Things You Need to Know When Dating a Capricorn

Updated August 27, 2023

Dating a Capricorn sometimes seems like a serious affair, but Capricorns do have a fun side!

Many Capricorns date to find a life partner, not for fun. You can still have a good time with them, though, especially once you get them to open up more.

Capricorns will only date if they have the time to focus on a relationship. They take relationships seriously and typically date, hoping to find someone to settle down with.

Capricorns are incredibly respectful when dating. They are mindful of dating etiquette and do their best to be mindful of boundaries.

Many Capricorns love planning dates. They are highly organized, so they are good at planning them too! They also have a fun side and can show you a good time. It just takes them a while to open up.

They Don’t Date for Fun

If you want a serious relationship with a Capricorn that you’re dating, you’re in luck! Capricorns don’t typically date around just for fun. They date to find a life partner.

If you’ve been dating a Capricorn for a while, they likely see potential in a relationship with you. They aren’t the type to date multiple people at once or to casually date without eventually committing.

Capricorns are looking for someone to settle down with. When they take the time to date, they’re ready to find the right person.

Capricorns will only spend time dating someone they can see themselves in a relationship with. They might be considering something more serious if you’ve been on multiple dates with a Capricorn.

It’s essential to be upfront if you don’t want something serious. You don’t want to waste Capricorn’s time if you are just having some fun with them.

They’re Sometimes Too Busy for Dating

Capricorn’s personality often means they don’t always have time for dating. Capricorns are hard-working, ambitious, and career-oriented people. They will only focus on dating if they have time for a relationship.

A Capricorn who is entirely focused on their education or career will probably turn you down if you ask them on a date. They won’t go out with you once “just for fun” if they are too busy to date.

Don’t be offended if you go on one or two dates with a Capricorn, and they suddenly tell you they’re too busy for a relationship. They might have realized they don’t have time to focus on you properly, and they don’t want to waste either of your time.

Many Capricorns don’t settle down until later in life. They will focus on moving up in their careers first, then worry about dating once they are more established and successful.

They Take Relationships Seriously

What a Capricorn wants in a partner is someone who takes relationships as seriously as they do. They want someone who will commit to them and be as loyal and dedicated as they are.

If you tell a Capricorn you’re not interested in a serious relationship on your first date, you won’t get a second date. They’ll appreciate your honesty and directness, but they won’t be interested in pursuing anything with someone who doesn’t want anything serious.

A Capricorn will stop dating you if they doubt your ability to have a committed relationship with them. They won’t continue dating you if you seem immature or irresponsible or simply like you’re not ready for anything serious.

Tell them if you want something serious with the Capricorn you’re dating! They will likely be delighted to hear that you want something serious, just like they do.

They’re Incredibly Respectful

Capricorn’s ideal partner is someone who will treat them with respect. Capricorns need mutual respect in any relationship. Without that, they won’t be interested in pursuing anything serious.

Capricorn will be incredibly respectful toward anyone they date right from the start. They may be too direct sometimes, but they do their best to be polite. They genuinely don’t want to offend people, especially when dating them.

Capricorns will always do their best to respect boundaries. You need to tell them what your boundaries are, though! Unless you tell them, they won’t always pick up on your discomfort with something.

If a Capricorn does something that makes you feel disrespected, tell them! That likely wasn’t their intention, and they will do their best to make you feel more respected in the future.

They Follow Dating Etiquette

One thing to know when dating a Capricorn is that many try to follow “proper” dating etiquette. Capricorns are the type of people who try to follow the rules, which also applies to dating!

Some of the things Capricorn does while dating might seem old-fashioned. For example, a Capricorn man might hold the door for a woman he’s dating or pull out her chair for her.

Capricorns can learn to follow more modern etiquette. They just have to know what that etiquette is! If there are specific rules you follow when dating others, tell Capricorn. They’ll be glad to know.

Capricorns do their best to be respectful toward their dates, which is one reason they follow the etiquette they’ve learned. Etiquette can vary by culture, though, so the etiquette your Capricorn date knows might not be the same etiquette you stick to!

They’re Slow to Open Up

The early stages of dating a Capricorn go at a slower pace. Capricorns are slow to open up. They aren’t quick to dive into a relationship, even if they see potential in the person they’re dating.

Don’t expect to learn everything there is to know about Capricorn after only a few dates. They likely won’t dive into overly personal topics or tell you all their secrets until later in your relationship.

Be patient if you are dating a Capricorn who is slow to open up. They will make an effort if they like you and want to connect with you. It just won’t be an instantaneous thing!

Once Capricorn starts to open up, it will still take a long time for them to be entirely comfortable with you. They will slowly reveal more about themselves as you get to know one another better. It will just take a while.

They Take Time to Fall in Love

A Capricorn in love can be a highly loyal and devoted partner. It just takes Capricorns a long time to fall in love in the first place!

Capricorns don’t fall in love easily. They want to be sure they give their hearts to the right people. They aren’t impulsive or reckless at all regarding love and relationships.

Don’t expect a whirlwind romance when you’re dating a Capricorn. They might enjoy being with you and see potential in a relationship, but they aren’t going to fall in love right away.

It’s best to be patient with Capricorn when it comes to love. Take the time to bond with them and show them you can be their ideal partner. Don’t be upset if you’re already in love and they’re taking some time to reach that point.

They’re Highly Organized

Capricorns are highly organized. They typically stick to strict schedules and like to follow a daily routine. Their organization is helpful in many ways but can make them seem boring if you’re more spontaneous and unorganized.

The best dates for Capricorn are ones that have some schedule or organization to them. They typically don’t want to go with the flow. They prefer dates that are based on a specific task.

If you’re planning a date with Capricorn, it doesn’t need to be scheduled down to the minute. It does need to be organized, though. You should have a specific time to meet up and an idea of what you two will do.

They Love Planning Dates

What attracts a Capricorn? Capricorns are attracted to reliable people. One easy way to show a Capricorn they can rely on you is to show up on time for all your dates and then stick to the plan!

Capricorns love planning dates. While they aren’t always romantic or spontaneous, they know how to plan luxurious dates. Capricorns are good listeners, too. If you tell a Capricorn about your preferences, they’ll incorporate those when planning dates.

When you start dating a Capricorn, it’s usually best to stick to their plan. They put a lot of thought and effort into the things they plan and might be offended if you want to switch things up at the last minute.

Capricorn can learn to be more spontaneous, especially if you plan the date. When it’s their turn to plan things, stick to their schedule. They’ll appreciate it!

They Have a Fun Side

The best match for Capricorn is someone who can bring out their fun side! Capricorns can seem intimidating at times. Some people don’t give them a chance because they seem overly severe.

You likely won’t see a Capricorn’s fun side immediately. They can let loose, but you must make them feel comfortable around you first!

Eventually, your Capricorn might be willing to be more spontaneous on your dates. They may let loose as you get to know them better, especially if they genuinely enjoy being around you.

Uncovering a Capricorn’s fun side takes a while, but it’s worth it! If you give them a chance, you’ll find that Capricorns are interesting people.

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