How Does a Capricorn Man Test You?

Updated July 30, 2023

A Capricorn man testing you isn’t trying to be manipulative or sneaky. Most of the time, he is just trying to see if you two are compatible!

A Capricorn man will test you before committing to a relationship. He wants to be confident he’s committing to the right person.

A Capricorn man is looking for independence, intelligence, and ambition in a woman. Some of his tests are designed to see if you have these traits.

A Capricorn man’s ideal woman is loyal, patient, and reliable. Your Capricorn man will test you to see if he can trust you and rely on you if you two start a serious relationship.

Your Capricorn man is not trying to trick you when he tests you. He’s simply trying to see if you possess the characteristics he’s looking for. If you don’t, he wants to know that before committing.

He Tests Your Independence

Capricorn men want partners who are independent and who can think for themselves. A Capricorn man will be supportive and care for his partner when needed but doesn’t want to be with someone who is entirely reliant on him.

Sometimes, a Capricorn man will want to be alone or have to prioritize things other than his relationship. He wants to know that you can handle yourself during those times.

One of the signs a Capricorn man is testing you and your independence is that he may take a long time to respond to messages or tell you he’s too busy this week to hang out with you.

One of the signs a Capricorn man likes you is that he’ll want to spend a lot of time with you, but he won’t want to be with you 24/7. If you can’t accept that, he won’t want to be with you long-term.

Your Capricorn man wants you to have interests outside of him, and he wants to know you will be okay when he can’t be with you.

You’ll pass your Capricorn man’s tests when you show him that you have your own life. When you let him be while he’s busy, he’ll know that you won’t become too dependent or clingy if you begin a relationship with him.

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He Tests Your Intelligence

Will a Capricorn man test you before starting a relationship? He absolutely will. He’ll test your intelligence and see if you two can maintain an intellectual connection.

Capricorn men aren’t necessarily looking for people with the same interests. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the world, and you don’t need to know everything. You just need a certain level of intelligence to be attractive to him.

When a Capricorn man is testing you and your intelligence, he might do so by bringing up various topics. He may also ask pointed questions about anything you’ve shown an interest in.

Your Capricorn man may also ask about your schooling or your education. He doesn’t look down on people with less education than him but may find he can’t connect with you if you don’t think education is important.

A Capricorn man loves having a partner who always wants to learn more. He might test you by seeing if you want to take a class with him or talking about something he knows you don’t know anything about to see if you allow him to teach you a few things.

He Tests Your Ambition

Capricorn men want ambitious and driven partners. They don’t want to date someone who is okay with remaining stagnant and never learning or growing.

Capricorn men are incredibly ambitious. They realize that not everyone wants to achieve success the same way they do, but they still want partners who want some success.

Your Capricorn man will test your ambition by asking about your goals. He might ask where you see yourself in five or ten years or ask questions about your career and where you want to go.

A Capricorn man may also test your ambition by seeing how keen you are to learn new things or focus on self-improvement. He might think you’re lazy if you have multiple flaws that you never seem to address or work on.

If your main ambition is to have a family or focus on your creative endeavors, that’s okay! Your Capricorn man just wants to know that you’ll be the best you can be. Talk to him about your goals and how you plan on reaching them, and you’ll pass his tests.

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He Tests Your Reliability

A Capricorn man testing a woman’s reliability is incredibly common. A Capricorn man doesn’t want a partner he can’t rely on!

Capricorn men are reliable themselves. They expect their partners to be where they say they will be, just like a Capricorn man will always be.

Your Capricorn man will test your reliability by making plans with you. He’ll ask you to be somewhere at a specific time. He might make reservations or purchase tickets for a show or movie that starts at a specific time.

Your Capricorn man wants to see if you’ll be on time. He will likely be early, and he doesn’t want to wait around forever when you two make specific plans.

If something does happen that makes you late, he wants to see how you handle that. Do you let him know well ahead of time so he can adjust his plans, or do you just show up 30 minutes late without notice?

Your Capricorn will also test your reliability by telling you certain things about himself and asking you not to tell anyone else. Can he trust you to keep his secrets no matter what?

You won’t pass his tests if you always show up late when you have plans or constantly gossip about your Capricorn man. He won’t want a relationship with you because he’ll consider you unreliable.

He Tests Your Loyalty

If a Capricorn man is serious about you, he’ll want to know that you’re just as serious about him! He will test your loyalty to ensure he won’t get his heart broken.

Capricorn men tend to prefer committed, monogamous relationships. They want partners who will remain faithful to them.

A Capricorn man might test your loyalty by asking you about previous relationships. He may inquire why they ended. He might even ask mutual friends if he knows they were there when you were with your exes.

If you’ve ever cheated on someone before, your Capricorn man might be wary of you. It’s better not to lie about that, though. He also doesn’t want a dishonest partner!

He’ll also test your loyalty by seeing if you stand up for him. If a mutual friend is gossiping about him or saying insulting things, do you tell them to stop, or do you join in?

When a Capricorn man respects and trusts you, he won’t doubt your loyalty. However, if your relationship is new or he’s considering a relationship, he will test your loyalty.

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He Tests Your Patience

Capricorn men need patient partners. They prefer to take things slow in relationships and don’t want a partner who will try to rush into things too quickly.

Sometimes when a Capricorn man is confusing or sending mixed signals, it’s because he’s testing your patience. This is one type of test where he can sometimes go a little too far.

Your Capricorn man might test your patience by showing interest in you, then pulling back a bit. He might start to open up to you, then distance himself.

Capricorn men play hot and cold for many reasons, and testing patience is one of them. Your Capricorn man wants to see if you can deal with his ups and downs and remain patient even if things are tough.

Your Capricorn man will also test your patience by making you wait for certain things. If you’re dating, he won’t have sex with you immediately. He might not even kiss you until you’ve been on a few dates!

He Tests Your Emotional Maturity

Why do Capricorn men test you? Most of the time, they are doing it to see if you two are genuinely compatible. He doesn’t want to start a relationship and then realize that you’re not the person he thought you were.

Emotional maturity is one thing a Capricorn man frequently tests for. This can seem odd because he isn’t always emotionally open, but that’s the reason he wants a partner who is incredibly emotionally mature.

Your Capricorn man wants to know that you can handle conflict in an emotionally mature and respectful way. Ironically, he might be a little disrespectful sometimes just to figure out how you handle conflict.

A Capricorn man won’t do this all the time, but he might initiate a minor disagreement to see how you react. Do you just agree to disagree, or do you get angry and argue with him?

Your Capricorn man will also test your emotional maturity by seeing how you treat your friends and family. Are you supportive and compassionate, or are you selfish and constantly irritated by them?

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