How to Flirt with a Capricorn Man through Text

Updated September 18, 2022
How to Flirt with a Capricorn Man through Text

If you’re flirting with a Capricorn man, texting is one of the methods of communication you need to master to win his heart.

How can you flirt with a Capricorn guy over text messages?

The twelve zodiac signs all have different texting styles, so it can be tricky to determine the best way to communicate with the man you’re seeing.

When flirting with a Capricorn over texts, you have to consider your tone, length, emojis, which photos to send, and how often you should message him.

Once you learn the psychological characteristics and communication style of his astrological sign, you will know exactly how to flirt with a Capricorn man through text.

Send the First Text

If you and your Capricorn guy are going to flirt over texts, then one of you has to send the first message.

Some zodiac signs are aggressive and enjoy the thrill of the chase. They like to be the ones to pursue a romantic relationship.

While a Capricorn man is traditional in many ways, he is unsure of himself when it comes to love and romance. He needs a little boost to start chasing you.

Capricorn is a shy and reserved zodiac sign, so if your Capricorn man doesn’t initiate contact, don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Send him a message to see how he responds. If he is quick to reply and seems interested in keeping the conversation going, it’s one of the signs a Capricorn man is interested in you.

Most Capricorn men aren’t avid texters, so don’t stress if he doesn’t get back to you right away.

And don’t begin the conversation with just a simple “Hello.” Send him a question, a full sentence, or at least add an emoji to show that you put some thought into reaching out to him.

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Keep Your Messages Concise

If you’re wondering how to flirt with a Capricorn man over text, you might be tempted to send long, flowery messages describing how you feel or what you want to do when you see him in person.

But Capricorns don’t like to have long conversations over texts, and they dislike receiving messages that are several sentences long and fill up his phone screen.

If your Capricorn man is ignoring texts, especially long messages, it could be that he’s waiting to talk to you in person.

He is a concise communicator, so he probably keeps his texts to you brief and to the point. If you want to flirt with him effectively, you should mimic his texting style and keep your message short and sweet.

Don’t be abrasive or rude, though, by only responding curtly when he asks you a question or tries to make plans with you. You have to find the balance between being concise and polite.

For example, if he texts you “Do you want to go to dinner with me tonight?”, instead of responding “K,” text something like “Okay, I can’t wait!”

This type of message keeps the conversation short and useful but still shows him that you care.

Don’t Bombard Him With Texts

If your Capricorn man stopped texting you all of a sudden, it could be because you have overwhelmed him with too many messages.

Texting usually isn’t a Capricorn man’s favorite way to communicate, and he hates receiving tons of texts in a row.

If you bombard him with text after text before he has a chance to reply, he might just put his phone down and not respond at all.

Try not to send the Capricorn guy you’re flirting with more than one or two messages in a row.

If it has been a while since you’ve heard from him, such as several hours or days, you can follow up with one more message.

But if he never responds to you, there is probably a good reason, so don’t waste your time sending him multiple flirty texts back-to-back with no response.

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Use a Pleasant Tone

The twelve zodiac signs are divided into two categories, positive or negative, with six signs belonging to each.

Capricorn is one of the six negative signs, meaning that a Capricorn man is innately pessimistic. He is prone to finding flaws and faults, and he probably complains a lot.

While he is a good person to commiserate with when you’re feeling negative, try to provide some balance to your Capricorn guy by texting him positive and uplifting flirty messages.

Don’t text him to whine about your work or complain about your roommate. If all you ever do is text him negative things, your Capricorn crush will start to dread your messages.

If you want to know how to get a Capricorn man to chase you, keep your tone light and pleasant when you text him.

If you usually have something kind and lovely to say, your Capricorn man will look forward to your messages instead of fearing them.

This doesn’t mean that you can never complain or say anything negative. Just strive to keep the majority of your flirty messages positive and upbeat so that your Capricorn guy keeps coming back for more.

Text Sweet, Feminine Photos

When you’re flirting with your Capricorn crush, he might ask you to send him a picture of yourself. And even if he doesn’t, sending him a photo is still a great way to flirt with him over texts.

If you want to know how to win the heart of a Capricorn man, emphasize your femininity and sweetness through any photos you send.

Instead of a gym selfie where you are dripping in sweat, send him a cute photo of yourself at the park in a flowy sundress.

Or, instead of texting him a picture of you making a goofy face to make him laugh, send a photo of you wearing a bold lip color and smiling flirtatiously into the camera.

A Capricorn man is drawn to someone feminine and girly, so accentuate your soft, sweet side in any pictures you text him.

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Don’t Reveal Too Much

You might want to take your flirty texts a step further by sending sexy photos, but be careful of how much you reveal to your Capricorn crush.

He likes a conservative woman who knows how to leave something to the imagination. He is much more turned on by a photo of you in sexy lingerie or a tight-fitting dress than a nude.

When you show off everything all at once, your Capricorn guy will still think you’re hot and text you back, but he might lose interest more quickly.

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Capricorn man through text, show off a little skin, but not all of it.

And if you want to know how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you, you have to be mysterious and always leave him wanting more.

Be Honest and Direct

One of the most important rules to remember about flirting with a Capricorn guy is to be honest.

He likes a mysterious and reserved woman, so you don’t have to tell him everything about yourself all at once.

But you should answer any questions he asks honestly and be very direct. He is a very frank and honest communicator, so he expects others to be just as sincere as he is.

Don’t say one thing when you really mean another and expect him to understand. For example, if he suggests going to a barbecue place for dinner and you’re a vegetarian, don’t lie and say that it sounds good.

Instead, tell him that you don’t eat meat and suggest a spot that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as a compromise.

He’s going to find out the truth about you anyway, and he will appreciate you being honest and direct with him right away.

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Ask For Practical Advice

If your Capricorn man is not responding to texts, don’t assume the worst and think it’s because he doesn’t like you anymore.

A Capricorn man is very straightforward, and if he’s not replying to your messages, it could be because he doesn’t think your text required a reply.

Unless you ask him a direct question, complete with a question mark at the end, your Capricorn crush might not know how to respond or realize that you’re waiting to hear back from him.

For example, if you send him a cute photo of yourself in a nice outfit, don’t just send the picture by itself and expect a response.

Instead, caption the photo with something flirty, such as, “Do you like my new dress?” And maybe throw in a winking emoji for good measure.

This gives him something to respond to and lets him know that you definitely want him to text you back.

Capricorns are very serious and hard-working, so one of the best ways to engage your Capricorn crush in a flirtatious text conversation is to ask him for practical advice.

When you ask for his advice, it shows that you respect him and value his opinion, so it makes him feel good. It also helps you get to know him better and establish a stronger bond.

Text him to ask what his favorite movies are, or send him a messaging asking for his restaurant recommendations.

He’s better at helping with practical problems than emotional issues, so don’t text him looking for answers on how to deal with a cranky coworker or what you should do if you don’t like your friend’s boyfriend.

But asking for advice on pragmatic issues is sure to get a response from your Capricorn guy and bring you closer together.

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