How to Compliment a Virgo Man

Updated April 28, 2023

Figuring out how to compliment a Virgo man can be a difficult task. He doesn’t always appreciate compliments, especially if he doesn’t think they’re genuine.

Sincerity is important to Virgo. A compliment won’t make him feel good if it’s not an honest one.

An important thing to keep in mind is that a Virgo won’t fish for compliments.

He doesn’t want people to compliment him just because they feel like they have to. He wants any compliments people give him to be entirely genuine.

Don’t feel like you have to compliment a Virgo. He doesn’t need to be constantly praised. He doesn’t exchange compliments with people as just another part of a greeting either.

When you compliment a Virgo, be specific and direct. Be as genuine as possible. Never lie just because you think it will make him happy.

He Won’t “Fish” for Compliments

Attention-seeking behavior is not usually part of a Virgo man’s personality. He won’t try to make people compliment him.

A Leo man might tell you about a new haircut or show you his art because he wants you to compliment him. He wants people to validate him and tell him they like his appearance and the things he’s created.

Virgo isn’t like this. He’ll often say nothing about the haircut. If he shows you something he’s made, it’s just because he wants to share it with you. Getting compliments is not the reason why Virgo does things.

He will sometimes appreciate a compliment, of course. If he’s proud of something he’s done and another person likes something about it, that might make him feel good.

If he’s feeling down and he tells you he doesn’t like something about himself, he’s not looking for you to disagree with him and offer compliments. He is just opening up to you about how he feels.

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Be Genuine

Knowing exactly what to say to a Virgo man to get his attention can be difficult. He’ll know if you’re just complimenting him because you feel like you have to. That might get his attention but not in the way you want.

You should be as genuine as possible in all your interactions with a Virgo. He will know when you’re not being honest with him. If you do that too often, he’ll stop trusting what you say even when you are being honest.

Don’t feel like you have to greet him with a compliment. For some people, that is just part of the small talk you exchange with someone when you see them.

If you see him and you like his new haircut or the shirt he’s wearing, let him know. If you don’t like the new haircut or nothing about his appearance particularly stands out to you that day, you don’t need to say anything.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man happy, empty compliments are not the way to do that. When you compliment him, be sure you mean it.

Avoid Flattery

Don’t just say what a Virgo man wants to hear (or what you think he does). He won’t appreciate it.

Insincere praise won’t endear a Virgo to you. Some people like to be showered in compliments and they honestly don’t care about whether or not those compliments are sincere. Virgo will just be annoyed by empty praise.

Sometimes, we flatter a person because we want something from them. You might be heavy on the praise when talking to your partner’s parents because you want them to like you. You might flatter your boss because a potential promotion is coming up.

Virgo knows this. He is completely aware that if somebody is laying it on thick with compliments, it’s potentially because they want something from him.

You might just want him to like you. Your “hidden motive” may simply be to make him feel happy. It doesn’t matter what your reason is, Virgo doesn’t want to hear any compliments that aren’t 100% genuine.

Instead of making him happy, flattery may just make him irritated. If you’re a friend of his, it might make him upset. Nobody wants to feel like their friends are only being nice to them to get something from them.

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Timing is vital when it comes to complimenting a Virgo.

There are times where he’ll be more receptive to praise. There are other times where no matter how sincere your compliment is, he won’t want to hear it.

If a Virgo is excited about a promotion he just got, it’s appropriate to tell him that you’re happy for him and that he deserves it. He may appreciate hearing that somebody else noticed how hard he worked for that promotion.

When Virgo changes something about his appearance, that’s another time it might be appropriate to offer him a compliment.

It’s more appropriate to compliment a brand new shirt than one he wears all the time. The compliment will feel more genuine.

Pay attention to his mood before complimenting him too. If he’s upset or angry, compliments won’t be appreciated.

When a Virgo is in a bad mood, compliments won’t make him feel better. He’ll be more likely to deny the compliments or accuse you of being insincere, even if the compliment is genuine.

Be Direct

Being direct is one of a Virgo man’s characteristics. He also appreciates directness from the people around him.

If you want to know how to communicate with a Virgo man, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

Be straightforward in the way you compliment him. You don’t need to lay on the praise or exaggerate what you’re saying. Just say what you mean to say and leave it at that.

You might also want to be specific. When you just say you like something but not why it can seem less sincere.

“I like your shirt,” has less of an impact than, “That shirt fits you well. You look good in it.” If Virgo shows you something he’s written and you like it, say what specifically you like about it.

“I like this poem,” sounds empty. “Your word choice is great and this poem makes me feel happy,” is better feedback.

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Expect a Deflection

Understanding a Virgo man is difficult. He doesn’t react to compliments the way you’d expect someone to most of the time.

You might legitimately think your Virgo coworker did a great job on a recent presentation. He’s a perfectionist, though. He had a vision of how he wanted that presentation to go.

If anything didn’t match up with that vision, he probably doesn’t think the presentation went well.

You can give him the most sincere, direct, specific compliment about the presentation and he’s still going to respond with, “No, it wasn’t anything special.”

Maybe your Virgo boyfriend gives you a gift for your birthday. You think it’s thoughtful and shows how well he knows you. You tell him you appreciate it and that he’s a good boyfriend.

He might deflect by saying that somebody else got you a better gift. Maybe he wanted to get a different gift but couldn’t for some reason so he thinks this one isn’t as good.

A Virgo man’s feelings about himself will affect the way he responds to compliments. If he doesn’t like his appearance and somebody compliments it, he’ll argue and say the compliment isn’t true.

Don’t Expect Reciprocation

It’s usually obvious what a Virgo likes and dislikes about someone because he’ll just come out and say it. He won’t often respond to a compliment with another compliment, though.

Again, compliments are sometimes part of greetings and small talk. If a woman on the bus says, “I like your skirt,” you might respond by saying, “Thanks, I like your shoes.”

For some people, responding to a compliment with another compliment just comes naturally.

This isn’t the case for Virgo. Even if he appreciates your compliment, he’ll just thank you and move on. Coming up with a compliment on the spot just because you gave him one doesn’t feel genuine to him.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t ever compliment you. If the dress you chose for date night flatters your body and looks nice on you, he’ll let you know.

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Sparsely Use Compliments

Knowing what to say to a Virgo man is difficult, especially if you’re looking to compliment him or make him feel happy. Don’t waste your time trying to constantly compliment him. You can make him feel good in other ways.

Compliments have more of an impact if you aren’t constantly showering him in them. Some people love that. Virgo doesn’t.

People often compliment their loved ones as a way of showing appreciation and love. If you do this, figure out other ways to show Virgo how much you care.

Listen to him when he talks about something he’s excited about. Watch his favorite movie with him. Show you pay attention to him by gifting him that book he was thinking about reading.

When you do compliment him, he’ll know you’re being genuine and he’ll appreciate it even more.

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