What to Expect Sexually From a Capricorn Man?

Published January 2, 2023
What to Expect Sexually From a Capricorn Man?

A Capricorn man’s sexuality can be confusing at times. Because of his repressed and cautious nature, many people think he isn’t that sexual at all.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, though! Once they open up, many Capricorn men can be adventurous.

You might not always know what to expect from a Capricorn man in the bedroom. He may not open up about specific kinks or preferences early on, and you’ll have to discover those later.

Capricorn men tend to be energetic and patient in the bedroom. They have high stamina, so they like to take their time. They aren’t in any rush to get to the finish line during sex.

Your Capricorn may be cautious at first, so try to respect that. He may also have some vanilla preferences and not want to get too wild.

He’s Dominant

Many Capricorn men prefer to take on more dominant roles in the bedroom, especially early in a sexual relationship.

Capricorn men are naturally dominant. They take on leadership roles at work and like to maintain control in most areas of their lives, including sex.

If you’re having sex with a Capricorn man for the first time, you can expect him to take the lead. If you’re usually a more dominant person, it might be a good idea just to let him guide things.

A Capricorn man won’t want to give up control, especially early in a relationship. He’ll feel more comfortable being in a dominant role. He will respect your boundaries and listen to your preferences but may not let you take control.

You can also expect that a Capricorn man might not always remain dominant. If he starts to trust you more, he’ll likely be okay with giving up some control. He still won’t be entirely submissive but may be cool with you taking on a more dominant role sometimes.

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He Has High Stamina

A Capricorn man in bed might not always be exciting, but you’ll eventually discover that he has incredibly high stamina.

Capricorn men are hard-working, and they have a lot of energy. They might seem reserved or quiet sometimes, but they can have sex for a long time when they want to!

Your Capricorn man won’t be in any rush. If he enjoys sex with you, he won’t want a quickie. He can go for hours when he wants to, so he doesn’t see any point in rushing.

Even a Capricorn man who doesn’t necessarily have a high libido will have high stamina. He won’t ask for sex all the time but may go for a long time when he does want to have sex.

Be prepared to go for a while whenever you have sex with a Capricorn man. He’ll respect it if you want to stop but will keep pleasing you if that’s what you want.

He’s Patient

Capricorn men can be incredibly patient in the bedroom. They are also patient when having sex for the first time with a new partner.

Your Capricorn man will never push for sex if you don’t want it immediately. He likely will want to wait anyway and respect your boundaries.

If you’re not ready for sex, he’ll accept that. Your Capricorn man isn’t going to get impatient with you or leave just because sex isn’t currently a part of your relationship.

Capricorn men will be patient in the bedroom too. They aren’t in any rush! They take a long time to open up and reveal their preferences, so they won’t expect their partners to open up fully immediately.

If you’re not in the mood when a Capricorn man wants to have sex, he’ll patiently wait until you are in the mood. Capricorn men don’t let sex control them, and they can be patient about it.

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He Takes His Time

Attracting a Capricorn man can sometimes take a long time! Capricorn men take their time with everything, sex included.

Capricorn men might take a while to have sex for the first time. When they have sex with their partner, they won’t be in any rush to finish things up either.

Your Capricorn man will likely take things slow. He’ll work up to doing certain things in the bedroom and may wait to reveal all his preferences.

He’ll also take his time pleasing you in the bedroom. There is no hurry when a Capricorn man is having sex. If he doesn’t have time to savor it, he won’t have sex.

One of a Capricorn man’s favorite body parts is the legs. Your Capricorn man may pay a lot of attention to this particular area. He’ll take his time exploring your body and may stop to focus on your legs.

He Won’t Open Up Right Away

Sleeping with a Capricorn man too soon can sometimes be detrimental to your relationship. If he’s uncomfortable with you, he won’t fully open up and reveal his sexual preferences.

Many people think Capricorn men are boring in the bedroom because they don’t open up immediately.

Capricorn men are emotionally and sexually closed off most of the time. They don’t trust people easily and do not open up to just anyone.

It’s a good idea to take the time to establish a connection with your Capricorn man before having sex. Don’t be in any rush to jump into the bedroom! Things will be more enjoyable when he knows he can trust you and open up about what he likes.

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He’s Cautious

Do Capricorn men sleep around? Many do not, and if they do, they are incredibly cautious. They like to be as safe as possible.

A Capricorn man might seem overly cautious the first time he has sex with you. He doesn’t want to push a boundary accidentally or hurt you. He is just trying to be careful.

A Capricorn man will be cautious when it comes to building emotional intimacy during sex as well. He doesn’t want to be too vulnerable too soon because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

If your Capricorn man seems hesitant about trying something you’ve suggested, give him time. He’ll eventually let you know if he’s comfortable trying it. He may just need some time to consider it and think things over.

His caution is also one of the reasons a Capricorn man won’t sleep with you right away. He wants to get to know you better first.

He Can Be Adventurous

Surprisingly, many Capricorn men have an adventurous side in the bedroom. Their repressed nature just doesn’t make this very obvious!

What attracts a Capricorn man? Some Capricorn men are attracted to people who are a little more adventurous and open than they are. Capricorn men have an adventurous side but need help expressing it sometimes!

A Capricorn man might be happy to try new things with you if he trusts you. He may be far more adventurous than you give him credit for.

One of the signs that a Capricorn man likes you is that he’ll show you his adventurous side. He won’t want to hide it from you, and he’ll feel more comfortable expressing himself.

If you are incredibly adventurous, be patient with your Capricorn man. He won’t be wild and adventurous right away, but that side of him will come out if he trusts you.

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He’s Traditional

Do Capricorn men like friends with benefits or casual flings? Many do not! They are traditional in some ways and usually prefer sex with a committed, long-term partner.

A Capricorn man might wait to have sex because of his morals or views on sex. He may feel like it’s just not appropriate to have sex too early in a relationship, especially if he wants things to get serious eventually.

If your Capricorn man has more traditional views on sex, that’s okay! If his views are compatible with yours, just go along with them.

Many Capricorn men are not entirely traditional, though. They just seem that way at first. Your Capricorn man might become less and less conventional the longer you’re together.

Are Capricorn men freaky? Some can be. It’s common for Capricorn men to have more traditional and vanilla sex when they get a new partner. After a while, though, they might reveal some non-traditional or freaky preferences.

He Has Secret Fantasies

Are Capricorn men kinky? Some of them are! You’ll be surprised to find that your Capricorn man has all kinds of secret fantasies once you two start having sex.

You can expect that a Capricorn man won’t reveal all his fantasies to you immediately. He needs time to trust you and to see if you two are sexually compatible first.

Some Capricorn men are ashamed of their fantasies. If a Capricorn man is inexperienced or hasn’t met someone with the same preferences, he might think he’s strange for liking what he likes.

If your Capricorn man starts revealing his fantasies to you, be respectful. Even if your fantasies don’t align with his, do not judge him. Instead, you can share your fantasies and see if you two have places where those fantasies are similar.

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