Do Aquarius Men Cheat More Than Others?

Do Aquarius Men Cheat More Than Others?

A cheating Aquarius man might be the picture-perfect boyfriend on the outside, which makes him harder to catch.

However, getting an Aquarius man to settle down is hard, and even when they do commit, there’s a high chance they’ll run.

As is the case with all air signs, the idea of being in a relationship is equivalent to confinement in a box. The free-spirited characters value their freedom a lot.

They are more comfortable playing the field then they are being committed and with good reason. Aquarius gets distracted very easily. They are also natural flirts known to be bold in their approach.

Aquarius is also quite curious by nature and tends to go after what interests them, making them a lot more susceptible to cheat than any other sign.

They find it Hard to Commit


Aquarius men have a mind of their own and really enjoy exercising their free will. They absolutely hate answering to people and detest having to ask for permission even more.

In a group of friends, and Aquarius might very well be the last one to settle down, and the one most likely to break up first. It is their fear of commitment that creates such a relationship pattern.

For an Aquarius man, it is incredibly challenging to accept their feelings. They are natural flirts and don’t like the idea of not being able to do so openly.

Spending the rest of their lives with one person is not an appealing idea, and they will avoid it for as long as they possibly can.

Even when he does decide to get married, it is not one of the signs he will never cheat. He may still do so if he gets cold feet, bored or feels caged. He will leave.

Incredibly Independent


An Aquarius is incredibly independent by nature. For them committing to spending the rest of their lives with one person sounds more like a prison sentence to them.

They would rather fly like a free bird and go on adventurous trips with their friends than stick around with one person. Their greatest fear is losing their independence should they choose to commit.

They are also unable to comprehend what counts as cheating and what does not, which is why Aquarius cheaters don’t admit to not having been faithful.

To them, it is the same as exercising their right to breathe. They cherish the right to walk away anytime they want, which is why they often end up cheating.

They want to fly freely as the wind and often go against their partner’s wishes just to get a sense of autonomy over their lives.

Does Not Like the Idea of Settling Down


When wondering what to say to cheaters, know that you can’t say much to a cheating Aquarius man. They stay if they want to stay and leave when they no longer feel like staying.

Settling down is a significant decision for an Aquarius as it goes against their personality. Often, they find solace in their friends and are more likely to cheat on their partners with someone else they trust.

They are never really short of friends and are often making more of those at gatherings, so they are never far from temptation. Sometimes they even opt for the easiest target to break free from what is suffocating them.

There may come a point in an Aquarius’s life where they feel like they need a person to rely on. However, do not be fooled by them.

There are not many signs an Aquarius man is faithful, but there are plenty of reasons in his head not to be. Not wanting to settle down is one of them.

Your relationship could be picture perfect, and yet they will leave for they do not yet want to cut off all other options.

Often Sway Towards Those They Find Inspiring


One of the signs of cheating Aquarius man is that he may start to spend more time with friends. Aquarius’s are cerebral beings and sway towards those who they find inspiring.

The fixed air sign may be one of the most humanitarian signs of all. They are naturally attracted to those who captivate them with their intelligence and personality.

If they find a friend who they start hanging out with a lot more than is normal, know that it is one of the signs of a cheating Aquarius in a relationship.

You should also watch out if they start picking up new hobbies as that is a sure shot sign he is cheating on you. In a relationship, Aquarius tries to plan activities together.

If they suddenly pick up a dance class and you aren’t their partner, the chances are that they already have someone else to go with.

Hate Routine and Can Cheat To Evade It


There are many reasons why an Aquarius man cheats. One of the major ones could be that your relationship has fallen into a routine which Aquarius’s hate.

They are thrill-seekers by nature and crave change. They are quite fluid and like to flow wherever life takes them. However, if their life falls into a routine, they become restless.

Often their way of trying to change that is by going out with someone else. They may even find cheating exciting and take it to be the much-needed thrill they need in their lives.

They are also quite open about it, and won’t go out of their way to hide a problem in the relationship. Their actions will more than give away their desperation to get out of routine.

You may be wondering what to say to a cheating Aquarius man. However, the truth is there is not much to say. Once an Aquarius begins to feel stuck in a loop, they’ll try everything to break free from it.

Gives Off Visible Signs When Cheating


There may not be much for you to do to give a message to a cheating Aquarius man. He will, however, give off very clear physical signs he is cheating.

If you pay attention to his behavior, you may be able to figure out the pattern and walk away from him before the relationship gets too toxic.

He will be aloof and cold, and that is the first sign of a cheating Aquarius man. Giving a sudden cold shoulder is an Aquarius’ typical cheater behavior, especially if you two have not fought.

They will purposefully avoid you and make an active effort not to be nice. An Aquarius man can be quite rude when they want to be.

If they become distant and do exhibit out of character behavior, then it may be because they are cheating.

An Aquarius in love is quite warm and inviting, and if their attitude towards you changes, then they may not be faithful any longer.

The most important sign to watch out for is whether he distances himself physically or not. When cheating, his next step will be to establish physical distance. They will separate the bed and look for excuses not to touch you.

One day they will be too tired, the next day they will have too much work. They will even start staying out late and be quite distant, even when they come home.

Activities that you two enjoyed together will not appear burdensome to him, and he will look for excuses not to undertake those activities altogether.

He will come up with a million reasons to fight with you and then use those as an excuse to sleep on the couch. He may even start having too many sleepovers and boys nights.

He will give more time to his appearance when going out without you. If he seems to be paying a little extra attention to his appearance, then know that he is exhibiting fishy behavior.

An Aquarius man goes out of their way to make a good impression when they’re interested in someone. If they pay extra attention to their hair and clothes when going out for dinner with friends, they may be cheating.

You will have to be extra cautious of such behavior, especially if they seem to be going out without you a lot more than usual. Here you can either ignore their behavior or confront them about it.

Chances are they will confess outright at being caught. Often they are looking for an excuse to break it to you, and your confrontation will give them the perfect opportunity.

However, they could also evade breaching the topic and may go on a guilt trip. Here an Aquarius man will either give you too much or no attention at all.

If he is all praise for you one day and can’t look you in the eye the next, he is definitely cheating. Expensive gifts are also a sign to watch out for.

Aquarius men in relationships do not put much emphasis on material gifts. However, one of the signs of a cheating Aquarius’s guilt is that he will shower you with expensive gifts.

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