Does a Cancer Man Like Being Chased?

Does a Cancer Man Like Being Chased?

If you question chasing a Cancer man or letting him chase you, you have to understand his moods. Cancer man likes and dislikes in a woman vary depending on his mood.

Cancer men usually enjoy being pursued. Sometimes he likes to chase.

A Cancer man likes to chase once he feels comfortable showing his interest in you. When you see a Cancer man’s “falling in love” signs, encourage him to pursue.

If he doesn’t know your level of interest, he will hold back. He won’t chase you if he doesn’t know his chances of success. Yet if you show your interest, he’ll open up.

You’ll need to know how to tell if a Cancer man is interested before you start to pursue him. If he likes you, he’s encouraged by your pursuit.

Cancers Like Being Pursued

You need to know how to make a Cancer man want you in order to trigger his motivation to chase you. When you appeal to his need for emotional connection and nurturing, he’ll start to pursue. Sometimes he needs a boost to his confidence.

When you establish that a Cancer man is interested in you, you can step up your game. Initiate contact and don’t be afraid to suggest ideas for dates. He’ll find your pursuit reassuring.

Cancers like being pursued because they like to have validation that you are interested in him. It can be flattering and encouraging to him to see that you are willing to pursue him.

Chase Him if He Shows Interest

If things didn’t work out in the past, you’ve got to know how to make a Cancer man want you back. If he initiates flirtation or shows that he is interested in more than a friendship, it’s up to you to make your romantic interest obvious.

He’ll always second guess himself and question his intuition. If you are as shy and reserved as he is, things may never advance. Yet if you take initiative and chase him, showing obvious interest in romantic connection with him, he will warm up to you.

If you want to know what to do when a Cancer man ignores you, your best bet is to still keep in contact. Put more space between your texts or calls. Don’t disconnect from him altogether.

Give him some time to get through his moods but stay in touch. This way he will remain secure in his relationship with you. He won’t start to question whether he should trust you. He’ll automatically be reassured.

Don’t Be Too Dominating

There is a fine line between chasing a Cancer man and dominating him. If you know how to text a Cancer man, you’ll know it is important to show love, encouragement and emotional support.

At the same time, be careful not to blow up his phone if he doesn’t reply right away. He will feel dominated, not chased, if you are too eager. Give a Cancer man the chance to feel secure. If he feels like you are always the one initiating contact, he’ll get overwhelmed.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, you’ve got to occasionally step back. He needs room to move forward and pursue you. A Cancer man who is confident will try to sweep you off your feet.

He can only do this if you are periodically calm, patient and still. If you’re always moving toward him, he can’t meet you halfway. It undermines his natural instincts toward passion and pursuit. You need to know how to make a Cancer man miss you.

If you are too assertive and dominating, he won’t have a chance to miss you and show his passion and love. Try to balance pursuit with being receptive to him. Let him show you his passionate, assertive side.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man happy sexually, be affectionate but let him be in charge. He doesn’t like to be dominated in bed. Instead, show passion, sensuality and affection and make him feel confident.

Coax Him Out of His Shell

Think of a Cancer man as if he was a shy child. He will show some signals of interest and then will hover in a corner, anxiously watching to see what you will do next. If you are patient and gentle, you can gain his trust.

In order to do this, you do need to pursue him. The key is to do so in the right ways. Don’t be too demanding. Don’t try to push him forward before he is comfortable. Allure him with your charm, friendliness, compassion and affection.

Use emotional connection and compassion to bring him out of his shell. You may have a type A personality, but when it comes to pursuing a Cancer man try to balance assertiveness with emotional connection. Give him gentle nudges forward.

The best thing you can do is to empathize with him and validate his emotions. Let him gradually come out of his comfort zone and work through his deeper insecurities. If you think you are seeing signs of a Cancer man playing you, it could be he is just insecure.

He may act nonchalant but then keep showing up. This is a sign he is interested in you but not ready to let his guard down. If he runs hot and cold, a Cancer man could be signaling he is not ready for a relationship. He could also be showing you he doesn’t trust you yet.

Rather than pursuing too aggressively, it’s best to step back and let him warm up to you. A Cancer man can be slow to settle down but once he does, he’s completely loyal and faithful.

Be Encouraging

The more positive and encouraging you can be, the better your relationship with a Cancer man. He is naturally insecure and sensitive. The more you encourage him, the more he will open up.

One way to pursue a Cancer man so that he doesn’t feel dominated is to send him frequent, inspiring and encouraging messages. Be his biggest support and cheerleader. Show him that you believe in him.

Even when you don’t agree with your Cancer man or when you think he’s making a mistake, try to find encouraging and empowering ways to show your support. Find some positive aspects of your Cancer man’s life to support and reinforce his larger goals.

Move Slowly

When you pursue a Cancer man, always move slowly. He’s insecure and sensitive so he won’t just open up automatically. He’s got a cautious nature and will be scared away if you are too dramatic.

Move slowly and don’t expect too much from him too soon. Give him time to get comfortable with you. When he sees that you are consistent and he can rely on you, he’ll start to feel secure.

You may want to gradually increase your communication with him rather than dramatically pursuing him. A Cancer man wants to be courted and he loves the attention, but he needs to pace himself. Deep inside he wants to commit. He takes his time to show it.

Give Him Some Space

Cancer men can be paradoxical. They are one of the most affectionate of all the signs of the zodiac. Yet they can be territorial as well. He may act like he’s attached to you at the hip, then suddenly want to be alone.

Give a Cancer man space periodically when he starts to pull away. This doesn’t mean he’s lost interest in you. It just means he needs a break to deal with his feelings. He can also be quite introverted.

Sometimes giving him space is a way to help him re-center himself. Cancer men can easily lose themselves in relationships, so giving him some space is a great way to help him recharge and anchor himself.

Don’t Pressure Him to Open Up

Your pursuit of a Cancer man should be all about uplifting, encouraging and nurturing him. If he feels like you are pushing him because you are insecure or demanding, it will backfire. He’ll be turned off.

If he feels like you are pressuring him, he will start to back down. He needs to feel emotionally secure in the relationship. This means he also needs to feel, intuitively, that commitment is in his best interest. Pressure to commit will interfere with his intuition.

When you put pressure on a Cancer man, including giving him ultimatums, he will not respond well. He’ll become passive-aggressive or shut down altogether. He will respond much more favorably if you chase him in subtle ways.

Show definite interest, but then give him some space to sort out his emotions and decide that he feels secure moving forward. When he shows more initiative, help to encourage him to open up more.

This should always be a matter of encouraging him and nurturing him, not making him feel backed into a corner. A Cancer man is drawn to your passion and emotion. He needs to feel like he has some room to breathe.

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