10 Easy Tips to Help You Date a Cancer Man

10 Easy Tips to Help You Date a Cancer Man

He’s sensitive, compassionate and nurturing, who wouldn’t want to date a Cancer man? If you want to make sure there’s a second and third date, there are some things you’ll want to know.

Dating a Cancer man is different from dating other guys.

Cancer men are moody. It helps to know what a Cancer male is attracted to, but that’s only the beginning. In the early stages of dating a Cancer man, he’ll act shy.

Don’t let this first impression fool you. A Cancer man after the first date can be surprising. He may be shy at first and then become obsessed or even clingy.

The key to understanding a Cancer man is to pay attention to his emotions above all else. He may seem to have multiple personalities but really, he’s just moody.

1. Show Empathy

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you, the first thing you need to do is show empathy. When you want to date a Cancer man successfully, you’ve got to be empathic and sensitive to match his emotional nature.

If you’re wondering what body type a Cancer man likes you’re focusing on the wrong things. A Cancer man is more concerned about your empathy and emotional nature than your appearance.

He’ll want to date you when he sees how loving and compassionate you are toward other people and even toward animals and complete strangers. Your empathy toward his emotional, moody nature will deeply reassure him.

If you want to keep him coming back for more, make sure you show empathy for him but also toward the people serving your food at a restaurant or the people you encounter during your date together.

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2. Remind Him of Home

If you want to know what to wear on a first date with a Cancer man, think of home and family. Cancer men love the “girl next door” image and will be more attracted to comfort than fashion.

This doesn’t mean you should show up in sweatpants. Yet you may want to skip a sexy dress that is too tight and makes it hard for you to breathe. A Cancer man would rather feel relaxed and comfortable with you.

He wants to make you laugh and cuddle. If your clothes are too restrictive or uncomfortable, the date will feel too formal for him. Remind a Cancer man of being at home.

Choose a favorite restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. He’ll prefer a family style restaurant to a place that is too formal and stuffy. A Cancer man may want to sit in a comfortable, quiet and romantic place with a fireplace and soft music as opposed to a loud bar.

3. Go on Dates Near Water

If you want to really impress a Cancer man, plan a date that involves water. Cancer men love the beach and they love to be in or around water. A restaurant with a large fountain and outdoor seating appeals to him.

Yet if you really want to play to his love of water, invite him on a date to an amusement park with water rides. Plan a date out on the lake in a canoe followed by a picnic on the beach.

Invite him to join you for lunch by the pool followed by a swim. He’ll see you as fun and exciting. A Cancer man loves to be in and around water but he doesn’t like any daredevil adventures that involve risk taking.

His idea of an exciting date may involve swimming in the pool or splashing around in the ocean. If you go to an amusement park, he’ll skip the rollercoasters and opt for the water rides instead. His idea of fun is low key and relaxing.

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4. Appeal to His Romantic Side

Cancer men are born romantics. He loves to go on classic dates and enjoy candlelight over dinner while romantic music plays on the radio in the background. He loves to feel like he’s living in a romance movie.

This makes a Cancer man easy to date as long as you are mindful of his changing moods. He can be sensitive and sentimental one minute and then brooding and cranky the next minute.

Generally, when you appeal to his romantic and sensitive side you can easily get a Cancer man to open right up to you and feel more comfortable around you. Invite him out dancing or stroll through a park under the moon after a romantic dinner.

5. Talk About Family Goals

When you’re dating a Cancer man, you can encourage him to get serious and commit to you by showing that you are interested in long term relationships and not just a casual fling.

In fact, even when it seems like a Cancer man and casual relationships may be an option, he’s never really looking for superficial connection. If you think you’re seeing signs a Cancer man is playing you, it’s unlikely.

Cancer men are serious about love and always want to settle down. When you talk about your desire for family and even marriage, he’ll start to realize you’re on his level. He’ll want to commit to you.

When he knows you want to have children or add to your family by a certain point, he’ll feel like he’s won the lottery. He’ll know you’re serious about him and willing to make a strong commitment. This is exactly what a Cancer man wants.

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6. Talk About Business

When you’re dating a Cancer man and you want him to focus on you and forget every other woman, talk about your business ambitions. During a dinner date, bring up your idea to start a business.

If you’re already in business for yourself, tell him about your trials and tribulations in the world of entrepreneurship. This appeals to a deep desire in a Cancer man to follow his dreams and chart his own course in business.

Whether he is also a business owner or not, he’ll be thrilled to know that you are living in accordance with your dreams. He’ll also be impressed by your gumption. Cancer men love women who are ambitious and confident.

7. Show Pictures of Family

Whether you’re out to dinner or enjoying a movie together, find an excuse to show him a picture of your family on your phone. Cancer men are family centered. When you show him your kids, nieces and nephews or grandparents, he’ll fall in love.

He loves to see that you’re committed to family. Even if your “family” consists of dogs and cats, his heart will melt when you show him your photos of those you love, protect and nurture. He’ll envision himself in a home nurturing a family with you.

A Cancer man is smitten with the idea of spending time with your family as well. Tell him stories about your parents and grandparents. He’ll love to hear about your family dinners and celebrations.

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8. Don’t Take His Moods Personally

Maybe after the first or second date you’re wondering what all the fuss was about with regard to the legendary Cancer man mood swings. Don’t worry, in time you’ll see for yourself.

He can clean up well when he has to, but Cancer men can’t hide their moods for long. When a Cancer man is on an emotional rollercoaster, he’ll inevitably make it obvious.

When this happens, you may be confused and wonder what you did wrong. He may be quiet one minute or angry the next, acting clingy and going to extremes. This is all part of his pattern of moodiness.

Never take a Cancer man’s mood swings personally. Chances are, he is probably not reacting to you or anything you did. He is likely to just react to his sensitive emotions and perceptions.

If anything, it is best to show validation and support. Don’t tell a Cancer man to get over his feelings and never tell him he’s exaggerating or overreacting. Instead, show him that you empathize with him.

Nurture and soothe a moody Cancer man. Eventually he’ll settle down and be back to acting like his loving, caring, compassionate self. It may seem like a lot of work but it’s worth it.

9. Show Gratitude

If you want to see the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you, you have to be patient and encouraging. Much of the early process of dating a Cancer man involves coaxing him out of his shell.

Show gratitude for the things he does for you and use positive reinforcement to encourage him to take risks in the relationship. Appreciation and gratitude go a long way with a Cancer man.

When you express your gratitude for a Cancer man’s attention, nurturing and generosity it helps him find the confidence to open up more and show his love in more dramatic ways. He’ll be encouraged to spend more time with you.

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10. Be Attentive

If you want to know what to wear to attract a Cancer man, consider wearing shades of blue or silver. Accentuate your best features but try not to be too revealing at first. More important than your fashion sense is how you show attention to him.

Cancer men love attention. They won’t openly assert this the way other men will. Yet you’ll know from the way they sulk when you’re not focused on them. Be an attentive, active listener.

Show great interest in his stories and always take him seriously. Cancer men can be hypersensitive so if you check your phone while he’s talking, he’ll assume the worst. Give him your full, undivided attention when you’re dating a Cancer man.

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