usually shy. A Pisces woman who doesn’t pursue you initially is insecure. Continue communication, and she becomes more confident.

She’s Inhibited

You can make crucial mistakes dating a Pisces woman if you don’t understand her personality. Pisces women are inhibited. They initially keep their ideas concealed.

They wait to hear your opinions before they open up about theirs. Pisces women are people-pleasers. They avoid controversy and strive to be agreeable and accommodating.

If you want to help a Pisces woman become more open in love, take your time and show interest in her hobbies and ideas. Ask engaging questions and talk about yourself to set the foundation for the relationship.

When a Pisces woman loves you, she challenges herself to come out of her shell. She can be more open to trying new things to impress you. Still, take your time, and don’t expect her to be too adventurous initially.

When you see signs a Pisces woman is sexually attracted to you, encourage her to let down her guard. Tell her about your fantasies and sexual desires. Pisces women need a partner to break the ice initially.

She’s Quiet

Don’t expect a Pisces woman to carry a conversation when you initially date her. She needs you to lead the way. Pisces women can be quiet. Choose a first or second date involving structured activities.

If your first date with a Pisces woman involves sitting across a table from her at a restaurant, she may quietly listen to you talk about yourself but volunteer little.

The best way to encourage a Pisces woman to be more outgoing is to invite her on a date involving a craft like paint and sip. She also becomes more talkative if you go out for trivia night or play a game requiring discussion.

A Pisces woman sexually and emotionally attracted to you doesn’t want to show her interest overtly. She waits for you to flirt first. The more seductive you are, the more comfortable she feels opening up to you.

She’s Affectionate

Pisces women are affectionate. They have no reservations about physical contact when they are dating. You can reassure a nervous Pisces woman if you are warm and patient.

Hug her and hold her embrace when you see her. Hold her hand when you are on a date. Find reasons to playfully have physical contact with your Pisces love interest.

Take her dancing, and she is comfortable being close to you. She may not say much but shows she likes you through physical contact. You can help a Pisces woman feel more confident if you are affectionate on dates.

When a Pisces woman is done with you, she can become distant. She is always affectionate when she likes you. A Pisces woman who is withholding and cold is no longer interested in you.

She’s Empathetic

Pisces women are empathetic. When you date a Pisces woman, show you are kind to others. If you take her out to dinner, don’t be wasteful. Take home leftovers to share with others.

Invite her on a date to a fundraising dance or party. Pisces women are encouraged when they see you are a humanitarian. She is also empathetic toward you on a date.

If you aren’t having fun, she can sense it even if you try to reassure her. Never lie to a Pisces woman, she can sense what you feel. If you are bored or anxious on a date, it’s best to look for a different activity to share.

Pisces women can also sense when you are troubled. They are attracted to wounded men. Showing vulnerability only makes a Pisces woman like you more.

She’s Clingy

Pisces women are often dependent in relationships. They can be emotionally and physically connected to you. Pisces women often come across as clingy. They need reassurance and physical contact.

A Pisces woman may overwhelm a man born under the signs of Aries or Sagittarius. Independent signs become frustrated dating Pisces women. They need autonomous and confident partners.

A Pisces woman becomes suspicious or moody if she thinks you are too distant. She needs more attention than other women in relationships. Her ideal partners are other water signs and earth signs.

If you are dating a Pisces woman and feel uncomfortable with excessive physical contact, your Pisces love interest may feel rejected. She feels defensive if you aren’t receptive to her clingy style.

The cons of dating a Pisces woman include her potential to be overwhelming. She can be high maintenance. If you are not emotional, a Pisces woman feels rejected and tries harder to get your attention.

She’s Committed

Pisces women require your attention and reassurance. Yet in return, they are among the most committed partners. When you are dating a Pisces woman, she assumes you are exclusive.

If you are still dating other women you must be clear about your intentions. A Pisces woman may fall in love with you early in the dating process. If you are not clear about your boundaries, she will misread your signals.

When getting to know her by dating casually, a Pisces woman is already planning the wedding. She is committed when she starts dating you. Be open about your boundaries, and never assume she is on the same page.

A Pisces woman in love shows she is devoted to you. She goes out of her way to do romantic things for you. She sends endearing texts and can be nurturing and supportive.

She’s Anxious

A Pisces woman’s empathetic personality makes her prone to anxiety. When you are dating a Pisces woman, she worries about you. She is anxious about the relationship and frets over your well-being.

She texts frequently and needs reassurance of your interest in her. You may feel overwhelmed by a Pisces woman’s tendency to stress about your relationship.

Dating is fun for a Pisces woman, but she can also be susceptible to suspicions and illusions. She may assume the worst if you don’t pick up the phone when she calls.

You must work to reinforce your boundaries because an anxious Pisces woman may be suspicious of your feelings toward her. Once she feels comfortable with you, her anxiety lifts.

She’s Emotional

No matter how secure a Pisces woman is dating you, she remains emotional. She can be moody and needs a stable and patient partner. If you are serious about dating a Pisces woman, you must learn to navigate her moods.

A Pisces woman can be all over the map emotionally. You may be confused about her feelings and try to help her rationalize her moods. Yet this often backfires.

The best way to handle a moody Pisces woman is to validate her feelings. Be affectionate and supportive, and a Pisces woman can become more grounded. Never tell her she is overreacting.

If you’re wondering how to spot a Pisces woman, you can pick her out of a crowd when you understand her personality. She typically looks like she is on the brink of tears of sadness or joy.

She is often romantic looking and can dress in soft textures. Her favorite styles reflect her mood. She may be expressive and uses her outfit and appearance to show her emotions.

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